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Philips Bdl4330ql User Manual

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User Manual (English)



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  • Page 1 BDL4330QL V1.00 User Manual (English)
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    BDL4330QL Safety Instructions TO PREVENT DAMAGE WHICH MAY RESULT IN FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. Warnings and Precautions The Socket-outlet should be installed near the apparatus and be easily KNOW THESE SAFETY SYMBOLS accessible.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    BDL4330QL Important Safety Instructions contained in the operating instructions unless you are 1. Read these instructions. CAUTION: Excessive sound pressure from earphones and 2. Keep these instructions. headphones can cause hearing loss. Adjustment of the 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions.
  • Page 4: Regulatory Information

    BDL4330QL Regulatory Information Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Notice (U.S. Only) CE Declaration of Conformity We declare under our responsibility that the product is in conformity comply with the limits for a Class A digital with the following standards: device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These...
  • Page 5 BDL4330QL Information for U.K. only Polish Center for Testing and Certi cation Notice WARNING – THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED. Important: together (computer, display, printer, and so on) should have the same power supply source. The phasing conductor of the room’s electrical installation should have a reserve short-circuit protection device in the form of a fuse with a nominal value no larger than 16 amperes (A).
  • Page 6 BDL4330QL China RoHS RoHS (Pb) (Hg) (Cd) (VI)) (PBB) (PBDE) Dan hab yungh youq gij dienheiq diuzgen mbouj dwg diegndat haenx ancienz sawjyungh. CCFL panel 2000m 2000m Hai dou gaxgonq, wngdang sien duenh denvasen bae. SJ/T 11364 GB/T 26572 GB/T 26572...
  • Page 7 (For customers in Canada and U.S.A.) This product may contain lead and/or mercury. Dispose of in accordance to local-state and federal regulations.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    BDL4330QL Table Of Contents ..........16 ..........16 4.6. How to use Opera browser (HTML5) ....... 16 ............1 ............. 18 1.1. Unpacking ..................1 1.2. Package Contents ................1 5.1. Settings ....................18 5.1.1. Picture ................18 1.3. Installation Notes .................1 5.1.2. Sound ................19 1.4. Mounting on a Wall ..............2 5.1.3.
  • Page 9: Unpacking

    BDL4330QL Unpacking and Installation 1.1. Unpacking This product is packed in a carton, together with the standard accessories. Any other optional accessories will be packed separately. Due to the size and weight of this display it is recommended for two people to move it.
  • Page 10: Mounting On A Wall

    BDL4330QL 1.4. Mounting on a Wall To mount this display to a wall, you will have to obtain a standard wall-mounting kit (commercially available). We recommend using a mounting interface that complies with TUV-GS and/or UL1678 standard in North America.
  • Page 11: Using Of Remote Sensor And Power Indicator

    BDL4330QL 1.5. Using of Remote sensor and power indicator 1. Pull left the lens to have better remote control performance and easy to observe the light information of power status 2. Push right the lens before mounting the display for video wall application 3.
  • Page 12: Parts And Functions

    BDL4330QL Parts and Functions 2.1. Control Panel MUTE INPUT MENU [ ] button [ ] button Use this button to turn the display on or put the display to standby. Move the highlight bar down to adjust the selected item while OSD menu is on.
  • Page 13: Input/Output Terminals

    BDL4330QL 2.2. Input/Output Terminals NOTES: MAIN POWER SWITCH This display’s remote control sensor will stop working if the jack Switch the main power on/off. [IR IN] is connected. AC IN To remotely control your A/V device via this display, refer to page 12 for IR Pass Through connection.
  • Page 14: Remote Control

    BDL4330QL 2.3. Remote Control [ ] POWER button Turn the display on or put the display to standby. 2.3.1. General functions [PLAY] buttons ] SOURCE button Choose input source. Press [ ] or [ ] button to choose from Network...
  • Page 15: Id Remote Control

    BDL4330QL 2.3.2. ID Remote Control Press [ID] button. The red LED blinks twice. 1. Press [ID SET] button for more than 1 second to enter the ID You can set the remote control ID when you want to use this remote Mode.
  • Page 16: Inserting The Batteries In The Remote Control

    BDL4330QL 2.3.3. Inserting the batteries in the remote control The remote control is powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries. To install or replace batteries: 1. Press and then slide the cover to open it. 2. Align the batteries according to the (+) and (–) indications inside the battery compartment.
  • Page 17: Using Component Video Input

