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Table of Contents
Sierra/Sierra Denali
Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for GMC Sierra Denali 2017

  • Page 1 Sierra/Sierra Denali Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ..... . 2 In Brief ......5 Keys, Doors, and Windows .
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Attention: Customer Service specific information on this engine. to, GM, the GM logo, GMC, the 47911 Halyard Drive If the vehicle has the bi-fuel engine, GMC Truck Emblem, SIERRA, and...
  • Page 4 Introduction Danger, Warning, and Vehicle Symbol Chart Caution Here are some additional symbols that may be found on the vehicle Warning messages found on vehicle and what they mean. For more labels and in this manual describe information on the symbol, refer to hazards and what to do to avoid or the Index.
  • Page 5 Introduction : Headlamp High/Low-Beam Changer : Heated Steering Wheel : LATCH System Child Restraints : Malfunction Indicator Lamp : Oil Pressure : Outside Power Foldaway Mirrors : Power : Remote Vehicle Start : Safety Belt Reminders : Tire Pressure Monitor : Tow/Haul Mode ®...
  • Page 6: In Brief

    In Brief In Brief Portable Audio Devices ..20 Roadside Assistance ® Bluetooth ..... 20 Program .
  • Page 7: Instrument Panel

    In Brief Instrument Panel...
  • Page 8: Instrument Panel

    In Brief 1. Instrument Panel Illumination Tow/Haul Selector Button (If Parking Assist Button (If Control 0 172. Equipped). See Tow/Haul Equipped). See Assistance Mode 0 273. Systems for Parking or 2. Integrated Trailer Brake Control Backing 0 291. (ITBC) System (If Equipped). Range Selection Mode (If See Towing Equipment 0 324.
  • Page 9: Initial Drive Information

    In Brief Driver Information Center (DIC) Initial Drive Controls. See Driver Information Information Center (DIC) 0 141. 19. Hood Release. See This section provides a brief Hood 0 342. overview about some of the important features that may or may 20.
  • Page 10: Remote Vehicle Start

    In Brief Remote Vehicle Start Door Locks : Press to unlock the doors. See Door Locks 0 34 and Power If equipped, the engine can be There are several ways to lock and Door Locks 0 35. started from outside of the vehicle. unlock the vehicle.
  • Page 11: Seat Adjustment

    In Brief or when Retained Accessory Power Press the switch to open the Raise or lower the front part of (RAP) is active. See Retained window. Pull the switch up to close the seat cushion by moving the Accessory Power (RAP) 0 262. it.
  • Page 12: Memory Features

    In Brief Press and hold the control up to See Reclining Seatbacks 0 53. Heated and Ventilated increase upper lumbar support Seats Memory Features and decrease lower lumbar support. Press and hold the control down to increase lower lumbar support and decrease upper lumbar support.
  • Page 13: Head Restraint Adjustment

    In Brief Safety Belts Passenger Sensing Press to ventilate the driver or passenger seat. System See Heated and Ventilated Front The passenger sensing system, Seats 0 55. if equipped, turns off the front outboard passenger frontal airbag Head Restraint under certain conditions. No other Adjustment airbag is affected by the passenger sensing system.
  • Page 14: Mirror Adjustment

    In Brief Exterior Mirrors 2. Press the arrows on the control pad to move the mirror up, Manual Mirrors down, right, or left. If equipped, adjust manual mirrors 3. Adjust each outside mirror so by moving them up and down or left that a little of the vehicle and to right to see a little of the side of the area behind it can be seen.
  • Page 15: Interior Lighting

    In Brief 2. Press the arrows on the control Interior Mirror Interior Lighting pad while the indicator light on Adjustment Dome Lamps the (1) or (3) button is illuminated, to move the mirror Adjust the mirror for a clear view of up, down, right, or left.
  • Page 16: Exterior Lighting

    In Brief Reading Lamps AUTO : Automatically turns on the Press next to each reading headlamps, parking lamps, lamp to turn it on or off. taillamps, instrument panel lights, For more information about interior roof marker lamps (if equipped), lighting, see Instrument Panel front/rear sidemarker lamps, and Illumination Control 0 172.
  • Page 17: Climate Controls

    In Brief The windshield wiper control is on Climate Controls the turn signal lever. The heating, cooling, and ventilation in the vehicle can be controlled with this The windshield wipers are controlled system. by turning the band with on it. : Fast wipes.
  • Page 18: Transmission

    In Brief Transmission While using Range Selection Mode, Manual Transfer Case cruise control and the Tow/Haul Range Selection Mode Mode can be used. Grade Braking is not available when Range Selection Mode is active. See Tow/Haul Mode 0 273. Four-Wheel Drive If the vehicle has Four-Wheel Drive, the engine's driving power can be The Range Selection Mode buttons,...
  • Page 19 In Brief Electronic Transfer Case Automatic Transfer Case AUTO mode only the rear wheels will hold the vehicle from sliding when parked. If parking on a steep grade, use 4 to keep all four wheels engaged. 4 (Four-Wheel Drive High) : Use this setting when extra traction is needed, such as on snowy or icy roads or in most off-road situations.
  • Page 20: Vehicle Features

    In Brief Vehicle Features MENU : Press to select a menu. Setting the Clock : Press to seek the previous See Clock 0 115. Infotainment System station or track. Satellite Radio : Press to seek the next station The base radio and base radio with or track.
  • Page 21: Portable Audio Devices

    In Brief See Satellite Radio (Base Radio) The Bluetooth-enabled cell phone If equipped, some audio controls 0 188 or Satellite Radio (Base must be paired with the in-vehicle can be adjusted at the steering Radio with Touchscreen) 0 188. Bluetooth system before it can be wheel.
  • Page 22: Cruise Control

