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About The Selectors; Rounding Selector; Decimal Place Selector; 1/ General Guide - Casio D-20TER User Manual

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Table of Contents
1 / General Guide
k About the Selectors
Rounding Selector (D-20TER/DF-120TER/JF-120TER)
Specifies the rounding system.
Floating decimal point system, which displays the value without rounding.
CUT: Cuts off the decimal to the specified* number of places.
5/4: Rounds off the decimal to the specified* number of places.
* Use the Decimal Place Selector to specify the number of decimal places.
Decimal Place Selector (D-20TER/DF-120TER/JF-120TER)
Specifies the number of decimal places for rounding. Note that the Decimal Place Selector is
valid whenever the Rounding Selector is in any position other than F.
4, 3, 2, 1, 0: Number of decimal places for the CUT and 5/4 settings of the Rounding
: The ''Add Mode'' automatically adds a decimal point and two decimal places to all
values, even if you don't input a decimal point. This mode is very useful when
performing calculations in dollars or other monetary systems that require two decimal
places. Two decimal places are not added in this mode if you press the . key while
inputting a value, or for any operation other than addition and subtraction.
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Table of Contents