    BDL4330QL Connecting External Equipment 3.1. Connecting External Equipment (DVD/VCR/VCD) 3.1.1. Using COMPONENT video input Audio Out COMPONENT Out (YPbPr) DVD / VCR / VCD [AUDIO IN] [COMPONENT IN] (YPbPr) AC IN PC Line IN HDMI IN DVI IN VGA IN COMPONENT IN 3.1.2.
  • Page 18: Using Hdmi Video Input

    BDL4330QL 3.1.3. Using HDMI video input DVD / VCR / VCD HDMI Out [HDMI IN] AC IN PC Line IN HDMI IN DVI IN VGA IN COMPONENT IN 3.2. Connecting a PC 3.2.1. Using VGA input VGA Out D-Sub 15 pin...
  • Page 19: Using Hdmi Input

    BDL4330QL 3.2.3. Using HDMI input HDMI Out AC IN [HDMI IN] PC Line IN HDMI IN DVI IN VGA IN COMPONENT IN 3.3. Connecting Audio Equipment 3.3.1. Connecting external equipment AC IN PC Line IN HDMI IN DVI IN VGA IN COMPONENT IN 3.3.2.
  • Page 20: Connecting Multiple Displays In A Daisy-Chain

    BDL4330QL 3.4. Connecting Multiple Displays in a Daisy-chain Configuration 3.4.1. Display control connection Connect the [RS232C OUT] connector of DISPLAY 1 to the [RS232C IN] connector of DISPLAY 2. DISPLAY 1 DISPLAY 2 [RS-232C] [RS-232C IN] [RS-232C OUT] [RS-232C IN] 3.5.
  • Page 21: Wire-Connecting To Network

    BDL4330QL 3.6. Wire-connecting to Network If you connect this display to a home network, you can play photos, music and videos from your computer. See (Page 14) for more detail. INTERNET ROUTER [RJ-45] [RJ-45] To setup the network: 1. Switch on the router and switch on its DHCP setting.
  • Page 22: Operation

    BDL4330QL Operation DISPLAY 1 DISPLAY 2 NOTE: The control button described in this section is mainly on the ROUTER [RJ-45] [RJ-45] [RJ-45] 4.1. Watch the Connected Video Source See page 11 NOTE: If the apparatus does not return to DLNA mode due to 1.
  • Page 23: How To Use Dlna-Dmr From Pc

    BDL4330QL 4.3.3. How to use DLNA-DMR from PC Play To 1. Press [ ] HOME button, choose Network and press [ displays connected to your network. Choose the display, and click button. Play les Picture Network settings 1. Press [ ] SOURCE button.
  • Page 24: Play Options

    BDL4330QL 4.5. Play options 4.5.3. Playing photo files Photo 1. Choose in the top bar. 4.5.1. Playing music files Music Photo 1. Choose in the top bar. ] button. 2. Choose a photo thumbnail, then press Start a slideshow Music 2.
  • Page 25 BDL4330QL Internet Web Address: http:// History Bookmark . , @ ‘ Done w x y z p q r s Hide ? ! - < 123 www Backspace 3. Move the cursor to “ ” icon and press [ ] button.
  • Page 26: Settings

    BDL4330QL Change your settings 5.1.1. Picture Using the remote control: Picture Picture style Sound Backlight Tiling Colour Network Sharpness Storage Noise reduction General settings MPEG artifact m e n u Picture enhancement Advanced Scan mode Format and edges Picture reset 1.
  • Page 27: Sound

    BDL4330QL Input resolution {Audio out offset}: Adjust the setting for audio output delay. Available if { } is switched on. display is unable to detect the VGA input resolution correctly. Sound reset Auto adjust Reset to default setting. Use this function to automatically optimize the display of VGA input image.
  • Page 28: Network

    BDL4330QL 5.1.4. Network H monitors = 5 displays V monitors = 5 displays Picture Network settings H monitors Sound Static IP Configuration Tiling Digital Media Rendere... Position Network Network name Storage Clear Internet memory General settings Frame comp. Network settings Choose to turn the frame compensation function on or off.
  • Page 29: Storage

    BDL4330QL 5.1.5. Storage 5.1.6. General settings Picture SmartCMS Picture Menu language Sound USB AutoPlay Sound Monitor Group Tiling USB copying Tiling Monitor ID Network USB cloning Network Auto search Storage Clear Internet memory Storage Clock General settings General settings Scheduling...
  • Page 30 BDL4330QL Before using import function of USB coping for URL, create a new text document and name it “url_schedulinglist.txt”. When entering a Schedule 1 Status USB playlist URL, the format must follow the format below: “Scheduling Number, Schedule 2 Source USB AutoPlay URL address.“...
  • Page 31 ] and 1 9 9 8 on the remote control Options Exit Press [ ] [ ] Before using USB AutoPlay, create a new folder and name it “philips”. Press [ ] [ ] buttons to switch Playlist and File Manager. Pixel shift Press [ ] button to set or clear the playlist.
  • Page 32 BDL4330QL Logo Choose {Off} and the display will not display the logo when you switch on. Advanced power management Choose {On}. Then, when no signal, the display will automatically turn off. Source noti cation When you press [ ] POWER button to turn on the display from standby mode or change the input signal, the information OSD is displayed on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Page 33 BDL4330QL Picture Format: Change the display area of the image. You can select a 1.7. Click on Tiling to switch to Tiling Page. With this function you can suitable format. Choose from: Auto zoom/Movies expand 16:9/Wide create a single large-screen matrix (video wall) that consists of up to...
  • Page 34: Input Mode

