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Toshiba 40L3653DB Operating Instructions Manual

Colour television with remote control
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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba 40L3653DB

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Information ..........2 Mains Supply ............2 Markings on the Product.........2 Features ..............6 Accessories Included..........6 TV Control Switch & Operation.......6 Inserting the Batteries into the Remote ....7 Connect Power ............7 Antenna Connection ..........7 ..............7 Remote Control ............8 Switching On/Off .............9 First Time Installation..........9 E-Manual ..............10 Teletext Services ..........10...
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    Do not place any heat sources such as electric Safety Information heaters, radiators, etc. near the TV set. Do not place the TV on the floor and inclined CAUTION surfaces. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep plastic bags RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK out of the reach of the babies, children and domestic DO NOT OPEN animals.
  • Page 4 Hazardous Live Terminal: The marked WALL MOUNTING WARNINGS terminal(s) is/are hazardous live under normal operating conditions. Read the instructions before mounting your TV Caution, See Operating Instructions: The on the wall. marked area(s) contain(s) user replaceable The wall mount kit is optional. You can obtain from coin or button cell batteries.
  • Page 5 Disposal... The following information is only for EU-member states: Disposal of products The crossed out wheeIed dust bin symbol indicates that products must be collected and disposed of separately from household waste. Integrated batteries and accumulators can be disposed of with the product. They will be separated at the recycling centres.
  • Page 6 Restriction of Chemicals), entered into force on 1 June 2007, with phased deadlines to 2018. Toshiba will meet all REACH requirements and is committed to provide our customers with information about the presence in our articles of substances included on the candidate list according to REACH regulation.
  • Page 7: Features

    Features TV Control Switch & Operation Remote controlled colour TV Fully integrated digital terrestrial/cable TV (DVB-T-T2/C) HDMI inputs to connect other devices with HDMI sockets USB input OSD menu system Scart socket for external devices (such as DVD Players, PVR, video games, etc.) Stereo sound system Teletext 1.
  • Page 8: Inserting The Batteries Into The Remote

    Changing Channels and Volume Noti cation You can change the channel and adjust the volume TRADEMARK ACKNOWLEDGMENT by using the Volume +/- and Programme +/- buttons The terms HDMI and High-Definition Multimedia on the remote. Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or Inserting the Batteries into the Remote registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the Lift the cover on the back of the remote gently.
  • Page 9: Remote Control

    Remote Control Standby: Switches On / Off the TV Numeric buttons: Switches the channel, enters a number or a letter in the text box on the screen. Quick Menu: Displays a list of menus for quick access Mute: Completely turns off the volume of the TV Volume +/- Menu: Displays TV menu Navigation buttons: Helps navigate menus, content...
  • Page 10: Switching On/Off

    channels of it will be listed on the top of the Channel Switching On/Off List OK to continue. To Switch the TV On You can activate Store Mode option at this point. Connect the power cord to a power source such as a wall socket (220-240V AC, 50 Hz).
  • Page 11: E-Manual

    E-Manual Connectivity the E-Manual. Wired Connectivity To use E-Manual, press to the Info button while main To Connect to a Wired Network menu is displayed on the screen or press Quick Menu You must have a modem/router connected to an button, select Information Booklet and press OK.
  • Page 12: Advanced Settings

    and display the result when complete. The location where the transmission is most effective differs depending on the usage environment. Advanced Settings The Wireless feature of the TV supports 802.11 a,b,g Highlight Advanced Settings and press the OK & n type modems. It is highly recommended that you button.
  • Page 13: Connection Is Slow

    Connection is Slow If the connection is established correctly, you will be See the instruction book of your wireless modem to via the Media Browser of your TV. get information on the internal service area, connection Enter the Media Browser menu and the playback speed, signal quality and other settings.
  • Page 14 information about the installation, please refer to the Nero MediaHome Installation “Nero Media Home Installation” section. To install Nero MediaHome, please proceed as 2. Connect to a Wired or Wireless Network follows: See the Wired/Wireless Connectivity chapters for Note: The Audio Video Sharing feature cannot be used if the server programme is not installed onto your or if the required media server software is not installed onto the...
  • Page 15 Product Fiche Commercial Brand: TOSHIBA Product No. 10103389 Model No. 40L3653DB e cienc cla i i le creen i e 40 inche 102 cm (diagonal,approx.) (inch/cm) On mode average power 48,0 con ump on ( a ) Annual energ con ump on...