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Canon 80D Experience Manual
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Summary of Contents for Canon 80D Experience

  • Page 2 Canon 80D Experience PREVIEW of: Canon 80D Experience The Still Photography Guide to Operation and Image Creation with the Canon EOS 80D Douglas J. Klostermann Full Stop. good writing for better photography...
  • Page 3 “Canon” is a trademark of Canon Inc. “Adobe,” “Photoshop,” and “Lightroom” are trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. The author and the contents of this book are not affiliated with or endorsed by Canon Inc.
  • Page 4 Canon 80D Experience Canon 80D Experience - PREVIEW The Still Photography Guide to Operation and Image Creation with the Canon EOS 80D by: Douglas J. Klostermann PDF Version 1.0 May 2016 Author’s website: Author’s blog: Published by Full Stop Media, LLC Full Stop.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    1. INTRODUCTION....................7 1.1 Take Control of Your Camera ................. 9 1.2 Using This Guide ....................11 1.3 What’s New for Previous Canon dSLR Users............16 1.4 Getting Started....................... 20 2. CAMERA CONTROLS ................... 22 2.1 EOS 80D Camera Controls ................... 22 2.2 Quick Control Screen and Touch Screen..............
  • Page 6 16. COMPOSITION................... 364 17. LENSES ...................... 374 17.1 Lens Notations....................374 17.2 Fixed Maximum Aperture vs. Variable Maximum Aperture Lenses....378 17.3 Which Lens to Buy Next ..................379 18. PHOTOGRAPHY ACCESSORIES ............. 388 18.1 Canon 80D Accessories ..................388...
  • Page 7 Canon 80D Experience 18.2 Digital SLR Photography Accessories .............. 389 18.3 Digital Photography Books ................394 19. CONCLUSION .................... 395 19.1 Future Updates to the Text................396...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Canon 80D Experience 1. INTRODUCTION The introduction of the Canon EOS 80D brings about several important updates to its highly competent predecessor, the EOS 70D. Many of the camera’s essential specifications have been improved, including the addition of Canon’s new 45 point Viewfinder autofocus system, a 24.2 megapixel sensor, an improved 7560-pixel...
  • Page 9 Figure 2 - Fallen Birch and Leaves - Whipple Hill, Lexington, Mass. - Canon 80D, Shutter speed 1/100, Aperture f/5.6, ISO 500.
  • Page 10: Take Control Of Your Camera

    ISO capabilities in low light, the Canon 80D enables photographers to consistently capture sharp, clean, and well-exposed images. Borrowing from the improved features of the Canon 7D Mark II, the 80D also boasts a big and bright Viewfinder with 100% coverage, a ruggedly built and weather-sealed body, and numerous customization options.
  • Page 11 Canon 80D Experience Figure 3 - Leaves, Whipple Hill, Lexington, Mass. - Autofocus, exposure metering mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance all considered in capturing this image. Shutter speed 1/800, Aperture f/3.5, ISO 200. One has to think about all this stuff for every photo? Well, yes, that is what digital SLR photography is all about! At least if you wish to consistently create the well made, interesting, and compelling images you envision.
  • Page 12: Using This Guide

    Since this guide is intended to help you get the most out of your 80D, it will not go into extensive detail about the automatic features. The Canon 80D is a highly sophisticated tool that deserves to be used to its full potential, and that involves taking control of the camera and its functions, which means taking it off Auto+, off Program, and off automatically selected auto-focus points when not required.
  • Page 13 Canon EOS 80D Instruction Manual and in the Wi-Fi manual will not be repeated here. Among the often brief descriptions and sometimes frustratingly incomplete or disjointed explanations in the Canon manuals, there is some very valuable information as well as the basics for buttons, controls, and how to access and change most all the settings.
  • Page 14 26-31 of the Canon EOS 80D Instruction Manual and explained in the following chapter of this book. Also, read through the Canon manual at some point and attempt to understand or absorb as much as possible. Yes, some of it may be complicated and...
  • Page 15: Shooting Menus

    Canon 80D Experience 3.2 Shooting Menus Shooting 1 menu Figure 32 - Shooting 1 menu. Image Quality You are putting a lot of effort into taking your images, and the 80D provides an exceptional sensor on which to record them. You should take advantage of this and...
  • Page 16 Canon 80D Experience Figure 33 - Left: The Image Quality menu, used to choose for images to be saved as RAW and/ or JPEG files. Right: Selecting Image Quality on the Live View Quick Control Screen. Image Review This is the length of time that the image you just took stays visible on the rear LCD Monitor.
  • Page 17 These menu options can be used to automatically correct images for image quality issues introduced by the optical characteristics of some lenses. The correction information for 30 Canon lenses is available, and you can use the included EOS Utility 3 software to enter the data of other lenses.
  • Page 18 You may wish to use this correction with your Canon lenses that exhibit distortion, but if you do not want the camera doing this without any of your control, you can disable this and correct distortion in post-processing.
  • Page 19 Canon 80D Experience Flash Firing: Enable so that the internal or external flash will function. If set for Disable, the flash will only act as the AF-Assist Beam. E-TTL II Metering: Set this for Evaluative. Flash Sync. Speed in Av Mode: This setting determines the flash sync shutter...
  • Page 20: Custom Function Menus

