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Pansonic car audio & dvd car navigation system data specification
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Dolby Digital & dts –
State-of-the-art Cinema on Wheels
The realism of Dolby Digital and dts multiplies the visual impact of every scene. Supporting up to 5 dis-
crete channels and an optional sixth channel for low-frequency effects, Dolby Digital 5.1 is the surround
sound standard for home theatres. The alternative dts format with its higher data rates is also supported.
SRS CS Automotive – Get 5.1 from 4ch Systems
This powerful technology multiplies the performance of your existing components with sound
image elevation, an enlarged sweet spot, and other amazing performance enhancers. SRS CS
Automotive applies the magic of psychoacoustic principles to create the perception of rich bass
pumped out of a virtual centre speaker from systems with only 4 channels. You experience the dra-
matic surround sound of 5.1ch for the reasonable cost of a 4ch
system. Add our new single in-dash player/monitor to your sys-
tem, and you can enjoy not only DVD-Video, CD, WMA/MP3,
and FM/MW radio, but also upgraded audio performance.
GUI Touch Panel – See, Touch & Enjoy!
Everything is exactly where you would expect. The menus, icons and simple layout of the intuitive
graphical user interface make operation so easy to understand, you may never open the manual. No
fumbling for buttons nor time lost figuring out what to do. You grasp the menu in an instant and
lightly touch the screen. Your attention never strays from the road.

Other Features

In designing our latest player/monitors, Panasonic has considered every aspect. We built in an FM/MW
tuner complete with Radio DSP! We made sure there is power to spare by integrating a MOSFET 50W x
4 amp! Also they are ready to connect to both the Expansion Module and iPod
ed capability to control both our new DVD changer and AUX right on the touch panel, 4-digit ID code
security for your peace of mind, and the user-friendly rotary knob controller for
a complete and extensible solution.
"Dolby" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of
Dolby Laboratories.
"dts" and "dts Digital Surround" are trademarks of
Digital Theatre Systems, Inc.
DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
Built-in DSP with 20-bit precision A / D and D / A con-
! We have even includ-
verters –the same featured in Panasonic high-end
home audio systems, for advanced sonic environment
control and vivid sound.

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