    BDL4330QL Frame comp. On Frame comp. Off Note: See scheduling on Page 21 for the detail descriptions about Scheduling setting. 1.10. Click Security to switch to Security Page. It provides you an easy way to change your username and password.
  • Page 35 BDL4330QL 1.13. Click on System information to switch to System information Page. Getting the display information. Such as Serial number, running time and Temperature via the RS232/Network. Local KB lock: Choose to enable or disable the keyboard (control buttons) function of the display RC lock: Choose to enable or disable the button function of the remote control.
  • Page 36: Usb Device Compatibility

    BDL4330QL USB device compatibility USB Video Subtitle Formats (for language subtitles, etc.) File Max.Frame Rate Max.Bit Rate Container Video codec Maximum resolution Audio codec Extensions (fps) (Mbps) MPEG-1 1920x1080 25p,30p,50i,60i MPEG-1(L1&L2), .mpg MPEG-2 1920x1080 25p,30p,50i,60i MPEG-1,2,2.5 L3, mpeg MPEG-4 ASP...
  • Page 37 BDL4330QL USB Multimedia Formats Max.Bit Rate Maximum File Extensions Container Video codec Audio codec resolution (kHz) (Mbps) .mp3 MPEG-1,2,2.5 L3 .wma .asf (V2 up to V9.2) .wma WMA Pro WMA,WMA Pro .wav(PC) LPCM LPCM .aif(mac) LPCM LPCM .aiff(mac) .aac .mp4 1024 AAC,HE-AAC(v1&v2)
  • Page 38 BDL4330QL Input Mode VGA Resolution: Active Resolution Standard Refresh Rate Pixel Rate Aspect Ratio Stand for Mode Resolution H Pixels V Lines 60 Hz 25.175 MHz 72 Hz 31.5 MHz Video Graphic Array 75 Hz 31.5 MHz WVGA 70 Hz 33.75 MHz...
  • Page 39: Pixels And Sub-Pixels

    However, pixel or sub-pixel defects on the PDP / TFT panels used in Plasma- & LCD- displays are sometimes unavoidable. No manufacturer can guarantee that all panels will be free from pixel defects, but philips guarantees that any Plasma- & LCD- displays with an unacceptable number of defects will be repaired during the warranty period in line with your local guarantee conditions.
  • Page 40: Dark Dot Defects

    BDL4330QL 8.4. Dark Dot Defects Black dot defects appear as pixels or sub-pixels that are always dark or “off ”. These are the examples of black dot defects: One dark dot Two adjacent dark dots = 1 pair of dark dots minimum distance between dark dots 8.5.
  • Page 41: Cleaning

    BDL4330QL Cleaning and Troubleshooting 9.1. Cleaning Caution When Using the Display Do not bring your hands, face or objects close to the ventilation holes of the display. The top of the display is usually very hot due to the high temperature of exhaust air being released through the ventilation holes.
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting

    BDL4330QL 9.2. Troubleshooting 1. The power cord is disconnected. 1. Plug in the power cord. 2. The main power switch on the back of the 2. Make sure the power switch is switched on. display is not switched on. 3. Connect a signal connection to the display.
  • Page 43: Technical Specifications

    BDL4330QL Technical Specifications Display: Item Speci cations Screen Size (Active Area) 940.9(H) x 529.25(V) Aspect Ratio 16:9 Number of pixels 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) Pixel pitch 0.49(H) x 0.49(V) Displayable colors 16.7M Brightness (typical) 350 cd/m Contrast ratio (typical)
  • Page 44 BDL4330QL Environmental Condition: Item Speci cations Temperature Operational 0 ~ 40°C Storage -20 ~ 60°C Humidity Operational 20 ~ 80% RH (No condensation) Storage 5 ~ 95% RH (No condensation) Altitude Operational 0 ~ 3,000 m Storage / Shipment 0 ~ 9,000 m...
  • Page 45 BDL4330QL...