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Sony HT-CT390 Operating Instructions Manual

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Sound Bar

Operating Instructions



  Summary of Contents for Sony HT-CT390

  • Page 1: Sound Bar

    Sound Bar Operating Instructions HT-CT390...
  • Page 2 For product with CE marking WARNING The validity of the CE marking is restricted to only those countries where To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover it is legally enforced, mainly in the the ventilation opening of the appliance countries EEA (European Economic with newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, Area).
  • Page 3 EU directives. • This system incorporates Dolby* This product has been manufactured by Digital and the DTS** Digital Surround or on behalf of Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 System. Konan Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075 * Manufactured under license from Japan. Inquiries related to product Dolby Laboratories.
  • Page 4: About These Operating Instructions

    • Google Play™ is a trademark of Google BLUETOOTH technology works with: Inc. – iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6s/ • “BRAVIA” is a trademark of Sony iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6/iPhone 5s/ Corporation. iPhone 5c/iPhone 5 • “PlayStation” is a registered trademark –...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents  Connecting Startup Guide (separate document) About these operating Activating wireless instructions ......4 transmission between Guide to parts and controls ..6 specific units (Secure Link) ........20 Listening Adjusting the volume of Listening to sound from the subwoofer ......
  • Page 6: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to parts and controls For more information, refer to the pages indicated in parentheses. Bar Speaker Top and side panel , slot   (power) touch key  Blue LED indicator Turns on the system, or sets it to Shows the BLUETOOTH status as standby mode.
  • Page 7 Rear panel  HDMI OUT TV (ARC) jack  ANALOG IN jack  TV IN OPTICAL jack  AC power cord (mains lead) Subwoofer  Power indicator   (power) • Lights off: Power is off. Turns on the subwoofer, or sets it •...
  • Page 8  INPUT (page 9) About the standby mode   (power) The subwoofer enters standby mode automatically and the power indicator Turns on the system, or sets it to turns red when the Bar Speaker is in standby mode. standby mode or wireless transmission ...
  • Page 9: Listening To Sound From The Connected Devices

     VOICE (page 11)   * (play/pause) Listening Pauses or resumes playback.  NIGHT (page 11) Listening to sound from  / (previous/next/ rewind/fast forward) the connected devices Press to select the previous/next track or file. Press INPUT repeatedly. Hold down to search backward or When you press INPUT once, the current forward.
  • Page 10: Listening To Music From A Usb Device

    Information of USB device Listening to music from a on the TV screen USB device You can play music files on a connected USB device. For playable types of files, see “Playable types of files” (page 27).  Playing time Connect the USB device to the (USB) port.
  • Page 11: Sound Adjustment

    This function helps make dialogs “CLEARAUDIO+” clearer. You can enjoy the sound with Sony- recommended sound field. Sound field is Press VOICE repeatedly. automatically optimized according to playback content and function. • “UP OFF”: The Clear Voice function is turned off.
  • Page 12: Bluetooth Functions

    • Adjust the volume of Bar Speaker BLUETOOTH pairing. by pressing  +/–. Turn on the BLUETOOTH function, • Adjust the volume of subwoofer and then select “HT-CT390” after by pressing SW  +/–. searching for it on the BLUETOOTH Notes device.
  • Page 13 – If your remote device is having an older OS version than Android 4.1.x, You can enable or disable codec AAC from download and start the “NFC Easy BLUETOOTH device (page 16). Connect” application. “NFC Easy Connect” is a free application for To disconnect the BLUETOOTH Android remote devices that can be device...
  • Page 14: Controlling The System Using A Smartphone Or Tablet (Songpal)

    (SongPal) SongPal is a dedicated app for operating SongPal-compatible audio devices manufactured by Sony using a smartphone or tablet. Search for SongPal on Google Play or App Store and download it using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Page 15: Settings And Adjustments

