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Troubleshooting - KitchenAid KSMPRA User Manual

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To maintain properly (annually or after
50 uses) we recommend using a light
mineral oil to lubricate the gears.
Add a drop of mineral oil to each
of the 4 corners of the Pasta Roller
and Cutters.


If your Stand Mixer should malfunction or
fail to operate while using the Pasta Roller
and Cutter attachment, please check the
1. Is the Stand Mixer plugged in?
2. Is the fuse in the circuit to the Stand
Mixer in working order? If you have a
circuit breaker box, be sure the circuit
is closed.
W10818898B_ENv03.indd 11
3. Turn off the Stand Mixer for
10-15 seconds, then turn it back on.
If the Stand Mixer still does not start,
allow it to cool for 30 minutes before
turning it back on.
4. Did you use the correct speed for the
Pasta Roller and Cutters as suggested
in the "Roller Settings Chart?"
5. Did you attach the Pasta Roller or
Cutter attachment properly as shown
in the "Using the Pasta Roller and
Cutters" section?
6. Did you follow the usage instructions as
described in the "Using the Pasta Roller
and Cutters" section?
7. Is your dough prepared according to
the recipe?
If the problem is not due to one of the
above items, see the "Arranging for
Service" section in the "Warranty".
Do not return the Pasta Roller and Cutter
attachments or the Stand Mixer to the
retailer, as they do not provide service.
2/24/16 10:03 AM

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Table of Contents

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