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Take Control Of Your Camera - Canon 80D Experience Manual

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Canon 80D Experience
Multiple Exposures, HDR shooting, and chromatic aberration and distortion corrections.
Expanded Auto ISO capabilities make this feature much more versatile, including when
shooting in Manual (M) Mode for stills or video. And for capturing HD video, the 80D
offers higher ISO capabilities, a new HDR movie mode, and the ability to apply Creative
Filters such as Dramatic Black and White and Miniature Effect to videos.
With its high-resolution, high-quality image sensor, 45 point autofocus system, 7 frames
per second continuous shooting speed, 7,560-pixel exposure metering system, Digic 6
processor, and high ISO capabilities in low light, the Canon 80D enables photographers
to consistently capture sharp, clean, and well-exposed images. Borrowing from the
improved features of the Canon 7D Mark II, the 80D also boasts a big and bright
Viewfinder with 100% coverage, a ruggedly built and weather-sealed body, and
numerous customization options. The 80D is clearly a powerful, advanced tool for digital
photography and is fully capable of capturing professional quality images in most any
situation you wish to use it.
But the 80D is merely a tool. It is up to you to make use of its features and capabilities
to create the images you envision. While the camera's manual will tell you about the
settings and controls, how to change them, and their intended functions, this guide will
build upon that and explain when and why you may want to use and customize them.
Every button, feature, menu item, and Custom Function setting of the 80D is there for a
reason: to help you capture the images you want. Some of them are more useful to
different types of photographers and shooting situations and you don't necessarily need
to learn and use them all immediately, but this guide will help to give you the knowledge
to confidently use the ones that turn your Canon 80D into an image capturing tool that
works best for you and the photography situations you work in.

1.1 Take Control of Your Camera

Since the camera is a tool to take the images you want to take, you obviously can't
always allow the camera to make decisions for you. You have to take control of the
camera to ensure that you capture exactly the images you intend - by autofocusing
precisely where you want, setting the aperture or shutter speed that you want, and
obtaining the exposure you want. While the 80D is an intelligent camera, it cannot read
your mind and your intentions and does not know that you wish to focus on and properly
expose the closest leaves, while making the background branches appear out of focus,
and the leaves to be caught still and not blurred from the motion of the wind, on this
bright and sunny day (see Figure 3). You have to tell the camera to do all of this through
the various controls and settings, such as the autofocus AF Mode (focus on the near
leaves), the Exposure Metering Mode (properly expose for the leaves and the scene),
the Aperture setting (the out-of-focus background), the Shutter Speed (freeze the
motion of the leaves), the ISO (bright day) and the White Balance (sunny day).

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