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GE 150
GE 250, GE 250 S, GE 260, GE 260 S
GE 150.1
GE 250.1
Instruction manual
Manuel d'utilisation
Istruzioni per l'uso
Manual de instrucciones
Manual de utilização
Instrukcja obsługi
Navodila za uporabo
Návod na obsluhu
Használati útmutató
Uputstvo za upotrebu
Upute za uporabu
Návod k použití
Lietošanas pamācība
GE 250.1 S
GE 260.1
GE 260.1 S
Naudojimo instrukcija
Instruc iuni de utilizare
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 GE 150 GE 250, GE 250 S, GE 260, GE 260 S Gebrauchsanleitung Naudojimo instrukcija Instruction manual Instruc iuni de utilizare Manuel d’utilisation Gebruiksaanwijzing Istruzioni per l'uso Manual de instrucciones Manual de utilização Kasutusjuhend шы ың Bruksanvisning ығы Bruksanvisning Käyttöopas Betjeningsvejledning Instrukcja obsługi...
  • Page 2 0478 201 9906 D...
  • Page 3 0478 201 9906 D...
  • Page 4 0478 201 9906 D...
  • Page 5 0478 201 9906 D...
  • Page 6 0478 201 9906 D...
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  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    Dear Customer, Correct machine load Thank you for choosing a VIKING quality Overload protection 1. Table of contents product. If the cutting unit of the garden shredder is blocked This product has been produced using Notes on the instruction manual...
  • Page 12: Notes On The Instruction Manual

    – Use of the product for sporting or the sense of EC Directive 2006/42/EC. pin mains plugs are shown in the competitive events VIKING is continually striving to further illustrations. Machines with other types of Texts with added significance: plug are connected to the mains in a develop its range of products;...
  • Page 13: Machine Overview

    Caution – risk of accident! instruction on safe use of the machine 1 Upper chute from the vendor or another expert. VIKING garden shredders are suitable for 2 Lower chute shredding branch material and plant During this instruction, the user should be 3 Closure screws trimmings.
  • Page 14: Warning - Dangers Caused By Electrical Current

    Only use extension cables that are Long hair must be tied up and secured insulated against moisture for outdoor use (headscarf, cap, etc.) at all times when 4.2 Warning – dangers caused by which are suitable for use with the operating or performing work on the electrical current machine (...
  • Page 15: Before Operation

    Your Make sure that you are familiar with the 4.6 Working with your machine VIKING specialist has a supply of On / Off switch so that you can react replacement stickers and all the other...
  • Page 16 Exercise care when starting and observe Never put your hands or any Beware of the cutting tool the instructions contained in the section other part of your body or running on for several seconds entitled "Initial operation of machine". clothing into the feed chute or before coming to a standstill.
  • Page 17: Maintenance And Repairs

    5 minutes before performing any VIKING spare parts number, by the maintenance operations. Thoroughly clean the machine before VIKING lettering and, if present, by the storage (e.g. winter break). The power cable must only be repaired or VIKING spare parts symbol. On smaller replaced by authorised electricians.
  • Page 18: Description Of Symbols

    Wear hearing protection. Item Designation Qty. Wear safety glasses. 5. Description of symbols Torx screw P5 x 20 Wear work gloves. Caution! Upper chute Read the instruction man- Safety screw ual before initial use. Torx screw P5 x 10 Combination spanner Risk of injury: Instruction manual •...
  • Page 19: Installing The Chassis And Ejection Chute

    ● Fasten the screws (T) in the order Maximum branch diameter screws (R) (1 - 2 Nm). GE 150, GE 250, GE 250 S: 35 mm shown (1 2 3 4). GE 260, GE 260 S: 40 mm 0478 201 9906 D - EN...
  • Page 20: Working Area For Operator

    – Machine overloaded due to excessive Damp or wet soft material will quantities of shredding material or blunt 8.4 Working area for operator cause blockages in the machine blades more quickly. For this reason, feed ● For safety reasons, the operator the garden shredder more slowly must stay within the working area and pay particular attention to the...
  • Page 21: Safety Interlock

    10.1). electrical current" ( 4.2). switched off automatically and after a few GE 150, GE 250, GE 250 S: The power cable must be adequately seconds the shredding tool comes to a protected by fuse. ( 18.) ●...
  • Page 22: Switching Off The Garden Shredder

    GE 260 S models. safety instructions exactly before ● Press the red button (1) on the switch performing any maintenance or (illus. shows GE 150, GE 250, The rotational direction of the blade discs cleaning operations on the GE 250 S).
  • Page 23: Installing The Feed Chute

    ● Remove the feed chute. ( 11.3) fasten with screw (1) (50 Nm). cloth or a stick, VIKING ● Turn blade disc (1) to that the ● Fold back the locking device so that the recommends the use of a recess (2) is located in front of the special cleaner (e.g.
  • Page 24: Reversing The Blades

    Only store the garden shredder in good 3 Wing blade (GE 250, GE 260) sharpened by a technician. VIKING operating condition and with the feed recommends VIKING specialist dealers. ● Measure the blade width (C) at the chute fitted.
  • Page 25: Lifting Or Carrying The Garden Shredder

    6008 702 0300 The VIKING machine must be used, 13. Environmental protection GE 150, GE 250 S, GE 260 S maintained and stored with the care Blade disc assembly: described in this instruction manual. Any Shredding material should be...
  • Page 26: Ce - Manufacturer's Declaration Of Conformity

    18. Technical specifications – Corrosive and other resultant damage TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH caused by incorrect storage Tillystraße 2 GE 150.1/GE 250.1/GE 250.1 S: – Damage to the machine through the D-90431 Nürnberg use of inferior-quality spare parts. Motor BSRBF 0.75/2-C...
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    GE 150.1/GE 250.1/GE 250.1 S: GE 260.1/GE 260.1 S: GE 250.1/GE 250.1 S: Power 2500 W In accordance with In accordance with Directive Directive 2500 W 2000/14/EC: 2000/14/EC: 2000 W Guaranteed sound Guaranteed sound Amperage rating 11.4 A power level L...
  • Page 28: Service Schedule

    – Reverse, re-sharpen or replace shredding blades 11.7) 20.2 Service confirmation Please hand this instruction manual to your VIKING specialist dealer in Fault: the case of maintenance work. Shredding material is not drawn in He will confirm the service operations Possible cause: performed in the pre-printed boxes.
  • Page 29 GE 150 GE 250, GE 250 S, GE 260, GE 260 S *04782019906D* 0478 201 9906 D...

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