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Electrolux EHED 63 CS User Manual page 7

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Until the appliance is next switched off, it can used as normal.
After overriding the child safety device, a heat setting or a function must be set within
approx. 10 seconds, otherwise the appliance automatically switches itself off.
Switching off the child safety device
Switch on the appliance. Do not set a heat set-
for 4 seconds
Switch appliance off.
The child safety device is switched off.
Switching the power function on and off
The power function
power available to the induction cooking
zones, e.g. to bring a large volume of water
Switch on
Switch off
If the power function has ended, the
cooking zones automatically switch
back to the heat setting set previously.
Power Management
The cooking zones of the cooking surface
have a maximum power.
The maximum power is reached when the
heat setting 9 has been set for all cooking
zones. Two cooking zones generate a pair
(see figure) and therefore, the power man-
Control panel
Control panel
to the boil. The power function is activated
for 5-8 minutes. After this time, the induction
makes additional
cooking zones automatically return to cook-
ing level
Control panel
agement shares the maximum available
power between these cooking zones.
When the power function is selected for one
cooking zone, the power management
makes the additional power for this cooking
zone available by reducing the power of the
corresponding other cooking zone.
Example: the heat setting 9 is selected on
one cooking zone. The power function is
switched on for the corresponding cooking
zone. The power function is carried out but
the heat setting 9 of one of the cooking zones
and the power function for the other cooking
zone of the pair exceed the maximum power
for both at the same time. For this purpose,
the power management reduces the power
of the cooking zone that switched on first
from 9 to example 5 and the display of this
cooking zone changes between 9 and 5 and
then stays at the current possible maximum
5. (If the display changes between 9 and 5 or
9 and 3 or another value depends on the type
of appliance and the size of the cooking
operating the appliance electrolux 7
Pilot light
Pilot light
lights up