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Fujitsu ASU12R2 Installation Manual

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(P/N 9314252136-02)
Please Read Before Starting
This air conditioning system meets strict safety and operating standards.
As the installer or service person, it is an important part of your job to
install or service the system so it operates safely and efficiently.
For safe installation and trouble-free operation, you must:
• Carefully read this instruction booklet before beginning.
• Follow each installation or repair step exactly as shown.
• Observe all local, state, and national electrical codes.
• Pay close attention to all danger, warning, and caution notices given in
this manual.
This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which
can result in severe personal injury or death.
This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which
can result in personal injury and the potential for product
or property damage.
• Hazel alerting symbols
Safety / alert
If Necessary, Get Help
These instructions are all you need for most installation sites and mainte-
nance conditions. If you require help for a special problem, contact our
sales/service outlet or your certified dealer for additional instructions.
In Case of Improper Installation
The manufacturer shall in no way be responsible for improper installation
or maintenance service, including failure to follow the instructions in this
When Wiring
• Do not supply power to the unit until all wiring and tubing are completed
or reconnected and checked.
• Highly dangerous electrical voltages are used in this system. Carefully
refer to the wiring diagram and these instructions when wiring. Improper
connections and inadequate grounding can cause accidental injury
or death.
• Ground the unit following local electrical codes.
• Connect all wiring tightly. Loose wiring may cause overheating at con-
nection points and a possible fire hazard.
When Transporting
Be careful when picking up and moving the indoor and outdoor units. Get
a partner to help, and bend your knees when lifting to reduce strain on
your back. Sharp edges or thin aluminum fins on the air conditioner can
cut your fingers.
When Installing...
...In a Ceiling or Wall
Make sure the ceiling/wall is strong enough to hold the unit's weight. It
may be necessary to construct a strong wood or metal frame to provide
added support.
...In a Room
Properly insulate any tubing run inside a room to prevent "sweating" that
can cause dripping and water damage to walls and floors.
...In Moist or Uneven Locations
Use a raised concrete pad or concrete blocks to provide a solid, level
foundation for the outdoor unit. This prevents water damage and abnor-
mal vibration.
...In an Area with High Winds
Securely anchor the outdoor unit down with bolts and a metal frame. Pro-
vide a suitable air baffle.
...In a Snowy Area (for Heat Pump-type Systems)
Install the outdoor unit on a raised platform that is higher than drifting
snow. Provide snow vents.
When Connecting Refrigerant Tubing
• Keep all tubing runs as short as possible.
• Use the flare method for connecting tubing.
• Apply refrigerant lubricant to the matching surfaces of the flare and
union tubes before connecting them, then tighten the nut with a torque
wrench for a leak-free connection.
• Check carefully for leaks before starting the test run.
Depending on the system type, liquid and gas lines may be either narrow
or wide. Therefore, to avoid confusion the refrigerant tubing for your par-
ticular model is specified as either "small" or "large" rather than as "liquid"
or "gas".
When Servicing
• Turn the power OFF at the main circuit breaker panel before opening
the unit to check or repair electrical parts and wiring.
• Keep your fingers and clothing away from any moving parts.
• Clean up the site after you finish, remembering to check that no metal
scraps or bits of wiring have been left inside the unit being serviced.
• After installation, explain correct operation to the customer, using the
operating manual.



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  Summary of Contents for Fujitsu ASU12R2

  • Page 1: Installation Manual

    SPLIT TYPE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLATION MANUAL (P/N 9314252136-02) ENGLISH MODEL: ASU12R2/AOU12R2 ASU9R2/AOU9R2 IMPORTANT! • Connect all wiring tightly. Loose wiring may cause overheating at con- nection points and a possible fire hazard. Please Read Before Starting When Transporting This air conditioning system meets strict safety and operating standards.
  • Page 2: Special Tools For R410A

    This air conditioner uses new refrigerant HFC (R410A). 5 cm or over The basic installation work procedures are the same as conventional refrigerant (R22) models. However, pay careful attention to the following points: (1) Since the working pressure is 1.6 times higher than that of conventional refrigerant(R22) models, some of the piping and installation and service tools are special.(See the table below.) Especially, when replacing a conventional refrigerant(R22) model with a new refrigerant R410A model, always replace the conventional piping and flare nuts with the R410A piping and flare nuts.
  • Page 3: Electrical Requirement

