GE AF-650 GP Quick Installation Manual
GE AF-650 GP Quick Installation Manual

GE AF-650 GP Quick Installation Manual

Opcmbtcp modbus tcp option enclosed drive panel
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GE Consumer & Industrial
Electrical Distribution
AF-650 GP
& AF-600 FP
OPCMBTCP Modbus TCP Option


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  • Page 1 GE Consumer & Industrial Electrical Distribution AF-650 GP & AF-600 FP OPCMBTCP Modbus TCP Option...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    How to Control the Frequency Converter Function Codes Supported by Modbus TCP Modbus TCP Message Framing Structure Function Code Data Field CRC Check Field Holding Register Addressing Examples Control Profile GE Drive Control Profile Status Word according to Drive Profile (STW) Reference Handling...
  • Page 3 Modbus TCP Bus Speed Reference Value 6 Parameters Parameter Group O-## Parameter Group EN-## Modbus TCP Parameter List Data Types Data Types Supported by AF-650 GP/AF-600 FP 7 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Step-by-step Troubleshooting Alarm Word and Warning Word Index...
  • Page 4: Safety

    In no event shall GE be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use, or the inability to use information contained in this manual, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. In particular, GE is not responsible for any costs including but not limited to those incurred as a result of lost profits or revenue, loss or damage of equipment, loss of computer programs, loss of data, the costs to substitute these, or any claims by third parties.
  • Page 5: Warning Against Unintended Start

    Modbus TCP 1.1.4 Warning against Unintended Start The motor can be brought to a stop by means of bus commands while the variable speed drive is connected to mains. If personal safety considerations make it necessary to ensure that no unintended start occurs, these stop functions are not sufficient. While parameters are being changed, the motor may start.
  • Page 6: Introduction

    2.1.2 Assumptions These operating instructions are under the conditions that the GE Modbus TCP option is used in conjunction with a GE AF-650 GP or AF-600 FP frequency converter, inclusive that the installed controller supports the interfaces described in this document and that all the requirements stipulated in the controller, as well as the frequency converter, are strictly observed along with all limitations herein.
  • Page 7: Modbus Conformance

    Modbus TCP 2.1.4 Modbus Conformance The Modbus option is tested to conform to the Modbus standards, and is certified, towards conformance test level version 3. 2.1.5 Abbreviations Abbreviation Definition Actual Packet Interval Control Card Common Industrial Protocol Control Word DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Electromagnetic Compatibility Input/Output...
  • Page 8: How To Install

    Modbus TCP 3 How to Install 3.1.1 The Modbus TCP Option OPCMBTCP Illustration 3.1: Overview of the option...
  • Page 9: How To Install Option In Frequency Converter

    Items required for installing a network option in the frequency converter: The network option Network option adaptor frame for the AF-650 GP/AF-600 FP. This frame is deeper than the standard frame, to allow space for the network option beneath Strain relief (only for unit size 12) Instructions: Remove Keypad panel from the AF-650 GP/AF-600 FP.
  • Page 10: Led Behaviour

    Modbus TCP 3.1.3 LED Behaviour The option has 3 bi-coloured LEDs according to ODVA specifications: LED Label Description Module Status Network Status Ethernet Port 1 Network Status Ethernet Port 2 The option LED’s operates according to ODVA specifications. State Description No power The device is un-powered Device operational...
  • Page 11: Topology

    Modbus TCP 3.1.4 Topology The OPCMBTCP features a build-in Ethernet-switch, thus having two Ethernet RJ-45 connectors. This enables the possibility for connecting several Modbus TCP options in a line topology as an alternative to the typical star-topology. The two ports are equal, in the sense that they are transparent for the option. If only one connector is used, either port can be used. Illustration 3.2: Star topology Illustration 3.3: Line topology For line topology please refer to section: “Recommended design rules”...
  • Page 12: Network

    Modbus TCP Please observe that mounting drives of different power-sizes in a line topology may result in unwanted power-off behaviour. Smaller drives discharge faster than bigger drives. This can result in loss of link in the line topology, which may lead to control word timeout. To avoid this, mount the drives with the longest discharge time first in the line topology.
  • Page 13: Recommended Design Rules