    Canon 80D Experience 4. CUSTOM FUNCTION MENUS 4.1 C.Fn I: Exposure Figure 122 - Custom Functions C.Fn I: Exposure. I-1: Exposure Level Increments This is to change the increments of shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation available for you to select, either 1/3-stop increments or 1/2-stop (see Figure 123 - left).
  • Page 21 Canon 80D Experience Figure 123 - Exposure Level Increments options (left), and ISO Speed Setting Increments (right). I-2: ISO Speed Setting Increments This sets the increments for ISO settings, either 1/3-stop or 1-stop (full stop), for when you manually set the ISO setting (see Figure 123 - right).
  • Page 22 Canon 80D Experience Figure 124 - Left: Exposure Bracketing Auto Cancel options to cancel Bracketing when the camera is turned off. Right: Bracketing Sequence options, to determine the order that Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) and White Balance Bracketing shots are taken.
  • Page 23 Canon 80D Experience Figure 125 - Left: Number of Bracketed Shots options, to determine how many exposures are automatically taken during auto Bracketing. Right: Safety Shift options, to determine which exposure settings the camera will automatically change, if necessary, in order to obtain the correct exposure.
  • Page 24 Canon 80D Experience you set and retain the aperture or shutter speed setting you desire. But because you may not want the camera to automatically select an excessively high ISO setting in these situations, you will be able to dictate the minimum and maximum ISO settings that the camera will use.
  • Page 25: Autofocusing

    AF Points. Figure 161 - Alpacas, Lexington, Mass. - Combine precise autofocusing with shallow depth of field to call attention to the desired subject - here, the near alpaca. Canon 80D, Shutter speed 1/1000, Aperture f/4.0, ISO 100, Exposure Compensation +2/3.
  • Page 26 Point of the 80D performs with additional sensitivity when using most Canon lenses with an f/2.8 or wider maximum aperture. Note that with certain older Canon lenses, many of the outer AF Points will not act as cross-type points. See pages 128-135 of the Canon manual for this list of lenses.
  • Page 27 Figure 162 - Recomposition Image 1 - Simulated view of Canon 80D Viewfinder. Figure 163 - Recomposition Image 2 - Simulated view of Canon 80D Viewfinder - In this example, the top image (Figure 162) shows the desired final framing, however I wish to focus on the “LaSalle”...
  • Page 28: Af Points And Composition

    Figure 164 - Autofocus related controls of the Canon EOS 80D. 6.2 Autofocus - AF Point Selection As I go over the Autofocus Modes in the next section, I will talk about manually selecting your desired AF Point.
  • Page 29 Canon 80D Experience subject. However, automatic AF Point selection is required in certain subject-tracking situations, as will be described below. To choose between manual and automatic AF Point selection, press the rear AF Point Selection Button or the top AF Area Selection Mode Button, then press the top AF Area Selection Mode Button a couple times.
  • Page 30 Viewfinder. This indicates that those AF Points are not acting as cross- type points. This will occur with Canon lenses designated as Group C through G in the Canon EOS 80D Instruction Manual on pages 128-135. And with lenses in Group E through H, not all 45 AF Points will be available for selection.
  • Page 31 Canon 80D Experience Figure 166 - Cambridge Carnival - Cambridge, Mass. - Simulated view of 80D Viewfinder, using a single, manually selected AF Point to focus on the subject’s eye (selected Focus Point emphasized here in red, shown at right over the subject’s eye).
  • Page 32 Canon 80D Experience it is actively moving and you wish to track its movement and remain continuously focused on it. Select the AF Mode by pressing the AF Operation Selection Button on the top of the camera (marked “AF”), and turning the top Main Dial or rear Quick Control Dial while reading the setting on the top LCD Panel.
  • Page 33: Still Subjects

    Canon 80D Experience the photo, the camera may not be finding enough contrast to focus on, you may be too close to your subject for the lens to focus, or the lighting may be too dim for the AF system to work properly.
  • Page 34 -Alan Best reference book for Canon - Well written and easy to understand. This book really helps one to be able to take advantage of all the features of my Canon. A must have. -N.D. Excellent ebook - This book is first-class, and this author knows his stuff about Canon cameras.
  • Page 35 Douglas Klostermann is a travel, culture, and humanitarian photographer as well as the author and publisher of the bestselling Full Stop e-book camera guides including Canon 7D Mark II Experience and Nikon D750 Experience. He has photographed for numerous organizations in the United States and Latin America, been recognized by the...