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LG WD(M)-1026(0~9)S Service Manual

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- 1026(0~9)S
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- 8026(0~9)N



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  Summary of Contents for LG WD(M)-1026(0~9)S

  • Page 1: Washing Machine

    website : e-mail : WASHING MACHINE SERVICE MANUAL CAUTION READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY TO DIAGNOSE TROUBLE CORRECTLY BEFORE OFFERING SERVICE. - 1026(0~9)S MODEL : WD - 8026(0~9)S - 1026(0~9)N - 8026(0~9)N -1026(0~9)T -8026(0~9)T WD-10260(5)F WD-80260F...
  • Page 2 2004 PRINTED IN KOREA P/No.:3828ER3027M...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. SPECIFICATION..........................3 2. FEATURES & TECHNICAL EXPLANATION ................4 3. PARTS IDENTIFICATION ......................6 4. INSTALLATION ..........................7 5. OPERATION ..........................10 6. WIRING DIAGRAM/PROGRAM CHART ..................12 7. TROUBLESHOOTING.........................13 7-1.BEFORE PERFORMING SERVICE ..................13 7-2.TEST MODE ........................13 7-3.HOW TO KNOW THE WATER LEVEL FREQUENCY............13 7-4.ERROR DISPLAY ........................14 8.
  • Page 4: Specification

    1. SPECIFICATION WD(M)-1026(0~9)T ITEM WD(M)-10260(5)F WD(M)-1026(0~9)S WD(M)-1026(0~9)N WD(M)-8026(0~9)T WD(M)-8026(0~9)S WD(M)-8026(0~9)N WD(M)-80260F POWER SUPPLY 220-240V~, 50Hz PRODUCT WEIGHT 52kg 57kg 64kg WASHING 190W ELECTRICITY SPIN (800rpm) 300W CONSUMPTION DRAIN MOTOR WASH HEATER 1900W 2000W WASH 50rpm REVOLUTION WD(M)-8026(0~9)S(N,T)/80260F 400/600/800rpm SPEED SPIN...
  • Page 5: Features & Technical Explanation

    2. FEATURES & TECHNICAL EXPLANATION 2-1.FEATURES Protection against creases With the alternate rotation of the drum, creasing in the laundry is minimized. More economical by Fuzzy Logic System FUZZY Logic System detects the amount of load and water temperature, and then determines the optimum water level and washing time to minimize energy and water consumption.
  • Page 6: Water Level Control

    2-2.DETERMINE WASHING TIME BY FUZZY LOGIC To get the best washing performance optimal time is determined by sensing of water temperature, selected washing temperature and laundry amount. water temperature washing time the best selected FUZZY washing washing rinse time temperature LOGIC performance spin rhythm, time...
  • Page 7: Parts Identification

    3. PARTS IDENTIFICATION Power plug If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agents Drawer or a similarly qualified person in (For detergent and order to avoid a hazard. fabric softener) Control panel Drum Door Drain pump filter...
  • Page 8: Installation

    4. INSTALLATION Before servicing ask the customer what the trouble is. Check the adjustment (power supply is 220-240V, remove the transit bolts..) Check the troubles referring to the troubleshooting. Decide service steps referring to disassembly instructions. Then, service and repair. After servicing, operate the appliance to see whether it works O K or NOT.
  • Page 9 HOW TO CONNECT INLET HOSE Check that the rubber washer is inside of the valve connector. Connect the inlet hose firmly to prevent leak. CONNECT DRAIN HOSE Make sure that the hose is not twisted. Avoid submerging the end of the hose. The drain hose should be placed under 100cm from the floor.
  • Page 10: Test Operation

    TEST OPERATION Preparation for Press the power button. Press the START/PAUSE washing. button. Connect the power plug to In case of cotton program. the outlet. Connect the inlet hose. Check the water heating. Check automatic reverse Check the water supply. turn.
  • Page 11: Operation

    5. OPERATION Intensive Intensive extended...
  • Page 12 WD(M)-10260(5)F WD(M)-80260F...
  • Page 13: Wiring Diagram/Program Chart

