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Contents - Siemens WT46S515BY Operating And Installation Instruction

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Drying - Steam Refresh
Steam Drying - Steam Refresh
Steam programmes for unwrinkling or refreshing
Your water tank empties automatically after the programme has finished.
– Your dryer has unwrinkling and refreshing programmes that can be used for removing
odours and minimising creasing in dry fabrics. Steam smooths and freshens up items of
Filling the water tank:
– Sorting the laundry according to size, weight, fabric and colour is necessary.
Fill the dryer's water tank with distilled water before every Steam Dry - Steam Refresh cycle.
– Only use Short spin/Refresh for fabrics with the same properties.
– During steam generation (required), additional noises may occur.
Move the programme selector to
– The result of refreshing and unwrinkling may vary depending on the type of fabric, size of
Steam Dry
Steam Refresh
the load and programme selected.
appears in the display.
– After unwrinkling or refreshing, all fabrics must be removed immediately and hung crease-
free on a hanger or a washing line for 15 minutes.
2. Remove the condensation tank completely.
Please observe the treatment symbols and manufacturer's instructions on the fabrics.
Do not use Short spin/Refresh for fabrics made of wool, leather, containing metal or
Before every Steam Dry - Steam Refresh cycle, fill the water tank with
wooden parts as well as wax and oil jackets!
distilled water only. Do not use tap water, condensation or additives.
Do not use any dryer cleaning sets!
Steam Dry
3. Fill the water tank. Use the jug supplied.
Synthetics Non Iron
Suitable for easy-care fabrics, e.g. formal shirts. Fabrics are smoothed. You can expect
optimum results if "non-iron" appears on the care label. After the programme has finished,
If the water tank filter is dirty
the items must be removed immediately and hung crease-free on a hanger or washing line
See page 4.
for 15 minutes. The programme is for up to 5 formal shirts.
Cottons Non Iron
Suitable for hard-wearing cotton fabrics, e.g. bed linen, tablecloths or formal shirts. Fabrics
4. Pour the distilled water into the filling hole on the water tank,
are smoothed. You can expect optimum results if "non-iron" appears on the care label. After
the programme has finished, the items must be removed immediately and hung crease-free
until the
symbol goes out on the display panel.
on a hanger or washing line for 15 minutes. The programme is for up to 5 formal shirts or
1 to 2 larger items.
If drying the recommended load, approximately 250 to 300 ml of distilled
water is used in the Steam Dry - Steam Refresh programmes.
Steam Refresh
5. Insert the condensation container all the way.
Suitable for refreshing suits, jackets and trousers, or dry-clean items that cannot be washed
in the washing machine
see the care label. The programme only refreshes fabrics and
does not clean them. After the end of the programme, the items must be removed
immediately. Programme for 1 suit or 1 to 2 smaller items.
6. Start the Steam Dry or Steam Refresh programme.
Suitable for refreshing casual wear made of cotton or artificial fibres. Fabrics must be
suitable for dryers
see the care label. The programme refreshes fabrics only, and does
not clean them. After the programme has finished, the fabrics must be removed
immediately. Programme for 1 pullover, 2 pairs of trousers or formal shirts.
– Scope of delivery: dryer, installation and instruction manual, jug, basket for woollens
Cleaning is therefore not required
(depending on the model).
– Check dryer for transport damage.
– The dryer is heavy. Do not attempt to lift it on your own.
– Be careful to avoid sharp edges.
– Do not install in a room where there is a risk of freezing. Freezing water may cause damage.
– If in doubt, have the appliance connected by a specialist.
– Do not lift the dryer by protruding parts (e.g. the door) - risk of breakage.
Setting up the dryer
Remove all accessories
– The appliance plug must always be accessible.
from the drum.
– Ensure that the appliance is installed on a clean, level
The drum must be empty.
and firm surface.
– Keep the cooling grille on the front of the dryer
– Keep the area around the dryer clean.
– Level the dryer using the threaded feet.
Use a spirit level.
– Do not remove the threaded feet under any
Do not install the dryer behind a door or sliding
door, which could prevent or restrict opening of the
dryer door. This will prevent children from locking
clean the filter in the water tank.
themselves in and putting their lives in danger.
Mains connection
see safety information
page 13.
– Connect to an AC earthed socket. If in doubt, have the socket checked by a specialist.
– The mains voltage and the voltage shown on the rating plate (
– The connected load and necessary fuse protection are specified on the rating plate.
Converting the installed load
Note the fuse protection of the socket.
10/16 Amps
turn to
1 x to the
Press and hold selection
then turn 3 x to the right
10 A
16 A
Frost protection / Transport
1. Empty the condensation container
page 4.
2. Select any programme using the programme selector.
3. Press the
start button
condensation is pumped into the container.
4. Wait 5 min., and then empty the condensation container again.
5. Turn the programme selector to Off.
The water tank must not contain any distilled water. If necessary, run the Steam/Refresh programme.