    Modbus TCP 3.1.6 Recommended Design Rules While designing Ethernet networks special attention and caution must be taken regarding active network components. While designing a network for line topology it is important to notice that a small delay is added with each every switch in the line. It is not recommended to connect more than 32 drives in a line at any API.
  • Page 14: Emc Precautions

    The following EMC precautions are recommended in order to achieve interference-free operation of the Ethernet network. Additional EMC information is available in the AF-650 GP/AF-600 FP series Design Guide. Relevant national and local regulations, for example regarding protective earth connection, must be observed.
  • Page 15 Modbus TCP...
  • Page 16: How To Configure

    Modbus TCP 4 How to Configure 4.1.1 IP Settings All IP-related parameters are located in parameter group EN-##: EN-00 IP Address Assignment EN-01 IP Address EN-02 Subnet Mask EN-03 Default Gateway EN-04 DHCP Server EN-05 Lease Expires EN-06 Name Servers EN-07 Domain Name EN-08...
  • Page 17: Ethernet Link Parameters

    Modbus TCP Par. EN-03, Default Gateway is optional and only used in routed networks. Par. EN-06, Name Servers Par. EN-07, Domain Name Par. EN-08, Host Name Are used with Domain Name Server systems and are all optional. If DHCP or BOOTP is selected as IP address assignment, these parameters are read only. It is only possible to assign valid class A, B and C IP address to the option.
  • Page 18: Configuring The Scanner

    4.1.3 Configuring the Scanner For configuring the scanner to communicate to the drive, no system (e.g. EDS, GSD file) file is needed. The AF-600 FP/AF-650 GP is handled as a generic device an as such, it has to be configured directly in the scanner. The following example setup the scanner to IP addresses and the AF-650 GP to address
  • Page 19 The step assigns the protocol to the scanner, which is done by selecting the scanner and selecting the “Function” menu and enables the Ethernet by selecting “ETH TCP IP” This brings up the Net Link menu, where “GE” has to be selected. At this time the “GE” Protocol is assign to the Scanner and the last step is to configure the...
  • Page 20 Setting Function Function ETH TCP IP Net Link Net Link At this time the “GE” Protocol is assign to the Scanner and the last step is to configure the scanner to read and write holding registers of the AF-650 GP.
  • Page 21 Description This configuration copies the information stored from %MW200 to %M209 in the PLC to the Holding register 50010 to 500019 of the AF-650 GP. It reads the holding registers 50000 to 50009 of the AF-650 GP to the PLC’s memory %MW100 to %M109...
  • Page 22: Ip Traffic

    (blocked) state. If one network segment in the Spanning-Tree Protocol becomes unreachable, or if Spanning-Tree Protocol costs change, the spanning-tree algorithm reconfigures the spanning-tree topology and re-establishes the link by activating the standby path. Spanning-Tree Protocol operation is necessary if the AF-650 GP or AF-600 FP’s are running in a ring/redundant line topology.
  • Page 23 Modbus TCP...
  • Page 24: How To Control

    Modbus TCP 5 How to Control 5.1.1 How to Control the Frequency Converter This section describes codes which can be used in the function and data fields of a Modbus TCP message. For a complete description of all the message fields please refer to the section Modbus TCP Message Framing Structure.
  • Page 25: Holding Register Addressing

    Modbus TCP 5.2.4 Holding Register Addressing Holding registers Register Number Description 00001-00006 Reserved 00007 Last error code from an Drive data object interface 00008 Reserved 00009 Parameter index* 00100-00999 000 parameter group (parameters 001 through 099) 01000-01999 100 parameter group (parameters 100 through 199) 02000-02999 200 parameter group (parameters 200 through 299) 03000-03999...
  • Page 26 Modbus TCP 5.2.5 Parameter Handling The PNU (Parameter Number) is translated from the register address contained in the Modbus read or write message. The parameter number is translated to Modbus as (10 x parameter number) DECIMAL. 5.2.6 Storage of Data The Coil 65 decimal determines whether data written to the frequency converter are stored in EEPROM and RAM (coil 65 = 1) or only in RAM (coil 65 = 0).
  • Page 27: Examples

    Modbus TCP 5.2.11 Cross Reference List All parameters in the AF-650 GP and the AF-600 FP are named with one or Letter Number two letters, a "-" and a number e.g. F-07. To access parameters the following table has to be used because letters cannot be addressed.
  • Page 28: Control Profile

