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Electrolux EHED 63 CS User Manual page 15

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ware may be knocked off the rings when
doors and windows are opened.
Caution! Warning! Risk of injury
from electrical current.
The electrical mains terminal is live.
Make electrical mains terminal free of volt-
Follow connection schematic.
Observe electrical safety rules.
Ensure anti-shock protection by installing
The appliance must be connected to the
electrical supply by a qualified electrician.
Loose and inappropriate plug and socket
connections can make the terminal over-
Have the clamping connections correctly
installed by a qualified electrician.
Use strain relief clamp on cable.
A ventilation gap of 5 mm underneath the
cooktop must be left.
Caution! The surface temperature
exceeds 95°C. To avoid a hazard,
underbench access must be restric-
Electrical Connection
Before connecting, check that the nominal
voltage of the appliance, that is the voltage
stated on the rating plate, corresponds to the
available supply voltage. Also check the
power rating of the appliance and ensure that
the wire is suitably sized in accordance with
local wiring rules to suit the appliance power
rating. The rating plate is located on the lower
casing of the hob. The heating element volt-
age is AC230V~. The appliance also works
perfectly on networks with AC220V~ or
AC240V~. Means for disconnection must be
incorporated in the fixed wiring in accord-
ance with local wiring rules.The hob is to be
connected to the mains using a device that
allows the appliance to be disconnected
from the mains at all poles with a contact
installation instructions electrolux
opening width of at least 3 mm, eg. auto-
matic line protecting cut-out, earth leakage
trips or fuse. If this appliance's mains cable
is damaged, it must be replaced by a special
cable (type H05BB-F Tmax 90°C; or higher).
The latter is available from the Customer
Care Department. The connection must be
carried out as shown in the diagram. The
connecting links should be fitted according
to the connection diagram sticker on the
back of the appliance. Note for single phase
connection the link supplied in the terminal
box needs to be fitted between terminals 1
and 2. The earth lead is connected to termi-
. The earth lead must be longer than
leads carrying electric current. The cable
connections must be made in accord-
ance with regulations and the terminal
screws tightened securely. Finally, the
connecting cable is to be secured with the
mains cable cleat and the covering closed by
pressing firmly (lock into place). Before
switching on for the first time, any protective
foil or stickers must be removed from the
glass ceramic surface.
Warning! Once connected to the
mains supply check that all cooking
zones are ready for use by briefly
switching each on in turn at the
maximum setting.
A duplicate rating label is supplied
with this unit. For easy identification of
this unit after installation, stick it to a
readily available surface adjacent to
the cooktop.
Sticking on the seal
Clean the worktop around the cutout area.
Stick the single-sided adhesive sealing
tape provided on the underside of the hob
around the outside edge ensuring that it is
not stretched. The two ends of the tape
should join in the middle of one side. After
trimming the tape (allow it to overlap by 2-3
mm), press the two ends together.