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Section 2 -Helpful Hints; Section 3-Buttons & Indicators - Keurig K10 MINI Plus Owner's Manual

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SeCtIon 2
Helpful Hints
Plug Power Cord into an independent,
up to 30% more ground coffee than regular
Grounded outlet – If the electric circuit is
varieties) along with a brew size that's right for
overloaded with other appliances, your brewer
you. The less water you use, the more intense
the flavor in your cup. The more water you use,
may not function properly.
the less intense the flavor in your cup.
initial Cleansing Brew – Before you make your
Use the Water Level Guide located inside the Cold
first beverage, perform an initial cleansing
Water Reservoir to customize your brew size.
brew without inserting a K-Cup
6. Brewing iced Beverages – Your iced tea and
one Cup at a Time – Your new brewer makes
iced coffee taste best when fresh-brewed hot
one fresh beverage at a time. You will need to
over ice. Try it by placing a tall cup filled with
add fresh water each time you brew. Unlike
ice on the Drip Tray, choose your favorite
other Keurig
brewers, the K10 MINI Plus does
pack and follow the brewing
not store water in the reservoir.
instructions on page 8. Also, look for the
The Right Water Makes a Difference – For the
"Brew Over Ice" icon on K-Cup
best-tasting gourmet coffee, tea or hot cocoa,
crafted to brew over ice! IMPORTANT: Do not
Keurig recommends using bottled or filtered
brew into a cup made of glass. Doing so may
water. We do not recommend using distilled or
cause the glass to crack or break.
reverse osmosis water. Note that water quality
Remove K-Cup
can vary from place to place. If you notice an
undesirable taste in your beverage (such as
page 8 for brewing instructions.
chlorine or other mineral substance), we
Brewing into a Tall Mug – To brew into a tall
recommend trying bottled water or water from
mug, simply remove the Drip Tray Assembly
a filtration system. For best results, carefully
and place the tall mug on the Drip Tray Base.
follow manufacturer's instructions when using
Without the Drip Tray Assembly, however, you
any water filtration system.
do lose the benefit of the Drip Tray to contain
Customize Your Size, Flavor & Brew – With
any excess water.
over 200 K-Cup
pack varieties and multiple
The Drip Tray – Any liquid overflow (from your
fill levels, your brewer provides endless
cup or from the Cold Water Reservoir) will be
customization options – so that you can create
caught in the Drip Tray. Be sure to empty the
the size, flavor and strength of each beverage
Drip Tray when the red Drip Tray Overflow
that is perfect for you. For a strong, intense
Indicator pops up.
flavor, select an Extra Bold K-Cup
pack (with
Automatic Shut-off – As a safety feature, your
brewer will shut off automatically when it is
idle for longer than 90 seconds. Simply press
the Power Button to restart.
Clean Your Brewer Regularly – To keep
your brewer looking and performing at its
best, be sure to clean the external and
internal components on a regular basis.
See page 12 for more information.
De-Scaling – Depending on the mineral
content of the water in your area, calcium
deposits or scale may build up in your brewer.
Scale is non-toxic, but left unattended, it can
packs specially
hinder brewer performance. De-scaling your
brewer helps maintain the heating element
and other internal parts of the brewer that
come in contact with water. See page 14 for
more information.
Pack After Use – Please see
Storing – When storing your brewer,
empty the Drip Tray. Follow the instructions
on page 14 for emptying the Internal Hot
Water Tank. Store your brewer upright in
a safe, dry, frost-free environment. See
page 15 for more information.
SeCtIon 3
Buttons & Indicators
Power Button
(does not illuminate)            
Press to turn the brewer power on and off.
Add Water Indicator
Flashing Blue
— Fill the Cold Water Reservoir
with cold water until it reaches just under the rim
of the desired level – 6, 8, or 10 oz. of the Water
Level Guide. 
Handle Indicator     
Flashing Blue
— The blue light flashes when the
minimum water amount of 6 oz. has been poured
into the Cold Water Reservoir. After adding your
desired amount of water (10 oz. maximum),
lower the Cold Water Reservoir Lid. The light will
continue to flash until you lift the Handle.
Brew Button     
Flashing Blue — Indicates you are ready to brew.
Press the BREW Button.
Flashing Red — Indicates water is heating
(approximately 2 minutes).
Solid Red — Indicates brewing and dispensing of
beverage has begun.
Your Next Brew           
When the brewing process is complete, the Add Water
Indicator light will appear. At this point you can begin
making the next beverage, or you can power off.
Automatic Shut-Off
As a safety feature, your brewer will automatically
shut off at any stage when it is idle for longer than 90
seconds. Press the Power Button to restart. If it shut
off while the BREW Button was flashing blue, lift and
lower the Handle to reset.
Drip Tray Overfill Indicator           
A red float will appear when the Drip Tray is almost
full. Carefully slide Drip Tray out and empty contents
into the sink.