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Philips Cordless Telephone Dual Band User Manual

Philips dual band mobile phone user manual
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  Summary of Contents for Philips Cordless Telephone Dual Band

  • Page 1 User manual...
  • Page 2 SWITCH ON Press and hold Enter PIN: Enter your PIN code. MAKE A CALL Enter phone number. Call the number (e.g.: 112 for emergency see p. 9) ANSWER A CALL 12345678 Accept. END A CALL End. ADD A NAME Network Enter phone number.
  • Page 3 MENU FORWARDING MESSAGES Forwarding Always Status Messages Centre no. Archive Names Search View Calls Delete all View Extra Stopwatch Clock Settings Register Key tones Security Change PIN2 Change PIN NAMES CALLS If no reply If busy Send Usual msg. Own number Meters Alarm clock Calculator...
  • Page 4: Glossary

    DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency The tones are transmitted by the phone to the network. They are used to interrogate answering machines, transmit codes,... GSM Network Global System for Mobile communications. The type of phone network used by your phone. PIN Code Personnal Identification Number, this is the secret code of the SIM Card.
  • Page 5: Before You Start

    E F O R E Y O U S TA R T The micro-SIM card To use your phone, you must insert a valid micro-SIM card supplied by your GSM network operator.When you switch the phone on, it may ask for the PIN code.The PIN code is the secret code of the micro-SIM card.
  • Page 6: Insert The Micro-Sim Card

    Insert the micro-SIM card First, place the micro-SIM card into the appropriate slot in the battery compartment (the clipped corner should be at the top left). Then, slide the card with your finger until it stops. Insert the battery 1. Keep the battery + and - on the top facing the + and - of the phone.
  • Page 7: Discover Your Phone

    I S C O V E R "Compass" key use this key to navigate in the menus, the OK key is used to validate information Green "CALL" key press this key to dial the number or name on the display, or use it to answer a call "CLEAR"...
  • Page 8: Display

    New text message(s) - if on: you received new messages - if flashing: the memory is full, you need to delete old messages before you can receive new ones Battery level the bars indicate the battery level (4 bars is full, no bars means recharging is needed) Arrows...
  • Page 9: Entering Text

    N T E R I N G Each key allows you to obtain several characters.You have to quickly press the same key several times to reach the desired character. Example: While you enter text your phone changes between upper-case and lower-case automatically.
  • Page 10: Basic Functions

    Switch on/off... SWITCH ON Press and hold. Enter PIN: Sometimes entering the PIN code is not necessary (depends on your subscription and on your PIN request settings - see page 24). Enter your PIN code. The digits entered are replaced by big dots.
  • Page 11: Answer Or Reject A Call

    A S I C U N C T I O N S Answer or reject a call 123456789 The caller number is displayed only if your subscription supports caller line identification. If the number is in your Names list, the name will appear instead.
  • Page 12: Emergency Call

    Emergency call Enter 112 Calling Depending on your network operator, the emergency number 112 can be dialled without the micro-SIM card inserted. Change language Normally your phone automatically selects the right language for your country, but in case you want to change it: Press and hold.
  • Page 13: Special Functions

    P E C I A L Answer a second call (Call Waiting) This feature depends on the network. If a second person calls you, you will hear a beep. Check the display for a second call. Waiting Reject second call Accept second call Call 1 is put on...
  • Page 14: Touchtones (Dtmf)

    Touchtones (DTMF) During a call or in direct dialling, the numeric keys always transmit DTMF tones (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) also known as “touchtones”. These tones are used to operate services that you can reach with your phone, like a pager or an answering machine.
  • Page 15: Menus

    E N U S The Compass Key is your navigator while in the menus. Press to enter or exit the menus. Switches to option on the left. Here’s an example: What you see on the display Press this key Network Menu Names Names...
  • Page 16: Names

    Add a name With your phone, you can store the names and phone numbers of people you call frequently. Menu Names Names View Switch to “Add”. Names Accept. Name: Enter name (max 11 characters). For example: Jim Once Three Once times quickly E N U S...
  • Page 17: View Names In The Name List

    E N U S View names in the Names list Menu Names Accept. Names View Accept. Names Adam To scroll through the list. Use the keypad to quickly jump to a name..A M E S For example: Press to jump to names starting with “P”,“Q”,...
  • Page 18: Search For A Specific Name

    Search for a specific name Menu Names Accept. Names View Switch to “Search”. Accept. Example: Search for: Ur _ Enter first few letters of name Twice Three times quickly quickly Names Urszula Call name on display. E N U S Read your own phone number Menu...
  • Page 19: Messages

    E N U S Messages With your GSM phone you can receive text messages (SMS) and send messages to other GSM phones. To have the possibility of writing and sending messages, you need to enter a service center number first. If it is not present in the SIM card, ask your network operator for it.
  • Page 20: Read Archived Messages

    At the end of a message. Reply Delete Reply Forward Switch to the option you want. Accept. When you receive a text message that comprises a telephone number enclosed between double quotes (e.g.: “+33900112233”), then the number is automatically extracted and stored in your calls list so that you can call it back easily.
  • Page 21: Emotion Icons

