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Canon PIXMA MP170 Quick Start Manual

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Quick Start Guide Table of Contents Introduction Copying Printing From A Memory Card Printing From Your Computer Scanning Printing Photographs Directly From A Digital Camera Maintenance Troubleshooting QT7-0047-V02...
  • Page 2: Preparing The Machine

    Preparing the machine Unpack the machine Please confirm bundled thing by the illustration printed on the flapped lid of the packing box. IMPORTANT • Do not connect the USB cable until after the software is installed. • A printer cable is not included. You must purchase a USB cable (less than 10 ft. / 3 m) to connect your machine to a computer.
  • Page 3: Install The Software

    Install the software Select Easy Install in order to install the application software, On-screen Manual and MP drivers. Select Custom Install in order to choose the options you would like to install. IMPORTANT • Temporarily disable any firewall software and close any open applications, including anti-virus software.
  • Page 4 Disclaimer Canon Inc. has reviewed this manual thoroughly in order that it will be an easy-to-use guide to your Canon MP170 Series. All statements, technical information and recommendations in this manual and in any guides or related documents are believed...
  • Page 5: How To Use The Documentation Provided

    How To Use The Documentation Provided Easy Setup Instructions (Printed documentation): Be sure to read this sheet first. This sheet includes instructions for setting up your machine and getting it ready for use. Follow all steps in this sheet before using your machine. Quick Start Guide (This guide): Read this guide when starting to use the machine.
  • Page 6 Displaying On-screen Manual Stored On The Setup CD-ROM You can install the on-screen manuals using the Setup CD-ROM by either of the following. • Select “Easy Install” to install the on-screen manuals along with the printer driver and applications. • Select “On-screen Manual” from “Custom Install” to install the on-screen manuals. If you have not installed or have deleted the on-screen manuals, use either method above to install them.
  • Page 7: Reading The Document

    Reading The Document Symbols Used In This Guide CAUTION Indicates a caution concerning operations that may lead to injury to persons or damage to property if not performed correctly. In order to use the machine safely, always pay attention to these cautions. IMPORTANT Indicates operational warnings and restrictions.
  • Page 8: Safety Precautions

    • Never use the machine if the power cord is bundled or knotted. • If you detect smoke, unusual smells or strange noises around the machine, immediately unplug the machine at the power supply and contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line.
  • Page 9 Maintenance • Use a damp cloth to clean the machine. Never use flammable solvents such as alcohol, benzene or thinners. If flammable solvents come in contact with electrical components inside the machine, it could cause a fire or electrical shock. •...
  • Page 10 CAUTION You may cause injury or damage the machine if you ignore any of these safety precautions. Location • Place the machine on a flat, stable, vibration-free surface that is strong enough to support its weight. • Do not install the machine in a location that is very humid or dusty, in direct sunlight, outdoors, or close to a heating source.
  • Page 11: Legal Limitations On Use Of Your Product And Use Of Images

    Handling • Close the Document Cover gently to avoid catching your hand. Failing to do so may result in personal injury. • Do not press down hard on the Document Cover when using the Platen Glass to scan thick books. This may damage the Platen Glass and Document Cover, and/or result in personal injury.
  • Page 12: Introduction

    1 Introduction Features Of Your Machine Thank you for purchasing the Canon MP170. Your machine incorporates the following functions in one simple-to-operate device: Desktop photo printer Prints photo-quality images from a digital camera or a memory card, without using a computer.
  • Page 13: Machine Parts And Their Functions

    Printouts are output to this tray. Open the tray before you start copying or printing. When not being used, keep it closed in the machine. (7) Direct Print Port Used to connect a PictBridge-compliant or Canon Bubble Jet Direct-compatible device to the machine when printing images directly from the camera. (8) Platen Glass Used to load a document to be processed.
  • Page 14 Rear view and interior (11) (12) (10) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (10) FINE Cartridge Holder Install the FINE Cartridges here. (11) FINE Cartridges (Ink Cartridges) Replaceable cartridges that comprise an integrated Print Head and ink tank. (12) Scanning Unit Used to scan a document.
  • Page 15: Operation Panel

    Operation Panel (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (1) [Photo Index Sheet] Button Switches the machine to Photo Index Sheet mode. (2) [COPY] Button Switches the machine to copy mode. (3) [SCAN] Button Switches the machine to scan mode. In scan mode, the machine scans a document to your computer according to the settings selected.
  • Page 16 (10) Alarm Lamp Lights if an error occurs, or when the paper or ink runs out. (11) [Menu] Button Accesses the settings to customize operation of your machine. (12) [ (–)] and [(+) ] Buttons Scroll through menu selections, and increase or decrease the number of copies or the image file number. (13) [OK] Button Selects or confirms settings.
  • Page 17: Copying

