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Introduction; Operation; Safe Handling - Zanussi ULTRA+ COMBI 30 Installation And Servicing

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The Zanussi Ultra+ Combi range of boilers are wall mounted, full
sequence, automatic spark ignition, low water content, fanned
flue, high efficiency, condensing, combination gas boilers.
Note. Due to the high efficiency of the boiler a plume of water
vapour will form at the terminal during operation.
Central heating (CH) output is fully modulating with a range of:
6.1 to 24.2kW
7.1 to 24.2kW
Instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW) output is also fully
modulating with a maximum of :
The boiler is supplied fully assembled with DHW plate heat
exchanger, diverter valve, circulating pump, pressure gauge,
safety valve and CH expansion vessel.
Variable CH and DHW temperature controls are fitted on the user
control and the boiler features a DHW preheat facility.
The boiler includes as standard:
Automatic bypass
Boiler frost protection
Daily pump and diverter valve exercise.
The boiler casing is of white painted mild steel with a white
polymer front panel.
The boiler temperature controls are visibly located in the control
panel on the front of the boiler.
The heat exchanger is manufactured from cast aluminium.
The boiler is suitable for connection to fully pumped, sealed
heating systems ONLY. Adequate arrangements for completely
draining the system by provision of drain cocks MUST be provided
in the installation pipework.
Pipework from the boiler is routed downwards.
Data Plate
The boiler model and serial number can be located on the
bottom of the boiler casing, shown in Section 1.16 - Water & Gas
Connection Diagram.


With no demand for CH, the boiler fires only when DHW is drawn
off, or periodically for a few seconds without any DHW draw-off,
in order to maintain the DHW plate heat exchanger in a heated
condition. This only occurs if the "PREHEAT" button is pressed
and the display reads "HOT WATER PREHEAT ON".
When there is a demand for CH, the heating system is supplied
at the selected temperature of between 30
DHW is drawn off. The full output from the boiler is then directed
via the diverter valve to the plate heat exchanger to supply a
nominal DHW draw-off of
The DHW draw off rate specified above is the nominal that the
boiler flow regulator will give. Due to system variations and
seasonal temperature fluctuations DHW flow rates/temperature
rise will vary, requiring adjustment at the draw off tap.
At low DHW draw-off rates the maximum temperature may
exceed 65ºC.
The boiler features a comprehensive diagnostic system which
gives detailed information on the boiler status when operating,
and performance of key components to aid commissioning and
fault finding.


This boiler may require 2 or more operatives to move it to its
installation site, remove it from its packaging base and during
movement into its installation location. Manoeuvring the boiler
may include the use of a sack truck and involve lifting, pushing
and pulling.
Caution should be exercised during these operations.
Operatives should be knowledgeable in handling techniques
when performing these tasks and the following precautions
should be considered:
Grip the boiler at the base.
Be physically capable.
Use personal protective equipment as appropriate, e.g.
gloves, safety footwear.
During all manoeuvres and handling actions, every attempt
should be made to ensure the following unless unavoidable and/
or the weight is light.
Keep back straight.
Avoid twisting at the waist.
Avoid upper body/top heavy bending.
Always grip with the palm of the hand.
Use designated hand holds.
Keep load as close to the body as possible.
Always use assistance if required.
12.4 l/min at 35ºC temperature rise.
14.5 l/min at 35ºC temperature rise.
C and 80
C, until
Installation and Servicing

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