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Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic Operating Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic

  • Page 1 SPOTMATIC...
  • Page 2 Major working parts of the HONEYWELL PENTAX SPOTMATIC A-Shutter speed index B-Shutter speed dial C-Rapid wind lever D-ASA film speed setting E-Shutter release F-Automatic reset exposure counter G-'Cocked'indicator H-D-ring I-Self-timer cocking lever J-Focusing ring K-X flash terminal L-FP flash terminal...
  • Page 3 Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic When the Pentax Spotmatic was in- graphs without the use of external troduced to the public at the 1960 . meters or the need for cumbersome, Photokina, the photographic world's time-consuming calculations! fair in Cologne, Germany, it attract-...
  • Page 4: Specifications

    Specifications Type Film Advance 35mm single-lens reflex with built-in light Ratchet-type rapid wind lever (for film ad- meter. vance and shutter cocking). 10° pre-advanc- ing and 160" advancing angle_ Film and Picture Size "Cocked" Indicator 35mm film (20 or 36 exposures). 24mm 36mm.
  • Page 5: Short Operating Course

    Short operating course A mercury battery for the light meter is packed separately. Please be sure to insert it into the battery housing before operating the camera. For battery insertion, refer to page 16_ TURN ON LIGHT METER SWITCH. SET FILM SPEED.
  • Page 6: How To Hold Your Camera

    With the Honeywell mark. film in the camera is opposite the • which does not release the shutter.
  • Page 7: Film Wind And Rewind

    The film rewind crank permits rewinding at a smooth, Microprism even rate. (Under some atmos- pheric conditions, erratic or too Honeywell Pentax cameras have a rapid rewinding will cause static Fresnel lens with a microprism cen- electricity marks on the film.) ter underneath the ground glass.
  • Page 8 Shutter Automatic diaphragnl speed may be set either before or Turn the shutter speed dial clock- after cocking the rapid wind lever. wise or counter-clockwise to the As you cock the shutter by turning shutter speed desired. The shutter When the preview lever is in "AU- the rapid wind lever, the "cocked"...
  • Page 9: Range Of Light Measurement

    Range of light measurement Depth.of.field table: Super. Takumar 50mm lens The exposure meter of the Spotma- any aperture that will bring the Scale l' 6" meter needle to the midpoint in the tic measures the brightness of the f Setting ground glass.
  • Page 10: Mercury Battery

    Flash synchronization Mercury battery The Honeywell Pentax has two sets of termi- nals-FP and X. The table below shows which flash contact, which shutter speed and which flash bulb may be combined for maximum lamp efficiency. Unless these combinations are rigidly followed, there will be a failure in flash syn- chronization.
  • Page 11: Important Notes

    Do not use the Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4 lens with any other When removing the Super-Takumar camera or any other Honeywell 50mm f/1.4 lens from the camera Pentax model except with models body, do not place it on its...
  • Page 12: Interchangeable Lenses

    Infra-red photography Interchangeable Lenses The Honeywell Pentax offers many Regardless of the lens selected for your Honeywell Pentax, there interchangeable lenses in a wide var- 50mm 55mm iety of focal lengths, all of which are never need for an accessory view-...
  • Page 13 POLICY 'P~ARRANTY Your new Honeywell Pentax camera is warranted for one year against defects in material or workmanship. This covers either the original purchaser or the gift recipient. Any defect in your Spotmatic will be repaired or replaced (at our option) and defective parts will be replaced without cost to you within the 12-month period, provided the camera has not been abused, altered or operated contrary to instructions.
  • Page 14 See page 16. Should you need additional informalion about your Honeywell Penta>jJJddress your questions to: Consumer Affairs at the address beltJU): Honeywell P. O. Box 22083...
  • Page 15 HoneY"'ell...