Erf2000-Functions; Erf2000 Functions; Start / Stop; Setting Of Temperature - Electrolux ERF2000 Service Instructions Manual

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3. ERF2000 functions

3.1 Start / Stop of the freezer
• Push the ON/OFF button to start the freezer.
• When the freezer is started the freezer thermometer shows actual display
• The freezer thermometer uses a type of average value measuring where displayed
temperature shall correspond to the temperature of the goods. It may therefore be
up to 24 hours until the temperature is stabilised.
• For all except AEG: Push the ON/OFF button during at least 1 second to shut the
cabinet off.
• For AEG: Push the ON/OFF button for at least 3 seconds, during this time a count
down 3, 2, 1, is shown on the display
• Remove the plug from socket.
The freezer is considered charged until the plug is removed from the

3.2 Setting of temperature

• Push the temperature selector to set the temperature, press the upper button "+" for
warmer and the lower button "-" for colder.
• At the first push on any of these buttons the thermometer displays the earlier
selected temperature with flashing digits. The temperature could then be selected
by pushing on "+" or "-". The selected temperature is always displayed flashing.
After ca. 5 seconds the flashing stops and the thermometer displays the
temperature in the freezer. If the "+" or "-" button is being pushed once the selected
value shows in the display.
• When the refrigerator is restarted the temperature needs not to be reselected.
The ERF2000 electronic is automatically set on the latest selected temperature.

3.3 Displaying the temperature

• The thermometer displays temperatures between -39°C and +39°C

3.4 Action Freeze / Freezing

• The function is activated when the freezing button is pushed, this is indicated by
that the yellow freezing lamp lights. The letter "A" is shown in the display for all
(except for AEG where "SF" is displayed for about 3 seconds then the actual
temperature is displayed). When freezing is activated on AEG the speed of the fan
increases to give a higher freezing capacity.
• The function is activated during 50 h, but may also be interrupted manually by
pressing the freezing button again.
• When freezing is activated the compressor is running continuously, except during
defrosting which starts after 6 hours from that the freezing was activated.
• After finished freezing the regulating goes back to the earlier selected value.

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Table of Contents

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