    Settings and Adjustments Using the setup display You can set the following items with the menu. Your settings are retained even if you disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead). Press MENU to turn on the menu in the top panel display. Press BACK///ENTER repeatedly to select the item and press ENTER to select the setting you want.
  • Page 16 Menu items Function “HDMI>” “CTRL” • “ON”: The Control for HDMI function is enabled. Devices (Control for HDMI) connected with an HDMI cable can control each other. • “OFF”: Off. “TVSTB” This function is available when you set “CTRL” to “ON”. (Standby Linked to •...
  • Page 17: Other Functions

    If you enable the Control for HDMI Other Functions (“BRAVIA” sync) function when using a TV manufactured by Sony, the Control for Using the Control for HDMI function of the system is also enabled automatically. When settings are HDMI function completed, “DONE”...
  • Page 18: Using The "Bravia" Sync Function

    • Use an HDMI-authorized cable. on and the sound and picture are output from the TV even if device content is Use a Sony High Speed HDMI cable played. with the Cable Type Logo. • Depending on the TV, the beginning part •...
  • Page 19: Saving Power In Standby Mode

    • Sound may be interrupted when the • Sony shall not be held responsible for accidents or damage caused by improper sampling frequency or the number of installation, insufficient wall strength, channels of audio output signals from improper screw installation or natural the playback equipment is switched.
  • Page 20: Installing The Subwoofer Horizontally

    4 mm Place the subwoofer on the right side with the “SONY” logo facing front. More than 30 mm 4.6 mm 10 mm Hole in the bracket Fasten the screws to 2 studs in the wall.
  • Page 21: Adjusting The Volume Of Subwoofer

    When “LINK” appears in the top panel display, press ENTER. Additional Information Press / to select “ON”, then press ENTER. Precautions When “START” appears in the top On safety panel display, press ENTER. “*****” appears, and the Bar Speaker • Should any solid object or liquid fall into searches for a device that can be the system, unplug the system and have used with Link.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Should any problem persist, • If the system is being used in combination consult your nearest Sony dealer. with a TV, VCR, or tape deck, noise may result and picture quality may suffer. In such a case, place the system away from General the TV, VCR, or tape deck.
  • Page 23  If sound is not output from the The system turns off when the TV is turned off. system even if the system and TV  Check the setting of “HDMI>” – are connected by optical digital “TVSTB” (page 16). When “TVSTB” is cable or if the TV does not have an set to “ON”, the system turns off optical digital sound output jack,...
  • Page 24  Make sure that the power indicator  If the USB device is connected via a on the subwoofer is lit in green. If USB hub, disconnect it and connect not, refer to “No sound is heard the USB device directly to the Bar from the subwoofer.”...
  • Page 25  If a device that generates  The subwoofer is designed for electromagnetic radiation, such as a playback of bass sound. When the wireless LAN equipment, other input source does not contain much BLUETOOTH devices, or a of bass sound, as is the case with microwave oven is nearby, move most TV programs, the bass sound the device away from this system.
  • Page 26 The top panel display of the Bar Others Speaker is not lit.  Press DIMMER to set the brightness The Control for HDMI function does not to “BRIGHT” or “DARK”, if set to work properly. “OFF” (page 8).  Check the connection with the system (refer to the supplied Sensors of the TV do not work properly.
  • Page 27: Playable Types Of Files

    Playable types of files Specifications Codec Extension Bar Speaker (SA-CT390) MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio .mp3 Layer III) Amplifier section .m4a POWER OUTPUT (rated) WMA9 Standard .wma Front L + Front R: 50 W + 50 W (at 4 ohms, 1 kHz, 1% LPCM .wav THD)
  • Page 28 The actual range will vary depending on Subwoofer (SA-WCT390) factors such as obstacles between devices, magnetic fields around a POWER OUTPUT (reference) microwave oven, static electricity, 100 W (per channel at 4 ohms, 100 Hz) cordless phone, reception sensitivity, Speaker system antenna’s performance, operating Subwoofer system, Bass reflex system, software application, etc.
  • Page 29: On Bluetooth Communication

    BLUETOOTH devices with a BLUETOOTH technology. connection • Sony cannot be held liable in any way – Locations where a wireless LAN is for damages or other loss resulting installed from information leaks during –...
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