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Shooting Menus - Canon 80D Experience Manual

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Canon 80D Experience

3.2 Shooting Menus

Shooting 1 menu
Figure 32 - Shooting 1 menu.
Image Quality
You are putting a lot of effort into taking your images, and the 80D provides an
exceptional sensor on which to record them. You should take advantage of this and
make sure the files are of the best possible quality - unless you have a specific reason
to save smaller size files, such as creating them for immediate use on social media
sites. Though even then you can capture the full size image and use Resize to create a
smaller copy, in-camera.
Set either the highest quality RAW setting if you shoot RAW, or the highest quality and
largest JPEG setting (Fine/Large) if you shoot JPEG, or both combined if you need both
types of files (see Figure 33 - left). If you only wish to capture one file type, select the
dash icon for the other, to indicate that you don't wish to select the other file type. The
different file formats, including M RAW and S RAW, will be discussed in the Image File
Formats - JPEG vs. RAW section of the text in Chapter 5. When working in Live View,
the Image Quality can be set on the Live View Quick Control Screen. On that screen,
press the INFO Button to access the RAW Image Quality options (see Figure 33 - right).

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