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Using This Guide - Canon 80D Experience Manual

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Canon 80D Experience
controls, and capabilities. Be sure to take it slowly and patiently as you learn the
features and concepts that I will explain. With practice and experience you will soon be
shooting with confidence and can begin to take advantage of the camera's more
advanced functions. Even if you are an intermediate photographer, don't expect to just
pick up all the new information at once, in one or two readings of a single book. (In fact,
you wouldn't want to, as the never ending journey of learning and mastering
photography is a big part of what it's all about!) Try not to become frustrated if you don't
quite understand something or aren't always getting the results you desire. Instead
learn the controls, functions, settings, and concepts bit by bit, try them out in real life
shooting situations, and return to this guide, the manual, and other photography books
to address questions and problems you encounter. Continue to learn and to photograph
often and it should all begin to come together, sometimes slowly and sometimes in rapid
bursts of discovery and understanding.

1.2 Using This Guide

There are many different ways to use a dSLR camera and its controls to capture
images, and many diverse situations in which photographers work. I'm going to
concentrate on the techniques that I believe are the most practical, useful, and effective
for the majority of photographers using the 80D. The settings and techniques I discuss
can apply to various types of photography including general photography, action,
portrait, and travel photography. Once you have a firm grasp of the controls, settings,
and basic techniques you will have the tools and knowledge to address different issues,
specialized situations, and challenging scenes, and I encourage you to experiment and
continue to learn.
Since this guide is intended to help you get the most out of your 80D, it will not go into
extensive detail about the automatic features. The Canon 80D is a highly sophisticated
tool that deserves to be used to its full potential, and that involves taking control of the
camera and its functions, which means taking it off Auto+, off Program, and off
automatically selected auto-focus points when not required. While this may be more
challenging for some users at first, these are the techniques that are necessary to take
full advantage of the capabilities of any dSLR, including the 80D, and will lead you to
having more control and consistency over your image making. Hopefully this will
inevitably lead to better images!

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