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    Printing Your Attaching the First Page Paper Support Plugging Checking in the the Printer Printer Installing the Connecting the Printer Cartridges Installing the Printer Software...

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    Attaching the Paper Support Insert the paper support into the slots at the rear of the printer. Plugging in the Printer Make sure that the printer is turned off. It is off when the P power button protrudes slightly from the surface of the control panel. Check the label on the back of the printer to make sure the voltage required by the printer matches that of the electrical outlet you will be plugging it into.

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    Connecting the Printer Parallel interface for PCs To connect the printer to your PC, you need a shielded, twisted-pair parallel cable. Make sure both the printer and computer are turned off. Plug the cable connector securely into the printer's interface connector. Then squeeze the wire clips together until they lock in place on both sides.

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    Installing the Printer Software After connecting the printer to your computer, you need to install the software included on the “Printer Software for EPSON Stylus COLOR 860” CD-ROM shipped with your printer. Your printer software includes: Printer driver and Utilities The printer driver is the software that runs, or “drives,”...

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    Installing in Windows for USB interfaces (Windows 98 pre- installed PCs only) If you connected your printer using the USB interface, you need to install the EPSON USB Printer Device Driver and the printer software included in the printer software CD-ROM. Note: To connect your printer to the USB interface on your PC, you must purchase a USB cable.

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    Click Next to begin the device driver installation. Click here. After the installation is completed, the following dialog box appears. Click Finish. Click here. The printer software installation automatically starts and the following dialog box appears. Click Next. Click here. When the dialog box below appears, click Next and follow the instructions on the screen.

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    Make sure that the icon for the printer appears in the Printers folder. Click the printer icon, and select Properties from the File menu. Click the Details tab and make sure that EPUSBx: (EPSON Stylus COLOR 860) is displayed in the Print to the following port list box.

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    When background printing is on, you can use your Macintosh while it is preparing a document for printing. In order to use the EPSON Monitor3 utility to manage print jobs, background printing must be turned on.

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    Installing in Windows 3.1 Follow these steps to install the software in Windows 3.1. Make sure Windows 3.1 is running and the Program Manager window is open. Insert the printer software CD shipped with your printer in the CD- ROM drive. (If you use the floppy disk version, insert it in a disk drive.) Choose Run from the File menu.

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    Note: Do not open the ink cartridge packages until just before you install them, or the ink may dry up. Install the ink cartridges as follows: Lower the output tray; then open the printer cover. Turn on the printer by pressing the P power button. The print head moves to the left, which is the ink cartridge installation position.

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    Note: Do not remove the small sponges attached to the ink cartridge clamps. Open the ink cartridge packages. Next, remove only the yellow tape seals from each cartridge. Caution: You must remove the yellow tape seals from the cartridges before installing them;...

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    Press the B A cleaning button. The printer moves the print head and begins charging the ink delivery system. This process takes about one and a half minutes. While the ink is charging, the P power light flashes and the printer produces a variety of mechanical sounds.

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    Load the stack of paper with the printable side up and the right edge of the paper resting against the right side of the sheet feeder. Then slide the left edge guide against the left edge of the paper. printable side up Note: Always load paper into the sheet feeder short edge first.

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    3, below. (See your software manual for details on how to use your application.) For Windows Follow these steps to print the sample file. Make sure A4 or Letter size EPSON Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper is loaded in the printer.

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    Insert the printer driver CD-ROM. If the Installer dialog box appears, click Double-click the My Computer icon. Click the CD-ROM icon, select Open from the File menu, then open the sample.bmp file. To change the printer driver settings, open the File menu and select Print.

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    11. To print, click Close, OK, or Print. You may need to click a combination of these buttons. While printing, the EPSON Progress Meter will appear, showing the printing progress and the status of your printer. For Macintosh Follow these steps to print the sample file.

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