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Tips On Cooking And Frying - Electrolux EHED 63 CS User Manual

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10 electrolux tips on cooking and frying
Heat setting

Tips on cooking and frying

Information about acrylamides
According to the latest scientific re-
search, intensive browning of food, es-
pecially in products containing starch,
Cookware for induction cooking zones
Cookware material
Steel, enamelled steel
Cast iron
Stainless steel
Cookware bottom of multilayer
Aluminium, copper, brass
Glass, ceramic, porcelain
* Cookware for induction cooking zones is
labelled as suitable by the manufacturer.
Suitability test
Cookware is suitable for induction cooking, if
... a little water on an induction cooking
zone set to the highest heat setting is heat-
ed within a short time.
... a magnet sticks to the bottom of the
Certain cookware can make noises
when being used on induction cooking
zones. These noises are not a fault in the
appliance and do not affect operation in
any way.
Bottom of the cookware
The bottom of the cookware should be as
thick and level as possible.
Pan size
Induction cooking zones adapt automatically
to the size of the bottom of the cookware up
to a certain point. However the magnetic part
Switches off after
6 hours
5 hours
4 hours
1.5 hours
may present a health risk due to acryla-
mide. Therefore we recommend cook-
ing at low temperatures and not brown-
ing foods too much.
of the bottom of the cookware must have a
minimum diameter depending on the size of
the cooking zone.
Diameter of cooking
Minimum diameter
zone [mm]
of dish base [mm]
The cookware must be placed centrally
on the cooking zone.
Tips on energy saving
Place cookware on the cooking zone
before it is switched on.
If possible, always place a lid on the
Examples of cooking applications
The information given in the following table is
for guidance only.