    An unrecoverable error occurred while the server (or slave) was attempting to perform the requested action. 5.3 Control Profile The frequency converter can be controlled according to the GE Drive protocol. Select the desired control profile in par. O-10 Control Word Profile. The choice of profile affects the control and status word only.
  • Page 29: Ge Drive Control Profile

    Modbus TCP 5.4 GE Drive Control Profile 5.4.1 GE Drive Control Profile In par. O-56 Preset Reference Select select a selection is made to define how → Bit 00/01 gates with the corresponding function on the digital inputs. Bit 02, DC brake: Bit 02 = ‘0’...
  • Page 30 Modbus TCP Bit 06, Ramp stop/start: Bit 11, Relay 01: Bit 06 = ‘0’ causes a stop, in which the motor speed is deceled to stop via the Bit 11 = ‘0’ Relay not activated. Bit 11 = ‘1’ Relay 01 activated, provided Control selected decel parameter.
  • Page 31: Status Word According To Drive Profile (Stw)

    Modbus TCP 5.4.2 Status Word according to Drive Profile (STW) Bit 07, No warning/Warning: Bit 07 = ‘0’ means that there are no warnings. Bit 07 = ‘1’ means that a warning → has occurred. Bit 08, Speed≠ reference/Speed = reference: Bit 08 = ‘0’...
  • Page 32: Reference Handling

    Modbus TCP 5.5 Reference Handling 5.5.1 Bus Speed Reference Value In Drive-Profile (par. O-10 = [0] Drive profile) the reference is scaled as a normalized relative value in percent. The value is transmitted in hexadecimal: 0% = 0hex 100% = 4000hex -100% = C000hex Depending of the setting of par.
  • Page 33 Modbus TCP...
  • Page 34: Parameters

    Modbus TCP 6 Parameters 6.1 Parameter Group O-## O-01 Control Site Option: Function: The setting in this parameter overrides the settings in par. O-50 Coasting Select to par. O-56 Preset Ref- erence Select. [0] * Digital and ctrl.word Control by using both digital input and control word. Digital only Control by using digital inputs only.
  • Page 35 Modbus TCP O-04 Control Word Timeout Function Select the time-out function. The time-out function activates when the control word fails to be updated within the time period specified in par. O-03 Control Word Timeout Time. Option: Function: [0] * Resumes control via serial bus (Network or standard) using the most recent control word. Freeze output Freezes output frequency until communication resumes.
  • Page 36 Select the interpretation of the control and status words corresponding to the installed network. Only the selections valid for the network installed in slot A will be visible in the Keypad display. For guidelines in selection of GE Drive profile [0] please refer to the Serial communication via RS 485 Interface section. Option:...
  • Page 37 Modbus TCP O-52 DC Brake Select Option: Function: Select control of the DC brake via the terminals (digital input) and/or via the network. Digit Input Activates command via a digital input. Activates command via the serial communication port or network option module. Logic AND Activates command via the network/serial communication port, AND additionally via one of the digital inputs.
  • Page 38: Parameter Group En

    Modbus TCP O-55 Set-up Select Option: Function: Select control of the drive set-up selection via the terminals (digital input) and/or via the network. Digit Input Activates the set-up selection via a digital input. Activates the set-up selection via the serial communication port or network option module. Logic AND Activates the set-up selection via the network/serial communication port, AND additionally via one of the digital inputs.
  • Page 39 Modbus TCP EN-04 DHCP Server Range: Function: [ –] Read only. Displays the IP address of the found DHCP or BOOTP server. A power-cycle is necessary after setting the IP parameters manually. EN-05 Lease Expires Range: Function: [dd:hh:mm:ss] Read only. Displays the lease-time left for the current DHCP-assigned IP address. EN-06 Name Servers Option: Function:...
  • Page 40 Modbus TCP EN-13 Link Speed Option: Function: Forces the link speed for each port in 10 or 100 Mbps. If par. EN-12 is set to: ON, this parameter is read only and displays the actual link speed. “None” is displayed if no link is present. [0] * None 10 Mbps...
  • Page 41: Modbus Tcp