    / PROGRAM CHART 6. WIRING DIAGRAM 1:40 1:05 Hand Wash Drain ❋ Pre Wash : If the laundry is heavily soiled, “Pre Wash” course is effective. Pre Wash is available in Cotton and Synthetic Program. ❋ Rinse+ : If you wish to rinse more, the Rinse+ function will remove any trace of detergents. ❋...
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Low speed Spin Motor rpm (About 63~67) 3 times High speed Spin Motor rpm (About 79~85) : WD(M)-8026(0~9)S(N)(T)/80260F Motor rpm (About 95~106) : WD(M)-1026(0~9)S(N)(T)/10260(5)F 4 times Inlet valve for pre-wash operation Water level frequency (25~65) Inlet valve for main-wash operation...
  • Page 15: 7-4.Error Display

    7-4.ERROR DISPLAY. If you press the [Start/Pause] button when an error in displayed, any error except S/W ERROR will disappear • and the machine will change into pause status. In case of if the error is not resolved within 20 sec. In the case of other •...
  • Page 16: Error Diagnosis And Check List

    8. ERROR DIAGNOSIS AND CHECK LIST 8-1.DIAGNOSIS AND ANSWER FOR ABNORMAL OPERATION SYMPTOM GUIDE FOR SERVICE CALL NO POWER Is the power plug connected firmly to 220-240V~ outlet? Power failure? or Breaker opened? Is the outlet controlled by a switch. Visit to check Water inlet trouble displayed?
  • Page 17 SYMPTOM GUIDE FOR SERVICE CALL DOOR OPEN ERROR Did you press the Start/Pause button when Close the door the door is open? Refer to 7-3 ERROR DISPLAY Visit to check Check if the door switch is O.K Drain Trouble displayed? Clean up Is the debris filter clogged with foreign the filter.
  • Page 18 SYMPTOM GUIDE FOR SERVICE CALL Suds overflow from the Is low-sudsing detergent for the durm appliance. washing machine used? (In this condition, wash and spin do not operate LOW SUDSING normally) Is the proper amount of detergent used DETERGENT as recommended? Recommend to reduce the amount of detergent.
  • Page 19: Fault Diagnosis And Troubleshooting

    8-2.FAULT DIAGNOSIS AND TROUBLESHOOTING CAUTION 1. Be careful of electric shock or disconnecting the parts while troubleshooting. 2. First of all, check the connection of each part terminal with wiring diagram. 3. If you replace the PWB assembly (Main), put in the connectors correctly. NO POWER When measuring the voltage of the outlet, Check the fuse...
  • Page 20: No Water Supply

    NO WATER SUPPLY Is the water supply shut-off? Is the tap opened? Open the tap. Is the inlet valve filter clogged with impurity? Clean the filter. option (HOT) Is resistance of the inlet valve connector Replace the inlet valve. kΩ between the 2 to 8 Check the voltage between each terminals of inlet Valve is 220 - 240V~.
  • Page 21 SOFTENER DOES NOT FLOW IN Refer to option (HOT) Is water supplied? NO WATER SUPPLY Are receptacles correctly connected to the Check the wiring on the terminals of inlet valve? dispenser. Wiring diagram Put it in the correct Is softener put in the correct compartment of compartment.
  • Page 22: Heating Without Water

    HEATING WITHOUT WATER When pressing [Spin] and [Temp.] at the same time after draining, is the water level frequency 252 or more? Replace the sensor When pressing [Spin] [Temp.] buttons at the (pressure). same time while wash, is the water level frequency between 230 - 245V~? Checking voltage between two pins as press Replace the PWB...
  • Page 23 HEATING CONTINUOUSLY ABOVE THE SETTING WATER TEMPERATURE When disconnect the connector (1) on the PWB assembly (Main) is the resistance of the Natural connectors [ (White), (Blue White)] between 2.5kΩ to 180kΩ Replace the thermistor (105°C~0°C)? When checking thermistor on the tub, Push the thermistor is the thermistor loosened above 2mm from tightly to the rubber.
  • Page 24 SPIN TROUBLE Check on the spinning, is the frequency of the Check the sensor water level 248 or more. The frequency can be (Pressure) or hose (Sensor). checked by pressing the [Spin] and [Temp.] buttons at If the problem is on the the same time on the program.
  • Page 25: Disassembly Instructions

