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Precautions And General Recommendations - Whirlpool ARC 8120 WH Instructions For Use Manual

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• Use the refrigerator compartment only for
storing fresh food and beverages and use the
freezer compartment only for storing frozen
food, freezing fresh food and making ice cubes.
• After installation, make sure that the appliance
is not standing on the power supply cable.
• Do not store glass containers with liquids in
the freezer since they may burst.
• Do not eat ice cubes or ice lollies immediately
after taking them out of the freezer since they
may cause cold burns.
• Before carrying out any maintenance or
cleaning, always unplug the appliance or
disconnect the power supply.
• Make sure that the appliance is not near a heat
• Do not store or use gasoline or other
flammable vapours and liquids in the vicinity of
this or any other appliance. The fumes can
create a fire hazard or explosion.
• To ensure proper ventilation leave a 1 cm
space on both sides and above the refrigerator.
• Ensure that the vent outlets on the appliance
casing or housing unit are unobstructed in
order to allow correct air circulation.
• All appliances equipped with an ice maker or
water dispenser must be connected to a
mains water supply that delivers potable
water only with water pressure between 1.7
and 8.1 bar (25 and 117 PSI). Ice makers and/
or water dispensers not directly connected to
a mains water supply must be filled with
potable water only.
• Install and level the appliance on a floor strong
enough to take its weight and in an area
suitable for its size and use.
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• Install the appliance in a dry and well-
ventilated place. The appliance is set for
operation at specific ambient temperature
ranges, according to the climatic class
indicated on the data plate: The appliance may
not work properly if it is left for a long period
at a temperature above or below the
indicated range.
Climatic class
Amb. T. (°C)
From 10 to 32
From 16 to 32
From 18 to 38
From 18 to 43
• Be careful not to damage the floors when you
move the appliance (e.g. parquet flooring).
• Do not use mechanical devices or any means
other than those recommended by the
manufacturer to speed up the defrosting process.
• Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.
• Do not use electrical appliances inside the freezer
compartments, unless such appliances are
specifically recommended by the manufacturer.
• This appliance is not designed for use by
young children or the infirm.
• To avoid the risk of children being trapped
and therefore suffocating, do not allow them
to play or hide inside the appliance.
• The power cable may only be replaced by an
authorized person.
• Do not use extension leads or adapters.
• It must be possible to disconnect the appliance
from the mains by unplugging it or by means of
a two-pole switch fitted upline of the socket.
• Ensure that the voltage indicated on the
appliance data plate corresponds to the
domestic supply voltage.
• Do not swallow the contents (non-toxic) of
the ice packs (if provided).
Amb. T. (°F)
From 50 to 90
From 61 to 90
From 64 to 100
From 64 to 110

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