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Call Duration; Options During A Call - Samsung galaxy note 3 User Manual

4g lte.
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Future calls from this number will be rejected and sent
to your voicemail.

Call Duration

1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Press
 Call duration.
3. The following times are displayed for Voice and Data:
• Last call: shows the length of time for the last call.
• Dialed calls: shows the total length of time for all calls made.
• Received calls: shows the total length of time for all calls
• All calls: shows the total length of time for all calls made and
4. You may reset these times to zero by pressing

Options During a Call

Your phone provides a number of control functions that you
can use during a call.
Adjusting the Call Volume
During a call, to adjust the earpiece volume, use the Volume
keys on the left side of the phone.
Press the Up volume key to increase the volume level
and press the Down volume key to decrease the volume
From the Home screen, you can also adjust the ringer volume
using these same keys.
In-Call Options
During an active call there are several functions available by
tapping a corresponding on-screen button.
Hold: place the current active call on hold.
Add call: displays the dialer so you can call another person.
Keypad: displays the on-screen keypad, where you can enter
number using DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency).
End call: terminates the call.
Speaker: routes the phone's audio through either the speaker or
through the earpiece.
Tap Speaker to route the audio through the speaker. (You can
adjust the speaker volume using the volume keys.) A green line
will appear under the Speaker button.
Tap Speaker again to use the phone's earpiece (see "Using the
Speakerphone During an Active Call" on page 50). The
green line will disappear when Speaker is not activated.
Mute/Unmute turn the onboard microphone either on or off.
Call Functions


Table of Contents

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