    Modbus TCP 6.2.1 Modbus TCP EN-40 MODBUS TCP Status Range: Function: Read only. Displays the Modbus TCP- specific 16-bit Status word. Description Bit = [0] Bit =[1] Link Status port Disconnected Connected Link Status port Disconnected Connected Link speed 0/10 Mbps 100 Mbps Link Duplex Half...
  • Page 42 Modbus TCP EN-82 SMTP Service Option: Function: [0] * Disable Disables the SMTP (e-mail) service on the option. Enable Enables the SMTP (e-mail) service on the option. EN-89 Transparent Socket Channel Port Range: Function: [0 – 9999] Configures the TCP port-number for the transparent socket channel. This enables Drive-messages to be sent transparently on Ethernet via TCP.
  • Page 43 Modbus TCP EN-94 Broadcast Storm Protection Option: Function: The built-in switch is capable of protecting the switch system from receiving too many broadcast pack- ages, which can use up network resources. The value indicates a percentage of the total bandwidth that is allowed for broadcast messages.
  • Page 44 Modbus TCP EN-99 Media Counters Option: Function: Read only. Advanced Interface counters, from build-in switch, can be used for low-level trouble-shooting, The parameter shows a sum of port 1 + port 2. Alignment Errors FCS Errors Single Collisions Multiple Collisions SQE Test Errors Deferred Errors Late Collisions...
  • Page 45: Parameter List

    Modbus TCP 6.3 Parameter List...
  • Page 46 Modbus TCP...
  • Page 47: Data Types

    Modbus TCP 6.4 Data Types 6.4.1 Data Types Supported by AF-650 GP/AF-600 FP Conversion Index This number to the left refers to a conversion figure on the right to be used when writing or reading parameters. Conversion Index Conversion Factor...
  • Page 48: Troubleshooting

    Modbus TCP 7 Troubleshooting 7.1 Troubleshooting 7.1.1 Step-by-step Troubleshooting Check: LEDs The option contains two LEDs to indicate the state of the device and the network. During normal operation the MS and at least one NS LED will show a constant green light.
  • Page 49: Alarm Word And Warning Word

    Alarm word and warning word are shown in the display in Hex format. If there is more than one warning or alarm, a sum of all warnings or alarms will be shown. Warning word and alarm word are displayed in par. DR-90 to DR-95. For more information on the individual alarms and warnings, please refer to: AF-650 GP/ AF-600 FP Design Guide.
  • Page 50 Modbus TCP Bit (Hex) Warning word 2 (Par. DR-93) Bit (Hex) Extended status word (Par. DR-94) 00000001 Start Delayed 00000001 Ramping 00000002 Stop Delayed 00000002 Auto Tune Running 00000004 Clock Failure 00000004 Start CW/CCW 00000008 Firemode was active 00000008 Slow Down 00000010 Reserved 00000010...
  • Page 51 Modbus TCP Bit (Hex) Extended status word 2 (Par. DR-95) AF-600 FP only !! 00000001 00000002 Hand/Auto 00000004 PROFIbus OFF1 active 00000008 PROFIbus OFF2 active 00000010 PROFIbus OFF3 active 00000020 Relay 123 active 00000040 Start Prevented 00000080 Control ready 00000100 Drive ready 00000200 Quick Stop...
  • Page 52: Index

    Modbus TCP Index Abbreviations Alarm Word Assumptions Background Knowledge Cabling Cabling Coasting Select O-50 Configurable Control Word Ctw O-14 Configurable Status Word Stw O-13 Configuration 33, 35 Configuration 6, 39 Control Profile Control Site O-01 Control Word Profile O-10 Control Word Source O-02 Control Word Timeout Function O-04 Control Word Timeout Time O-03 Conversion Index...
  • Page 53 Modbus TCP Overview Parameter Values Parameters 4, 15, 16 Parameters Preset Reference Select O-56 Reference 28, 30 Reference 6, 28, 31, 49 Reset Control Word Timeout O-06 Reversing Select O-54 Safety Set-up Select O-55 Spanning Tree Spanning Tree Start Select O-53 Topology 10, 12, 21 Topology...
  • Page 54 GE company. AF-650 GP & AF-600 FP are trademarks of the General Electric Company. GE Consumer & Industrial...

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