Technical data
Dimensions (DxWxH)
60 x 60 x 85 cm (adjustable height)
approximately 43.5 kg
Max. capacity
8 kg
Condensation container
4.0 l
Water tank
approx. 0.4 l
Connection voltage
220-240 V
Connected load
max. 2800 W
Fuse protection
16 A / 10 A
Ambient temperature
5 - 35 °C
Product number
Inside of door
Production number
The rating plate can be found on the back of the dryer.
Drum interior light
(depending on model)
(bulb E14, 25 W)
The drum lights up after the door is opened or closed, and after the programme starts,
and switches off automatically. Changing the bulb
page 12.
Consumption rates
(The value on the label is achieved at the maximum heat setting.)
Residual moisture in the
Drying time**
Energy consumption**
fabrics after spinning
Cottons 8 kg
10 A
16 A
10 A
16 A
Cupboard Dry*
1400 U/min
137 min
111 min
4.01 kWh
4.01 kWh
1000 U/min
155 min
129 min
4.82 kWh
4.82 kWh
800 U/min
173 min
147 min
5.55 kWh
5.55 kWh
Iron Dry*
1400 U/min
114 min
88 min
2.40 kWh
2.40 kWh
Clean and level
1000 U/min
132 min
106 min
3.69 kWh
3.69 kWh
Make sure that the air inlet
remains unobstructed
800 U/min
150 min
124 min
4.14 kWh
4.14 kWh
Easy-Care 3.5 kg
Cupboard Dry*
1000 U/min
45 min
39 min
1.05 kWh
1.05 kWh
800 U/min
48 min
42 min
1.35 kWh
1.35 kWh
Page 11) must be the same.
600 U/min
60 min
51 min
1.65 kWh
1.65 kWh
* Programme setting for testing in accordance with applicable standard EN61121.
** The values may differ from those specified, depending on the type of fabric, composition of
laundry to be dried, residual moisture in the fabric and the amount of laundry being loaded.
Drying time
Annual energy consumption
Cottons 8 kg / 4 kg*
Cupboard Dry ***
98 min / per cycle
581 kWh / per year
***Programme setting for testing and energy labelling in accordance with Directive 2010/30/EU.
turn to
Optional accessories
(from after-sales service using order number, depending on the model)
For easier loading and unloading. The basket contained in the drawer can be used to carry
the laundry.
Do not operate the dryer if there
Washer-dryer stack connection set
is a danger of frost.
The dryer can be placed on top of a suitable washing machine with the same width and depth
to save space. The dryer must be fastened to the washing machine using this connection set.
With pull-out worktop: WZ 20300
Connection fittings for condensation outlet
The condensation is conveyed directly via a hose.
Installation underneath the worktop
Instead of the appliance covering plate, you must have a metal cover fitted by a specialist.
Safety instructions
What to do if...
If you cannot rectify a fault yourself (e.g. switching off/on), please contact our after-sales service. We will always
– Pull the appliance plug out of the socket immediately or disconnect the fuse.
find an appropriate solution and will avoid unnecessary visits by engineers. Trust the expertise of the
ONLY use the
– in rooms inside the house.
manufacturer and rest assured that the repair will be carried out by trained service technicians using original
– for drying or unwrinkling/refreshing fabrics.
spare parts. The contact details of your local after-sales service can be found in the enclosed after-sales
service directory, or by calling one of these numbers:
The dryer must
– be used for purposes other than those described above.
– GB 0344 892 8999 (Calls charged at local or mobile rate.)
– be modified in terms of its technology or properties.
– IE 01450 2655 (0.03 € per minute at peak. Off peak 0.0088 € per minute.)
– The dryer must not be used by children or persons who have not been instructed
When contacting the after-sales service, please quote the appliance's product number (E no.) and production
number (FD) (see the inside of the door).
in its use.
Set the programme selector to Off and remove the appliance plug from the socket.
– Do not leave children unsupervised near the dryer.
– Keep pets away from the dryer.
start indicator light
Mains plug plugged in?
– Remove all objects from pockets, and lighters in particular
does not come on.
Programme selected?
– Do not lean or sit on the door
Check the socket fuse.
– Open the door carefully. Hot steam may escape. The clothes and drum may be hot
The display panel light and
Energy-saving mode is activated
see the separate Energy-saving mode
risk of burns.
indicator lights (depending on
model) go out and the
– Secure loose leads or hoses, otherwise there is a risk of tripping.
indicator light flashes.
– Below 0 °C there is a possibility of frost damage.
symbol and
Empty the condensation container
Page 4.
– Connect the dryer according to specifications to an AC earthed socket, otherwise
indicator light are flashing.
Check the condensation outlet hose, if applicable (kink).
it cannot be guaranteed that the appliance is completely safe.
– The cable cross-section must be sufficient.
symbol and
Clean the air cooler
Page 6 "Cleaning and care".
indicator light are flashing.
Clean the fluff filter
Page 4.
