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1. Progressive gas &
brake levers
2. Action buttons
3. D-Pad
4. Back button
5. Sensitivity button
6. Start button
7. Program button
8. LED
9. Vibration button
10. Vibration/
Force Effects switch
For use with
Xbox™ video game system instruction manual for safety, health and other information.
1. Progressive Gas- und
2. Aktionstasten
3. Richtungskreuz
4. Back-Taste
5. Sensitivity-Taste
6. Start-Taste
7. Program-Taste
8. LED
9. Vibration-Taste
10. Vibration/
Force Effects-Schalter
video game system. IMPORTANT! Before using this product, read the
1. Palancas progresivas
de gas y freno
2. Botones de acción
3. D-Pad
4. Botón Back
5. Botón Sensitivity
6. Botón Start
7. Botón Program
8. LED
9. Botón Vibration
10. Interruptor
Vibration/Force Effects
1. Alavancas de aceleração
e travagem progressivas
2. Botões de acção
3. Almofada digital
4. Botão Back
5. Botão Sensitivity
6. Botão Start
7. Botão Program
8. LED
9. Botão Vibration
10. Comutador Vibration/
Force Effects


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Thrustmaster 360 Modena Force GT

  • Page 1 THRUSTMASTER ® QUICK INSTALL TECHNICAL TECHNISCHE CARACTERÍSTICAS CARACTERÍSTICAS FEATURES MERKMALE TÉCNICAS TÉCNICAS 1. Progressive gas & 1. Progressive Gas- und 1. Palancas progresivas 1. Alavancas de aceleração brake levers Bremshebel de gas y freno e travagem progressivas 2. Action buttons 2.
  • Page 2 WHEEL SETUP AUFBAU CONFIGURAÇÃO DO VOLANTE MONTAJE DEL VOLANTE TECHNICAL TECHNISCHE CARACTERÍSTICAS CARACTERÍSTICAS FEATURES MERKMALE TÉCNICAS TÉCNICAS 11. Xbox™ connector 11. Xbox™-Anschluss 11. Conector Xbox™ 11. Conector Xbox™ 12. Clamp 12. Befestigungsvorrichtung 12. Anclaje 12. Grampo 13. Clamp screw 13. Befestigungsschraube 13.
  • Page 3 WHEEL SETUP Table clamp setup (A) 1. Place the wheel on a table or flat surface. 2. Place the clamp screw (13) into the clamp (12) and then screw the clamping unit into the hole on the underside of the wheel until firmly fixed into place.
  • Page 4 CONNECTING THE WHEEL 1. Connect the pedal connector cable (14) to the pedal receptor cable (15). 2. Connect the power adapter connector cable (19) to the power adaptor (18) and plug the adaptor into the power supply. 3. Switch off your console before connecting the wheel. 4.
  • Page 5 2 seconds. The default configuration is restored. © Guillemot Corporation 2002. All rights reserved. Thrustmaster® is a registered trademark of Guillemot Corporation S.A. Ferrari® and 360 Modena® are registered trademarks of Ferrari Idea S.A. Xbox™ and the Xbox™ logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and brand names are hereby acknowledged and are property of their respective owners.

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