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Toshiba CAF-G3I Owner's Manual page 7

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Sleep mode indicator lamp
The product runs continuously
with low.
Air monitor lamp
This shows the level of dirt of
the air by illuminating lamps
in 3 scales.
Air volume select button
Each time you press the button,
air volume changes in the
following order.
Low → Medium → High → Back to Low
Automatic operation indicator lamp
Dirt sensor detects the dirt in the air and
the product operates automatically
depending on the dirtiness.
The product does not stop and keep
running with "low" even after the air
becomes clean, and keeps the air clean.
When the air is clean
When the air is not clean
Runs with up to the maximum
Runs with "LOW"
AIR VOLUME will turn on in accordance with the AIR MONITOR.
On/Off button
Each time you press the button, operation
changes in the following order.
Automatic → Sleep mode → Stop → Back to Automatic
air volume of "HIGH"

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