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Panasonic AC Robot 2006/2007 Brochure & Specs page 16

Panasonic ac robot product brochure
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Split Type Feature Explanations
Healthy Air Quality
AC Robot
(Auto Cleaning Robot)
Automatically removes dust from the
filter and exhausts it outside the unit to
keep the inside clean.
The vacuum nozzle slides over the filter
after each use
to vacuum the dust and
exhaust it outside automatically.
*The size of the area to be cleaned is determined based on
cumulative operating hours and fan speed.
Supersonic Air Purifying System
The Supersonic Air Purifying System
incorporated in the indoor unit
generates supersonic waves.The system
works in combination with the filter to
collects dust and dirt in the air for faster,
more efficient air purification.
SUPER alleru-buster filter
The SUPER alleru-buster filter
combines three effects in one
—anti-allergen, anti-virus, and
anti-bacteria protection — to keep room
air clean and healthful.
Anti-allergen protection
Inactivates more than
of all filter-captured allergens
Here, inactivate means to suppress normal activity. This
inactivation of mite allergens has been verified by the
University of Edinburgh in the UK.
Anti-virus protection
Inactivates more than
of all filter-captured viruses
Anti-bacteria/Anti-mould protection
Enzymatic action eliminates more than
of all filter-captured bacteria
Deodorising Filter
The photocatalytic filter absorbs odour
particles from cigarette smoke and pet
and household smells. The deodorization
effect is regenerated when the filter is
exposed to sunlight.
Ion Freshener
It is known that areas rich in negative
ions, like near waterfalls and forests,
generally make people feel refreshed.
With Panasonic split air conditioner, the
same refreshing feeling can be felt just
by pushing a single button.
One-Touch Air Filter
Odour-Removing Function
With this function, there's no unpleasant
odour when the unit starts up. That's
because the fan remains off momentarily,
while the source of the odour inside the
air conditioner is suppressed.
*The unit must be in cool or dry mode and the fan speed
must be set to automatic.
Removable, Washable Panel
The front panel is easy to keep clean. It
removes quickly with a simple one-step
operation and can be washed in water.
A clean front panel promotes smoother,
more efficient performance, which can
save energy.
Inverter Control
An inverter air conditioner provides
optimum power control, which is
impossible for conventional units.
The secret lies in the inverter circuit.
By changing the frequency of power
supply, this circuit alters the rotation
speed of the compressor, which is the
heart of the air conditioner. The result is
comfortable, economical air conditioning.
Quiet Mode
Simply press a button to reduce the indoor
unit operating sound by about 3 dB.
This function is especially convenient for
operation near a sleeping baby.
Press a
3dB Down
Powerful Mode
Pressing the Powerful button cools or
heats the room quickly. It provides fast
comfort, with full power and a strong
This is perfect
for use immediately
after coming home,
or when unexpected
guests arrive.
24-Hour ON & OFF Real Setting Timer
The start or stop operation time (hour
and minute) can be set at one time.
Or both of the times for start and stop
operation can be set.
LCD Wireless Remote Controller

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