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Pansonic car audio & dvd car navigation system data specification
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DVD / CD Changer Control
Conveniently operate all functions of a Panasonic
DVD/CD changer from the front panel with the easy-to-
install DVD/CD Changer Control. (No additional equip-
ment required)
DVD Changer
For easy access to a variety of media from DVD Video to CD and CD-R/RW, just load up the changer and
choose from a menu of movies and music. Our newest in-dash player/monitor models are DVD chang-
er-ready and provide easy touch-panel selection. Enjoy not only standard DVD Video and music CDs,
but also Video CDs and custom-burned CD-R/RW collections of MP3 tunes. It also features an Anti-
Shock Floating Mechanism that isolates the sensitive laser pickup from external vibrations to ensure
skip-free performance.

Wireless Headphones

No more cable tangles! A built-in infrared transmitter sends the audio signal to
wireless headphones. Combined with Panasonic's Private Mode, front and rear
passengers can enjoy different entertainment content.
Overhead Monitor /Player –
Thiner Stylish Profile
Installed in the ceiling and out of the way, our new mon-
itor/player with a flip-down 9-inch screen is almost a third
thinner. The built-in player is not only compatible with
DVD-Video, CD and CD-R/RW, but also plays MP3 music
tracks, MPEG4 compressed video and JPEG still image
content. A built-in infrared transmitter can send the audio
signal to wireless headphones, allowing enjoyment of dif-
ferent content in the front and back seats as well as avoid-
ing tangled cords. Other handy features include dual VTR
inputs for connection to a variety of RCA-compatible
video sources such as gaming consoles and camcorders.
Anti-Shock Memory
Data Stored
in Memory

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