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User Manual

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    STEP-5e User Manual STEP-5e If you need further assistance, use one of the following options: Driver: Email: Call: +1 (909) 468-9757, option 2...
  • Page 2 REVISION RECORDS REV. DATE DESCRIPTION Author 2015.11.09 Initial release. Jim C Updated  DIP Switch 2-8 info 2016.01.27 Johnson T  4.7.1 Color of LED indicator Added 7 Bluetooth Connection Instructions  7.1 Precautions  2016.02.03 Puma C 7.2 General Sequence for Bluetooth Connections ...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    1.2 The Main Features ........................2 2. GETTING STARTED ........................3 2.1 Packing List ..........................3 2.2 Appearance and Components ....................4 2.2.1 STEP-5e(the actual product shall govern) ..............4 3 Specification ............................6 3.1 Printer Specification......................... 6 3.2 Media Specification ......................... 8 3.2.1 Continuous Thermal Paper Specification ..............
  • Page 4 6 Troubleshooting ..........................23 6.1 Printer Not Working ......................23 6.2 LED Indicator On The Control Panel and Beeper Alarm ............23 6.3 Troubles Occur During Printing .................... 23 6.4 Problems Emerge During the Paper Cutting Processes ............24 6.5 Remove Jammed Paper ......................24 7 Bluetooth Connection Instructions ....................
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    STEP-5e User Manual Important Safety Instructions 1. Safety warning Warnings: The print head will become very hot during printing; avoid touching the print head after printing has finished. Warnings: Do not touch the printer head and connector in case static damage the printer head.
  • Page 6: Overview

    1. OVERVIEW 1.1 Introductions STEP-5e is a thermal receipt printer with auto-cutter, featured by high print quality, high print speed, high stability, etc. It can be used in commercial POS system, food industry and occasions which need real-time field print receipts.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    STEP-5e User Manual 2. GETTING STARTED 2.1 Packing List After receiving your printer, please check for possible shipping damage: 1. Inspect the outside of both the box and the printer for possible damage. 2. Check whether you have received the following accessories together with the printer, if there is any items that’s missing, please contact your local dealer.
  • Page 8: Appearance And Components

    STEP-5e User Manual 2.2 Appearance and Components 2.2.1 STEP-5e Page 4...
  • Page 9 STEP-5e User Manual Introduction to printer features 1) Power switch Press “0” to turn off power and press “1” to turn on power supply. 2) Feed Button Feed paper: When it’s not in the alarm status, push the button to feed paper. Push the button continuously to feed the long distance.
  • Page 10: Specification

    STEP-5e User Manual 3 Specification 3.1 Printer Specification Table2-1 General Specification (1/2) Model STEP-5e Print method Direct thermal line printing Resolution 203dpi,8dots/mm Printing width 48mm/72mm Printing Parameter Print speed 200~300mm/s Interface Serial, Ethernet, USB, Cash drawer, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Print density...
  • Page 11 STEP-5e User Manual Table2-1 General Specification(Continued) (2/2) Model STEP-5e Power LED Blue LED Paper LED Blue LED LED Indicator Error LED Red LED Status LED Multicolor LED External power adapter Power Supply Input AC100V-240V 50-60HZ Output Paper type Specified Thermal Paper ...
  • Page 12: Media Specification

    STEP-5e User Manual 3.2 Media Specification 3.2.1 Continuous Thermal Paper Specification Paper Type : Specified Thermal Paper   Paper Width   Paper Outer Diameter : Max. 83 mm. Roll Paper Core : 13mm(Internal Diameter) : 18mm(Outer Diameter) : 0.065 ~ 0.090mm...
  • Page 13: Cutting Position

    STEP-5e User Manual 3.3.2 Cutting Position Fig 2.3.2 Type Paper Cutting Position(L1) STEP-5e 14.5mm Page 9...
  • Page 14: Installation And Usage

    STEP-5e User Manual 4 Installation and Usage 4.1 Unpacking Upon receipt of the package, check if any items are missing or damaged according to the packing list, if so, contact the local dealer or manufacturer. 4.2 Installation Site and Direction of Printer 1) It’s recommend printer is installed at a level table surface.
  • Page 15: Interface Cable Connection

    STEP-5e User Manual Notes: ► Use only the power adapter recommended by supplier or equivalent products; ► When disconnecting the AC adapter plug, hold on to the housing part of the plug. Avoid pulling on the cable. ► Avoid drag the power adapter cable to prevent damage on the cables ►...
  • Page 16: Paper Confirmation

    2) Install paper guide based on required print width. 4.6.2 Procedure of Loading 1) Turn off printer. 2) Pressing the open button, open front cover of STEP-5e. Figure 4.6.1 3) Put the paper into printer. Pay attention to the direction of the paper. (figure 4.6.2)...
  • Page 17 STEP-5e User Manual 4) Close the front cover of STEP-5e.(Like figure 4.6.3) Figure 4.6.3 Page 13...
  • Page 18 STEP-5e User Manual 5) Tear the redundant paper. (figure 4.6.4) Figure 4.6.4 Notes: ► Install paper guide according to required print out width. Page 14...
  • Page 19: Specification Of Led Indication And Beeper