    STANDARD ACCESSORIES GENERAL This INSTALLATION MANUAL briefly outlines where The following installation accessories are supplied. Use them as re- and how to install the air conditioning system. Please quired. read over the entire set of instructions for the indoor INDOOR UNIT ACCESSORIES and outdoor units and make sure all accessory parts Name and Shape Q’ty...
  • Page 4: Selecting The Mounting Position

    INSTALLATION DIAGRAM OF SELECTING THE MOUNTING POSITION INDOOR AND OUTDOOR UNITS Decide the mounting position with the customer as follows: Fig. 7 1. INDOOR UNIT [INDOOR UNIT] (1) Install the indoor unit level on a strong wall which is not subject Wall hook bracket to vibration.
  • Page 5: Indoor Unit

    INDOOR UNIT CUTTING THE HOLE IN THE WALL FOR THE CONNECTING PIPING Fig. 1 (1) Cut a 3-2/16’’(80 mm) diameter hole in the wall at the position shown Center mark 3-2/16’’(80 mm) in (Fig.1). dia. hole (2) When cutting the wall hole at the inside of the installation frame, cut the hole within the range of the left and right center Lower marks 3/8’’(10 mm) below the installation frame.
  • Page 6: Bending Pipes

    Indoor unit Fig. 4 drain hose Drain cap Connection pipe (1/4” (6.35 mm) dia.) Insert the drain cap and drain hose until it butts against the drain port. Align the marks. For left piping and left rear piping, align the marks on the wall Bend 2-3/4’’(R70) hook bracket and shape the connection pipe.
  • Page 7: Outdoor Unit Installation

    OUTDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT INSTALLATION WARNING Set the unit on a strong stand, such as one made of concrete blocks to minimize shock and vibration. (1) Install the unit where it will not be tilted by more Do not set the unit directly on the ground because it will cause trou- than 5°.
  • Page 8: Electrical Wiring (Outdoor Unit)

    ELECTRICAL WIRING (OUTDOOR UNIT) 1. Remove the screws, then remove the control box cover. 2. Fasten the Inter unit wire harness and power supply to the conduit holder using the lock nut. 3. Connect inter-unit wire harness and power supply to the terminal. Refer to the wiring diagram 4.
  • Page 9: Electrical Wiring (Indoor Unit)

    ELECTRICAL WIRING (INDOOR UNIT) HOW TO THE INSTALL THE INTER-UNIT WIRE HARNESS Fig. 12 1. Remove the screws, then remove the conduit holder. 2. Fasten the inter-unit wire harness to the conduit holder using the lock nut. IMPORTANT: Refer to fig. 20 about the length of inter-unit wire harness. 3.
  • Page 10: Front Panel Removal And Installation

    FINISHING Fig. 15 Overlap the insulation (1) Insulate between pipes. For rear, right, and bottom piping, overlap the connection pipe heat insulation and indoor unit pipe heat insulation and bind Connection pipe them with vinyl tape so that there is no gap. Indoor unit pipe (heat insulation) (heat insulation)
  • Page 11: Test Running

    TEST RUNNING Perform test operation and check items 1 and 2 below. 1. INDOOR UNIT For the test operation method, refer to the operating manual. (1) Is operation of each button on the remote control unit normal? The outdoor unit, may not operate, depending on the room temperature. (2) Does each lamp light normally? In this case, press the test run button on the remote control unit while the (3) Do the air flow-direction louver operate normally?
  • Page 12 The method of adjusting inter-unit wire harness Fig. 20 To connect inter-unit wire harness to the terminal correctly, please 14AWG (1:1) refer to fig. 20 to adjust the length of the part of Inter-unit Wire har- ness ahead from conduit holder. EARTH WIRE CONDUIT PLATE CONDUIT CONNECTOR...
  • Page 13: Pump Down Operation

    PUMP DOWN OPERATION To avoid discharging refrigerant into the atmosphere at the time of relocation or disposal, recover refrigerant by doing the cooling operation according to the following procedure. (1) Do the air purging of the charge hose by connecting the charging hose of gauge manifold to the charging port of 3 way valve and opening the low-pressure valve slightly.

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