    9. DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Be sure to unplug the machine out of the outlet before disassembling and repairing the parts. CONTROL PANEL Unscrew 2 screws on the back of the top plate. PLATE ASSEMBLY (TOP) Pull the top plate backward and upward as shown. Disconnect the PWB Assembly connector from Main lead wire Assembly.
  • Page 26: Dispenser Assembly

    DISPENSER ASSEMBLY Disassemble the top plate assembly. Pull out the drawer to arrow direction. Unscrew 2 screws. DRAWER The hose clamps and the hose are disassembled. Option The ventilation bellows and the water inlet bellows are disassembled on the tub. DISPENSOR ASSEMBLY...
  • Page 27: Inlet Valve

    INLET VALVE Disconnect the wiring receptacle. Unscrew 2 screws from the back. When reconnecting the connector VALVE #1 (MAIN) White/Black-Black VALVE #2 (PRE) Black - Gray VALVE #3 (HOT) Blue/White - Black LOWER COVER Open the lower cover cap by using coin and pull out the lower cover in the arrow direction after a screw is unscrewed.
  • Page 28 GASKET ASSEMBLY Take apart the cabinet gasket clamp. Unscrew 2 screws from the cabinet cover. Open the lower cover cap and unscrew 1 screw inside. Take apart the lower cover. Disassemble the cantrol panel. (refer to the 24page) Unscrew all the screws on the upper and lower sides of the cabinet cover.
  • Page 29: Pulley/Motor/Damper

    PULLEY, MOTOR, DAMPER Remove the back cover. Take off the belt turning the pulley. Unscrew the bolt to pull out the pulley. (PULLEY) Unscrew 2 screws from the bracket. Push the motor in the arrow direction for disassembling. When reassembling the motor, make sure that motor mounting bushings are not taken off from the bracket.
  • Page 30: Pump

    PUMP Remove pump outlet hose. Pump Outlet Hose Remove tub pump bellows. Remove cap (Remaining Hose.) Disconnect the wiring. Unscrew 2 screws. Remove the pump. Tub Pump Bellows HEATER Loosen the M6 heater nut to pull out the heater. CAUTION When mounting the heater, be sure to insert the heater into the heater clip on the bottom of the tub.
  • Page 31: Switch Assembly/Door Lock

    SWITCH ASSEMBLY, DOOR LOCK Take apart the cabinet cover clamp and release the gasket. Unscrew 2 screws holding the door lock. Disconnect the door lock from the wiring connector. WHEN FOREIGN MATERIAL IS STUCK BETWEEN DRUM AND TUB Remove the heater. Remove the foreign material (wire, coin and others) by inserting a long bar through the hole.
  • Page 32: Exploded View

    10. EXPLODED VIEW 10-1.THE EXPLODED VIEW OF CABINET ASSEMBLY A110 A154 A153 A140 A152 A151 A101 A150 A141 A131 A100 A102 A104 A430 A103 A130 A485 A134 A440 A410 A133 A220 A300 A303 A310 A277 A273 A274 A275 A271 A276 A272 A270...
  • Page 33: The Exploded View Of Control Panel & Dispenser Assembly

    10-2 THE EXPLODED VIEW OF CONTROL PANEL & DISPENSER ASSEMBLY F170 F462 F324 F321 F160 F300 F432 F320 F466 F441 F225 F430 F220 F120 F310 F464 A450 F210...
  • Page 34: The Exploded View Of Drum & Tub Assembly

    10-3 THE EXPLODED VIEW OF DRUM & TUB ASSEMBLY K136 K136 K221 K220 K212 K135 K210 K411 K410 K121 K122 K125 K320 K110 K111 K141 K310 K140 K311 K105 K115 K410 K610 K510 K611 K131 K130 K530 F467 F461 K332 K340 K540 K333...