    STEP-5e User Manual 4.7 Specification of LED Indication and Beeper 4.7.1 Specification of LED Indication Name Status Specification POWER LED The printer work well (Blue) The printer powers off. Flashing The printer in an error state ERROR LED (Red) The printer in a normal state...
  • Page 20: Setting Dip Switch

    STEP-5e User Manual 4.8 Setting DIP switch 4.8.1 Serial interface(RS-232C) DIP Switch 1 Switches Functions Default Auto line feed Enable Disable Handshake XON/XOFF DTR/DSR Bit length 7 bits 8 bits Parity check Parity selection EVEN Reference form 1-1 Baud rate selection(bps)...
  • Page 21: Auto Cutter Enable/disable Selection

    STEP-5e User Manual Form 1-1—Baud Rate Selection Baud rate Default 2400 4800 9600 19200 9600 38400 57600 115200 Form 1-2—Print Density Selection Printer density Default Reserve 1(diluted) Reserve Reserve Reserve 4(dense) 4.8.3 Auto Cutter Enable/Disable Selection DIP Switch setting 2...
  • Page 22: Print Test

    PDA with Bluetooth interface, laptop and other information terminals can drive the mobile thermal printer STEP-5e. Instructions as follows: 1) Power on the printer. 2) Primary device search for outer Bluetooth devices. 3) If there are some outer Bluetooth devices, choose “STEP-5e”. 4) Connected to STEP-5e. 5) Finish pairing. Notes: In pairing, the printer must be turned on.
  • Page 23: Interfaces Signal

    STEP-5e User Manual 5 Interfaces Signal Printer supports cash drawer interface and many other various communication interfaces, such as serial interface, parallel interface, USB interface, Ethernet interface, Bluetooth interface, Wi-Fi interface. The printer has the communication board with the default USB interface and cash drawer interface, and the other communication boards with the Ethernet interface, parallel interface, RS232 interface are optional.
  • Page 24: Power Port Definition

    STEP-5e User Manual 5.3 Power Port Definition Figure 5-3 PIN NO. Signal Name +24V SHELL : Note  Strictly prohibit unplug the cable while the printer is power on.  When arranging the line of communication, you have to avoid paralleling with the strong current.
  • Page 25 STEP-5e User Manual Printer serial interface are compatible with RS 232 standard, with 25pin socket. User can gain the setting of interface via printing configuration sample; the default setting of serial interface is as follow, 9600bps(baud rates), 8 bit(data bit), 1 bit(stop bit), no parity, support RTS/CTS handshaking protocol.
  • Page 26: Ethernet Interface

    STEP-5e User Manual Ethernet Interface 5-4-3 PIN NO. Signal Name Page 22...
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    STEP-5e User Manual 6 Troubleshooting This chapter provides information on some common problems user may encounter and how to solve them. If user runs into that is not listed here, please contact support team for further assistance. 6.1 Printer Not Working...
  • Page 28: Problems Emerge During The Paper Cutting Processes

    STEP-5e User Manual 6.4 Problems Emerge During the Paper Cutting Processes Problem description Probable reason Resolution Cutter abrasion, insufficient replace the cutter cutting Worm gear and worm wheel Replace the worm gear and worm wheel Cutter jam, the movable abrasion...
  • Page 29: Bluetooth Connection Instructions

    STEP-5e User Manual 7 Bluetooth Connection Instructions 7.1 Precautions To connect the printer with another device via Bluetooth, the devices must be within 10m of one another. The connection is broken if the distance between devices exceeds 10m. The maximum separating distance may be shortened if transmission obstacles, such as cement walls, are present.
  • Page 30 STEP-5e User Manual 6. Choose Bluetooth name of you printer, click "Next". 7. Refer to the “Bluetooth” section of you documentation that came with you device. If the documentation specifies a passkey, use that one. Page 26...
  • Page 31: Bluetooth Dongle (bluesoleil Ivt Stack)

    STEP-5e User Manual 8. After you pairing successful, you will see the Bluetooth COM port. 7.4 Bluetooth Dongle (BlueSoleil IVT Stack) 1. After purchasing Bluetooth Dongle, insert the CD in the PC and install BlueSoleil. 2. Connect Bluetooth Dongle to the USB port of the PC.
  • Page 32 STEP-5e User Manual 5. The program initiates a search for Bluetooth devices in the proximity. 6. Click right button of the mouse above the “Printer Icon” and select the “Pair Device”. 7. Enter the PIN Code in the Bluetooth Pass Key window. (Default Pass Key: 0000)
  • Page 33 STEP-5e User Manual 8. If the Pass Key (PIN Code) is correct and pairing is completed, a check symbol appears next to the printer icon. 9. Click right button of the mouse above the “printer icon” and select “Connect -> Bluetooth Serial Port Service”.

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