    • Glossy Photo Paper* • Matte Photo Paper* • Photo Paper Pro* • Photo Paper Plus Glossy* • Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss* * Indicates Canon specialty media. For details on the general paper guidelines, see the User’s Guide. Chapter 2 Copying...
  • Page 18: Setting The Paper Size And Type

    Setting The Paper Size And Type For copying or photo printing, on the Operation Panel, you need to set the size and type of paper loaded in the Auto Sheet Feeder. (See page 17) Press [COPY]. Press [Menu] repeatedly until <PAGE SIZE> appears. Use [ ] or [ ] to select the paper size, and then press [OK].
  • Page 19: Adjusting Image Quality

    Adjusting Image Quality Press [Menu] repeatedly until <IMAGE QUALITY> appears. Use [ ] or [ ] to select the image quality, and then press [OK]. Adjusting Intensity Press [Menu] repeatedly until <INTENSITY> appears. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <MANUAL ADJUST> or <AUTO ADJUST (A)>, and then press [OK].
  • Page 20: Printing From A Memory Card

    3 Printing From A Memory Card There are several ways you can print photos directly from a memory card, without using a computer. Make sure the machine is turned ON. Load paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder. (See page 17) Insert a memory card.
  • Page 21: Inserting A Memory Card

    Inserting/Removing A Memory Card Inserting A Memory Card Make sure the machine is turned ON. Insert the memory card or the card adapter containing the memory card into the appropriate Card Slot. Type of card How to install • CompactFlash (CF) Card •...
  • Page 22: Printing By Using The Photo Index Sheet

    Printing By Using The Photo Index Sheet With this machine, you can easily print photographs using a Photo Index Sheet, by filling in the appropriate circles to select print options and photographs you want to print. Simply scanning a Photo Index Sheet prints the selected photographs according to the selections you have made.
  • Page 23: Printing All Images

    Press [OK]. The machine prints the Photo Index Sheet. Fill in the appropriate circles ( ) with a dark pencil to select the photographs to be printed and the print settings. Load the paper selected on the Photo Index Sheet into the Auto Sheet Feeder.
  • Page 24 Printing According To The Selected Photo Print Mode Insert the memory card into the Card Slot. (See page 21) Press [MEMORY CARD], and then press [Menu]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <SELECT RANGE>, and then press [OK]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <PHOTO NO.>...
  • Page 25: Printing From Your Computer

    Printing From Your Computer Printing Documents The print procedure varies slightly depending on the application software. The basic print procedure is explained here. Load paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder. (See page 17) Create a document or open a file to print. Select [Print] from the application software's [File] menu.
  • Page 26: Scanning

    Scanning Scanning Methods Scanning using the MP Navigator Using the MP Navigator, you can scan, process and save documents to your computer. For details on using the MP Navigator, see the Scan Guide. On the Windows desktop, double-click [MP Navigator 2.0] icon to open the MP Navigator.
  • Page 27: Printing Photographs Directly From A Digital Camera

    6 Printing Photographs Directly From A Digital Camera Connecting To A PictBridge-Compliant Device Connecting a PictBridge-compliant device such as digital camera, camcorder or mobile phone to the machine allows you to print recorded images directly without using a computer. Turn ON the machine. Load paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder.
  • Page 28: Maintenance

    7 Maintenance Replacing A FINE Cartridge When replacing a FINE Cartridge, check the model number very carefully. The FINE Cartridge PG-50 Black (High Yield) and CL-51 Color (High Yield) are also compatible with this machine. Make sure the power is turned ON. Lift the Scanning Unit and pull the Scanning Unit Support down into place.
  • Page 29 Remove a new FINE Cartridge from its packaging. Then hold the FINE Cartridge as shown and remove the Protective Tape (A). CAUTION • Do not touch the gold terminals (B) or nozzles (C). • Do not shake or drop the FINE Cartridge as the ink may leak and stain your clothes or hands.
  • Page 30 If you need to replace another FINE Cartridge, repeat steps 3 to 6. Lift the Scanning Unit and put the Scanning Unit Support and the Scanning Unit back to its original position. Cleaning The FINE Cartridge If the printed nozzle check pattern is incomplete, omitted, or a specific color is not printed, clean the FINE Cartridge.
  • Page 31: Troubleshooting

    8 Troubleshooting Removing Jammed Paper If <PAPER JAMMED/CLEAR PAPER JAM AND PRESS [OK]> is displayed on the LCD, follow the procedure below to clear the paper jam. Clearing Jams In The Paper Output Tray Gently pull any jammed paper out of the Paper Output Tray.
  • Page 32 The following FINE Cartridges are compatible with this machine. The following FINE Cartridges (High Yield) are also compatible with this machine. For details on FINE Cartridge replacement, refer to “Replacing A FINE Cartridge” in this guide. QT7-0047-V02 © CANON INC. 2005 PRINTED IN VIETNAM...