Temperature Alarm; Door Alarm; Door Switch; Error Indication On The Erf2000 Panel - Electrolux ERF2000 Service Instructions Manual

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3.5 Temperature alarm

• The alarm is activated when the warmest part in the freezer (= the indicated
temperature) reaches –11°C (for AEG –8°C). The red warning light flashes and
the acoustic alarm sounds intermittently. The thermometer with flashing digits
displays the temperature.
• The acoustic alarm can be switched off by pressing the general reset button.
When the acoustic alarm has been turned off the thermometer shows the
temperature with a steady light. The red warning lamp continues to flash as long
as the cabinet temperature remains -11°C or warmer. When the cabinet has
turned cold again the red warning lamp turns off.
• If the cabinet automatically reaches a temperature below the alarm level -11°C but
the alarm has not been reset by the button (for instance after a short power failure
and nobody was at home) the acoustic alarm will reset itself. However the
thermometer will in such cases show the temperature of the cabinet with a flashing
light and the warning lamp will also flash. This is due to the fact that the electronic
circuit has a memory function. After one push on the reset button the thermometer
will during 5 seconds show the highest temperature reached in the freezer and the
red warning lamp will turn off.
• When Cooler mode is activated (AEG) the alarm limit is +17 °C (see point 4.1)

3.6 Door alarm

• The door alarm activates when the door has been opened more than 80 seconds.
• This is indicated by that the red warning lamp is blinking and that the acoustic alarm
• Pressing the reset button shuts off the acoustic alarm, if the door is still open the
acoustic alarm will sound again after 80 seconds. When the alarm has been shut
off for 3 times the acoustic alarm stops even if the door is still open.
• To put the red warning lamp out the door must be closed.
• If the door has been opened for more than 7 minutes the light shuts off automatic.

3.7 Door switch

The traditional door switch is
replaced by a "Reed-element" (a) on
the PCB and a magnet (b) on the
door (in the middle of the upper side
of the door). See picture:

3.8 Error indication on the ERF2000 panel

Air sensor defective:
Evaporator sensor defective:
Thermometer lower right part shows:
Thermometer upper right part shows:

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Table of Contents

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