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Programmes And Buttons; Programmes - Siemens WT47W540BY Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Programmes and


P r o g r a m m e s a n d b u t t o n s
Programme and fabrics
Name of the programme
Which fabrics is the programme suitable for?
Cottons Î
Hard-wearing fabrics, heat-resistant fabrics made of cotton or linen.
Synthetics Ó
Synthetic or blended fabrics.
Mixed Fabric Ñ
Mixed load consisting of cotton and synthetic fabrics.
Lingerie <
For delicate, washable underwear, e.g. made of velvet, lace, Lycra,
silk or satin.
Woollen Finish Í
Fabrics made from wool or a wool blend that are suitable for tumble
Cold û
Time programme for all types of fabric except for wool and silk.
All types of fabric. For freshening up or airing items of laundry that
have not been worn frequently.
Warm û
All types of fabric; time programme.
Suitable for pre-dried or slightly damp laundry and for drying off
multi-layered, thick laundry.
Only dry wool, sports shoes and soft toys with the basket for
woollens ~ Page 16.
In the time programme, the laundry's residual moisture is not
automatically detected. If the laundry is still too damp after the
drying programme, repeat the programme and, if required,
extend the programme length.
Shirts/Business k
Non-iron shirts or blouses made of cotton, linen, synthetic fibres
or blended fabrics.

Programmes and buttons

Maximum load and programme
The maximum load is based on the
dry weight of the fabrics
Possible programme settings
9 kg
3.5 kg
3 kg
1 kg
3 kg
3 kg
You can adjust the programme
length using the button for
the "Ready in" time.
3 kg
You can adjust the programme
length using the button for
the "Ready in" time.
1.5 kg


Table of Contents

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