Dvd Car Navigation - Panasonic Car Audio & DVD Car Navigation System Brochure & Specs

Pansonic car audio & dvd car navigation system data specification
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Digital Way to
Get There!
Just enjoy the drive. Panasonic's
"smart" navigation system makes
travelling to new destinations a
stress-free experience. And less
worry about the next turn
means more attention
Full Information Map
POI Search Menu (Petrol Station)
POI Search Menu (Hotels)
Address Search Menu
Marked Point Search Menu
on the road.
anasonic digital car navigation technology tells you
more than where you are, where your destination is, and
how to get there. It provides optimum routing for the
dynamic road environment as well as access to a database of
petrol stations, restaurants and other points of interest
along the way.
DVD-ROM Navigation – A Continent on a Disc
The giant capacity of a single DVD-ROM can hold about seven CDs of data – enough to store all the nav-
igation maps and data necessary to travel virtually anywhere in Europe. Just set a destination in any of
17 countries and you are ready to go. Regions include Austria, Benelux, Czech, Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United
Kingdom. Just load the disc in our versatile DVD-ROM navigation system and you have maps for almost
all of Europe as well as voice and menu data in 8 languages. Compatibility with readily available discs in
the SDAL ( Shared Database Access Library ) format lets you keep your navigation system up to date with
the constantly changing road environment.

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