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4. Press
to return to the previous screen.

Swype Settings

To configure Swype settings:
1. From the main Settings page, tap My device tab
Language and input
2. Tap Settings on the left side of the screen to alter these
• Vibrate on keypress: activates a vibration sensation as you
enter text using the keypad.
• Sound on keypress: turns on sounds generated by the Swype
• Pop-up on keypress: displays the character above the key
when typing.
• Show complete trace: once enabled, sets wether or not to
display the complete Swype path.
• Auto-capitalization: automatically capitalizes the first letter of
a sentence.
• Auto-spacing: automatically inserts a space between words.
When you finish a word, just lift your finger or stylus and start
the next word.
(adjacent to the Swype
• Next word prediction: once enabled, predicts the next word in
your text string based on your current text entries.
• Show Voice key: once enabled, displays the Voice icon on
your Swype keyboard so you can use the Voice input option.
3. Tap My Words on the left side of the screen to access
the following options:
• Backup & Sync: allows you to backup your Swype dictionary
and sync your Swype dictionary across multiple devices.
• Living Language: when enabled, this feature automatically
updates your Swype dictionary with popular new words.
• Social integration: allows you to learn information from your
Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts to help you while using
• Edit my dictionary: allows you to edit your personal Swype
• Clear language data: deletes all of your personal language
data, including your words.
• Contribute usage data: when enabled, allows the Nuance
application to collect usage data for better word predictions.


Table of Contents

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