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124i Enhanced
Installation Manual


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  • Page 1 124i Enhanced 4 VoIP PCB Installation Manual 20100...
  • Page 2 No representation is made that this manual is complete or accurate in all respects and NEC America shall not be liable for any errors or omissions. In no event shall NEC America be liable for any incidental or consequential damages in connection with the use of this manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 4VoIP PCB Overview ......... . 1 Hardware Considerations .
  • Page 4 Table of Contents Table of Contents - 2 92046INS01...
  • Page 5: 4Voip Pcb Overview

    When a Gatekeeper is not available, the 124i Enhanced must examine the dialed numbers and determine a routing method which may include an IP address and an outgoing trunk group. The 124i Enhanced must be configured to use either F-Route or ARS to translate a dialed number into an IP address and select a route for a VoIP call.
  • Page 6: Hardware Considerations

    Outgoing Calls — If Using a Gatekeeper If a Gatekeeper is used, the 124i Enhanced must be programmed to use the Gatekeeper. All user-dialed digits for a VoIP call are sent to the Gatekeeper which will set up and manage the call.
  • Page 7: Configuration For Ip Address Determination

    Configuration for IP Address Determination In Program 0905, program all the VoIP trunks into the same group. This trunk group can then be selected in Program 0928 as a route for a VoIP call. Program 0905 VoIP trunk port VoIP trunk group ARS and F-Route can select the trunk group from the dialed digits for outgoing calls.
  • Page 8 VoIP Using ARS and No Gatekeeper for Outgoing Calls Start Placing an outgoing call, a user dials 9 (trunk access code). ARS starts. The user dials a telephone number. The inter-digit timer expires or the user presses #. The system searches the ARS 6-Digit then the 3-Digit Table to find a selection number. The trunk group number from the Selection Route Table, Program 2101, is used for the call.
  • Page 9: Dial Edit

    VoIP Using F-Route and No Gatekeeper for Outgoing Calls Start To place an outgoing call, a user dials the F-Route code plus the telephone number. The system waits for the F-Route digits. Does the outgoing trunk group have IP settings in Program 0928? The system follows the F-Route The system makes the call on a VoIP...
  • Page 10: Incoming Calls

    Program the VoIP Trunk Group and IP address for Trunk Groups. In Program 0928, set trunk group 1 for routing to a VoIP trunk. Table (Entry Number) 1 VoIP Trunk Group Number: 10 IP Address: Program F-Route. Program 0501 Dial 4 —...
  • Page 11: Voip Pcb Setup Examples

    DID Incoming Routing with VoIP Start The system detects an incoming call. Does the Setup message contain a called number? Is there a Called Party Should the call follow Number in the DID table DID Error Routing (Program 1805)? (Program 1810)? The system follows Program Normal DID routing occurs.
  • Page 12: Conditions

    DSP could receive unpredictable gain level. If this happens, the echo cannot be eliminated. If the gain was added by some system outside of the 124i Enhanced, an echo may occur. This is unavoidable. It is recommended that the i-Series system with a VOIPU PCB not be placed behind a firewall. Firewalls restrict access to TCP/UDP ports, some of which are utilized by the VOIPU.
  • Page 13: Programming

    5. Set the run/block switch DOWN on the VoIP PCB. 6. As a precautionary step, using Program 0006, Item 2, delete/uninstall the slot in which the VoIP PCB is about to be installed. 7. Plug the VoIP PCB into slots 4-8 in the main system cabinet, slots 12-16 in the second cabinet, or slots 20-24 in the third cabinet. Only 1 VoIP PCB can be installed in the first cabinet, 2 VoIP PCBs each can be installed in the second and third cabinets.
  • Page 14 Item No. Item Input Data Default Gatekeeper Connection Mode 1: No Gatekeeper 2: Manual setting * 3: Automatic setting * * If set to 2 or 3 and a Gatekeeper cannot be found, the VoIP PCB will not start. Gatekeeper Address xxx: 0-255...
  • Page 15 Item No. Item Input Data Default 4 (cont’d) Jitter Buffer Mode 1 (G.711) 0: Disable 1: adaptive during silence period only ¥ Define the buffer mode for the 2: adaptive immediately jitter of the voice packet. If Adaptive is selected, the buff- 2 - Reserved ering size will be automatically 3 (G.729)
  • Page 16 Item No. Item Input Data Default Echo Canceller Mode 1: Enable 2: Disable Echo Canceller Tail size (Delay Volume) 1: 8ms 2: 16ms Echo Canceller Nonlinear Processor 1: Enable 2: Disable Echo Canceller NLP Comfort Noise Level 0-30 Entries: 0 = -70 1 = -69 2 = -68 3 = -67...
  • Page 17 Item No. Item Input Data Default 8 (cont’d) DTMF High Band Amplitude 0-830 High Band Amplitude Entries: ¥ Define the high band level of DTMF signals 0 = -80.0 from the VOIPU to the PCM highway when the 1 = -79.9 VOIPU receives the packet including DTMF 2 = -79.8 information.
  • Page 18 Circuit No Input data Default B8-Channel Tx Gain 0-29 B8-Channel Rx Gain 0-29 Entry Values for Above: 0 = 0, 1 = +1.0, 2 = +2.0, 14 = +14.0, 15 = 0, 16 = -1.0, 17 = -2.0, etc.) Program 0155 - VoIP Timer and Count Setup Program the timer and count value for the VoIP timers.
  • Page 19 Program 0319 - VoIP Operating Mode The VoIPU PCB work in NT mode. Following program assigns a slot number and operating mode for each VoIP PCB index (1 –5). If the VoIPU PCB is working, changing this option will cause the PCB to reset. VOIPU index number (1 –...
  • Page 20: Firmware Upgrade

    Program 0901 - Basic Trunk Port Setup (Part A), Item 23: Unsupervised Conference Call CODEC Gain Type Conference calls may experience an echo. To prevent this, the conference gain settings have been changed for VoIP trunks. If there is a VoIP trunk on a conference circuit, the gain setting will be changed for the conference member who is on a trunk or single line telephone.
  • Page 21 NEC America, Inc., Corporate Networks Group 4 Forest Parkway, Shelton, CT 06484 Tel: 800-365-1928 Fax: 203-926-5458 Other Important Telephone Numbers Sales: ........203-926-5450 Customer Service: .
  • Page 22 NEC America, Inc., Corporate Networks Group 4 Forest Parkway, Shelton, CT 06484 *92046INS01* TEL: 203-926-5400 FAX: 203-929-0535 January 2003 Printed in U.S.A. 92046INS01...

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