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Intended Use; Safety Instructions; Installation - Black & Decker PV1205 Instruction

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Intended use

Your Black & Decker Dustbuster
has been designed for light dry vacuum cleaning purposes.
This appliance is intended for household use only.
Design and Patent information
European Patent Application Number EP 05255024.1
European Community Design Registration Numbers:
423322-0001, 423322-0002 and 423322-0003

Safety instructions

Warning! When using battery-powered appliances, basic
safety precautions, including the following, should always be
followed to reduce the risk of fire, leaking batteries, personal
injury and material damage.
Read all of this manual carefully before using the
The intended use is described in this manual. The use of
any accessory or attachment or the performance of any
operation with this appliance other than those
recommended in this instruction manual may present a risk
of personal injury.
Retain this manual for future reference.
Using your appliance
Do not use the appliance to pick up liquids or any materials
that could catch fire.
Do not use the appliance near water.
Do not immerse the appliance in water.
Never pull the charger lead to disconnect the charger from
the socket. Keep the charger lead away from heat, oil and
sharp edges.
After use
Unplug the charger before cleaning the charger or charging
When not in use, the appliance should be stored in a dry
Children should not have access to stored appliances.
Inspection and repairs
Before use, check the appliance for damaged or defective
parts. Check for breakage of parts, damage to switches and
any other conditions that may affect its operation.
Do not use the appliance if any part is damaged or
Have any damaged or defective parts repaired or replaced
by an authorized repair agent.
Regularly check the charger lead for damage. Replace the
charger if the lead is damaged or defective.
Never attempt to remove or replace any parts other than
those specified in this manual.
Battery and charger
hand-held vacuum cleaner
Electrical safety
Your charger has been designed for a specific voltage.
Always check that the mains voltage corresponds to the
voltage on the rating plate. Never attempt to replace the
charger unit with a regular mains plug.
Symbols on the charging base
1. Release latch for container door
2. Container door
3. Collector lock button
4. Two-speed on/off switch
5. Filter cleaning wheel
6. Charging indicator
7. Charging base
8. Dust collector extension
9. Dust collector
Fig. D
10. Crevice tool (optional, see packaging)
11. Brush tool (stored in underside of appliance)


Fitting the charging base to the wall (fig. A)
The charging base can be placed on a work top or fitted to
the wall to provide a convenient storage and charging point
for the appliance.
When fixing to a wall, make sure that the fixing method is
suitable for the wall type and is appropriate to the weight of
the appliance.
Never attempt to open the battery.
Do not expose the battery to water.
Do not incinerate the battery.
Do not expose the charging base to water.
Do not open the charging base.
Your charging base is double insulated; therefore
no earth wire is required.
Fail-safe isolating transformer. The mains supply
is electrically separated from the transformer
The charger automatically shuts off if the
ambient temperature becomes too high. As a
consequence the charger will be inoperable. The
charging base must be disconnected from the
mains supply and taken to an authorised service
centre for repair.
The charging base is intended for indoor use



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