    E S S A G E S Emotion Icons Save No Yes Decide to save or not. To see the icon the receiver needs a Philips Savvy ™ phone, otherwise the equivalent code will be displayed at the end of the receiver’s message. Emotion Icons...
  • Page 22: Phoneboock

    Send SMS from phonebook You can also send an SMS directly from your phonebook without having to enter the phone number. Network Names: Anders Names Sebastian Accept twice Sebastian Send msg. Text: Enter message (maximum 160 characters). See “Send short messages (SMS)”...
  • Page 23: Calls

    E N U S View calls... You can consult the last 20 calls in the Calls list. Switch to “Calls”. Menu Calls Accept Calls View The Icon indicates the type of call. Phone number you dialled. Phone number of answered call. Phone number of call you missed.
  • Page 24: Meters

    Meters Your phone has meters that allow you to see the total cost of your calls. It also allows you to set limits on cost and check your consumption. Calls View Switch to “Meters”. Calls Meters The cost counters and limits will only work if the network supports this feature.
  • Page 25: Settings

    E N U S Set-up meters From Meters switch to “Setup”. Meters Setup Enter PIN: Type your PIN code (or more often, your PIN2). Depending on the network. Currency Press and hold to clear your entry. For example BEF (Belgian francs).
  • Page 26: Choose Ringer

    Choose ringer When your phone rings, it plays a melody. You can change this melody. Settings Ringer Ringer Special Current melody For other melodies. Ringer Fortissimo Phone plays the melody. Accept. The «Key tones» and «Ringers» menu items are not visible when the volume is set to “Silent”...
  • Page 27: Manual Registration

    E N U S Accept. Reception Set off Set on Set off Select the desired option. Accept. DISTRICT The district menu allows you to select a topic from the topics list, which you would like be permanently dispayed. As a result, for this special handling of messages you must enter the topic in both the...
  • Page 28: Change Pin

    Consult your voice messages Lights up on the display if you have a new voice message. Availability of this feature depends on your network. Press and hold to call for your voicemail. Network Consult Voicemail 0123456789 To call. M E N U S / S E C U R I T Y . . Pin request Switch to “Security”...
  • Page 29: Fixed Names

    E N U S Fixed names Your network operator may have provided you with a SIM card which supports fixed names (FDN).You can restrict the use of your phone to the numbers stored in the fixed names list. VIEW FIXED NAMES From Security switch to “Fixed names”.
  • Page 30: Alarm Clock, (Set Off/Set On)

    Alarm The phone offers you some fun and practical functions. Switch to “Extra” ALARM Your phone has a 24 hour alarm clock. The alarm will ring even if the phone is switched off. When the alarm rings press any key to silence it.
  • Page 31: Calculator

    E N U S Calculator Your phone has a calculator to add (+), substract (-), multiply (*), and divide (/). Network Press and hold to calculator. from Extra switch to “Calculator”. Extra Calculator Calculate: PRESS Once Twice Three Four times times For example 3x6=18...
  • Page 32: Biorythm Calendar

    Biorythm calendar 10.5 Euro 66.75 FF Your phone has a game which allows you to find your potential, or this of your friends, for a given day. From Extra switch to “Bio calendar”. Extra Bio calendar Birth date: dd/mm/yyyy Type your birth date.
  • Page 33: Call Forwarding

    E N U S Call forwarding Depending on your network operator your phone will allow you to divert all your calls to voicemail or to another number.You will have to select the type of forwarding you want . Switch to “Forwarding”...
  • Page 34: Philips Authentic Accessories

    H I L I P S A U T H E N T I C A C C E S S O R I E S “When Performance Counts... Philips Authentic Accessories are Designed to Maximize the Performance of Your Philips Phone”.
  • Page 35 9911 240 34211 Reference 9911 240 34420 Reference 9911 241 30017 Reference PBCR 12/P 9911 240 37023 9911 241 39203 VPNR 12/P 9911 241 39204 Reference 9911 241 39205 Ask for Philips Authentic Accessories where you bought your Philips phone.
  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    PROBLEM The phone does not switch on. The display shows «BLOCKED» when you switch on. symbols are not displayed. The display doesn’t respond (or responds slowly) to key pushes. Your phone shows "insert SIM” on the display. When charging the battery, the battery icon shows no bars and the outline is flashing.
  • Page 37: Radio Waves

    A F E T Y R E C A U T I O N S RADIO WAVES • Your phone transmits/receives radio waves in the GSM frequency (900/1800 Hhz). • The GSM network controls transmission power (0.01 to 2 watts). •...
  • Page 38 Accessories - 31 Alarm - 27 Battery - 2, 31 Biorhythm calendar - 29 Calculator - 28 Calls - 20 Answer a call - 8 Answer a second call - 10 Call forwarding - 30 Emergency call - 9 End a call - 7 International call - 9 Last calls - 8 Make a call - 7...
  • Page 39: Table Of Contents

    PIN and PIN 2 codes 25 Fixed names Extra Alarm clock, (set off/set on) Set clock Calculator Euro converter Biorythm calendar Stopwatch Call forwarding Forward always to voice mail 30 Forward always to number Cancel all Philips Authentic Accessories Troubleshooting Safety Precautions Index...