– Only use earth-leakage circuit breakers with the following symbol:
symbol flashes.
Is the water tank empty?
– The appliance plug and socket must be compatible.
– Do not use multiple plugs/connectors and/or extension cables.
Filling with distilled water
Page 9.
The Steam Dry - Steam
The filter in the water tank may have become dirty.
– Do not touch or hold the appliance plug with wet hands
If so, clean the filter in the water tank
Page 4.
Refresh does not start.
– Never pull the appliance plug out of the socket by its cable.
– Do not damage the mains lead
Dryer does not start.
Has the
start button been pressed? Is the door closed?
Programme set?
– Only laundry must be loaded into the drum.
Ambient temperature greater than 5 °C?
Before switching on the dryer - check the contents.
– Do not use the dryer if the laundry has been in contact with solvents, oil, wax,
Water is leaking out.
Make sure the dryer is level.
Clean the air cooler seal.
grease or paint (e.g. hair setting spray, nail polish remover, stain remover, cleaning
solvent, etc.)
The door opens by itself.
Push the door closed until you hear it click into place.
– The tumble dryer is not to be used if industrial chemicals have been used for
Items crease even though the
Laundry load exceeded?
– Hazard caused by dust (e.g. coal dust, flour): do not use the dryer
Steam Dry - Steam Refresh
Remove articles of clothing immediately after the end of the programme, hang
of explosion.
programme has been
up and pull into shape.
– Do not turn off the dryer until the drying process ends, unless the laundry will be
Unsuitable programme selected
Page 7.
removed quickly and spread out, so that the heat can dissipate.
Laundry is not dried correctly
After the end of the programme, warm laundry feels damper than it actually is.
– Do not put laundry containing foamed material/rubber in the dryer
or is still too damp.
Spread the laundry out and allow the heat to disperse.
material may be destroyed and the dryer may be damaged due to possible
Finely adjust the dryness level – this extends the drying time but does not
deformation of the foamed material.
increase the temperature. Your laundry will become drier.
Select a programme with a longer drying time or increase the drying level. This
– Light things, such as long hair, may be sucked into the air inlet of the dryer
of injury.
does not increase the temperature.
Select a time programme for extended drying of laundry that is still damp.
– Final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without heat (cool down cycle), to ensure
If you have exceeded the maximum load for the programme, the laundry may
that the items are left at a temperature that ensures that the items will not be
not be dried correctly.
Clean the moisture sensor in the drum. A fine layer of limescale may adversely
– Switch off the dryer once the programme has ended.
affect the performance of the sensors and your washing will not dry properly.
– The exterior of the appliance's rear panel becomes very hot during
Drying has been interrupted as a result of a power cut, because the condensate
operation. Never touch the hot surface of the appliance's rear panel. Keep
container is full or because the maximum drying time has been exceeded.
children away from the appliance
Drying time too long.
Rinse the fluff filters under running water
Page 4.
– For unwrinkling/refreshing fabrics, use distilled water only. Do not use
Insufficient supply of air
ensure that air can circulate.
condensation, tap water or additives.
Air inlet possibly blocked
Clear inlet
Page 10.
– Distilled/condensation water is not for drinking.
Ambient temperature higher than 35 °C
ventilate the room.
– Do not use the dryer if it is defective or if you suspect that it is.
The humidity in the room
Make sure the room is sufficiently ventilated.
Repairs must only be carried out by the after-sales service.
increases significantly.
– Do not use a dryer with a faulty mains lead. To prevent risks, a faulty mains lead
One or more programme
Clean the filter and air cooler
Page 4/6.
must only be replaced by the after-sales service.
status indicator lamps are
Check the installation conditions
Page 10.
– Before changing the bulb of the interior light make absolutely sure you have pulled
Switch off, allow to cool, switch on again and restart the programme.
the appliance plug from the socket
The interior light (depending
Pull out the appliance plug, remove the cover cap in the interior above the door
Spare parts
– Only use genuine spare parts and accessories for safety reasons.
on the model) does not work.
(use Torx 20 screw driver) and replace the bulb. Close the cover cap.
– Dryer: unplug the appliance plug, then cut the mains lead from the appliance.
Never operate the dryer without a cover cap.
Dispose of the dryer at an approved public disposal facility.
Power failure.
Remove the laundry from the dryer immediately and spread out. This allows the
– Packaging: keep all packaging out of reach of babies and children
heat to dissipate. Be careful as the door, the drum and the laundry may be hot.
of suffocation.
– All materials are environmentally safe and recyclable.
Dispose of in an environmentally-responsible manner.
risk of explosion.
risk of tipping.
risk of electric shock.
risk of electric shock.
fire/explosion hazard.
Risk of burns!
en Tumble dryer
Operating and installation instructions
risk of electric shock.
Observe the safety instructions on page 13.
Caution - risk of scalding.
Read these instructions and the separate Energy-saving
mode instructions before operating the dryer.