    In Brief Cruise Control : Press briefly to set the speed and activate cruise control. If cruise control is already active, use to decrease vehicle speed. : Press to disengage cruise control without erasing the set speed from memory. See Cruise Control 0 287. Driver Information Center (DIC) The favorite and volume switches...
  • Page 23: Forward Collision Alert (fca)

    In Brief Forward Automatic change to amber and flash. In : Press to move up or addition, beeps will sound or the down in a list. Braking (FAB) driver seat will pulse. : Press to move between If the vehicle has Forward Collision See Lane Departure Warning (LDW) the interactive display zones in the Alert (FCA), it also has FAB, which...
  • Page 24: Rear Vision Camera (rvc)

    In Brief Rear Vision See Assistance Systems for Parking Universal Remote System or Backing 0 291. Camera (RVC) Power Outlets If equipped, RVC displays a view of the area behind the vehicle on the Accessory power outlets can be infotainment display when the used to plug in electrical equipment, vehicle is shifted into R (Reverse) to such as a cell phone, MP3...
  • Page 25: Sunroof

    In Brief Sunroof Open/Close (Manual Mode) : To Performance and open the sunroof, press and Maintenance hold . Release the switch to stop the movement. Press and hold Traction Control/ to close the sunroof. Release the Electronic Stability switch to stop the movement. Control Tilt Switch The vehicle has a traction control...
  • Page 26: Tire Pressure Monitor

    In Brief in the instrument cluster and the the tires to the recommended Fuel (Except L86 6.2L appropriate DIC message pressure shown on the Tire and Engine) displays. See Ride Control Loading Information label. See System Messages 0 149. Vehicle Load Limits 0 250. The warning light will remain on until the Press and release again to...
  • Page 27: E85 Or Flexfuel

    In Brief Premium Recommended Fuel Resetting the Oil Life System Driving for Better Fuel Economy Use premium 93 octane unleaded To reset the engine oil life system: gasoline in your vehicle. Unleaded 1. Display OIL LIFE REMAINING Driving habits can affect fuel gasoline with an octane rating as on the DIC.
  • Page 28: Roadside Assistance

    In Brief Follow recommended scheduled maintenance. Roadside Assistance Program U.S.: 1-888-881-3302 TTY Users (U.S. Only): 1-888-889-2438 Canada: 1-800-268-6800 New GMC owners are automatically enrolled in the Roadside Assistance Program. See Roadside Assistance Program 0 461.
  • Page 29: Keys, Doors, And Windows

    Keys, Doors, and Windows Keys, Doors, and Manual Mirrors ....41 Keys and Locks Trailer-Tow Mirrors ... . . 41 Windows Power Mirrors .
  • Page 30 Keys, Doors, and Windows moving the key out of the RUN Warning (Continued) position. Do not add any additional items to the ring attached to the impacted, and airbags may not ignition key. Attach additional items deploy. To reduce the risk of only to the second ring, and limit unintentional rotation of the added items to a few essential keys...
  • Page 31 Keys, Doors, and Windows Programming with Two Programming without Recognized Keys Recognized Keys To program a new key: Program a new key to the vehicle when a recognized key is not 1. Insert the original, already available. Canadian regulations programmed key in the ignition require that owners see their dealer.
  • Page 32: Remote Keyless Entry (rke)

    Keys, Doors, and Windows and all previously known keys Remote Keyless Entry Other conditions can affect the will no longer work with the performance of the transmitter. See (RKE) System vehicle. Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) See Radio Frequency System 0 31. 6.
  • Page 33 Keys, Doors, and Windows personalization, the horn chirps Pressing on the RKE transmitter RUN or is pressed again. The when is pressed again within disarms the alarm system. See ignition must be in LOCK/OFF for three seconds. See Vehicle Vehicle Alarm System 0 38. the panic alarm to work.
  • Page 34: Remote Vehicle Start

    Keys, Doors, and Windows To replace the battery: Remote Vehicle Start If equipped with the remote start feature, the climate control system will come on when the vehicle is started remotely, depending on the outside temperature. The rear defog and heated and ventilated seats, if equipped, may also come on.
  • Page 35: Door Locks

    Keys, Doors, and Windows The engine will turn off during a The engine will continue to run Turn on the hazard warning remote vehicle start if: for 10 minutes. After flashers. 30 seconds, repeat The coolant temperature gets Turn the ignition on and then off. Steps 1 and 2 for a 10-minute too high.
  • Page 36: Power Door Locks

    Keys, Doors, and Windows From inside, pull the door handle five seconds after the last door is Warning (Continued) once to unlock the door. Pull the closed. Three chimes signal that handle again to open the door. delayed locking is in use. Young children who get into See Vehicle Alarm System 0 38.
  • Page 37: Lockout Protection

    Keys, Doors, and Windows Lockout Protection Doors When locking is requested with the Tailgate driver door open and the key in the ignition, all the doors will lock and then the driver door will unlock. Warning This can be manually overridden by It is extremely dangerous to ride pressing and holding on the...
  • Page 38: Power Assist Steps

    Keys, Doors, and Windows To shut the tailgate, firmly push it Kick Switch Center Stack Switch upward until it latches. After closing the tailgate, pull it back to be sure it latches securely. Power Assist Steps If equipped, the power assist steps, when enabled, will extend when the door is opened.
  • Page 39: Vehicle Security

    Keys, Doors, and Windows Enable/Disable Vehicle Security Fast Flash : Vehicle is unsecured. A door, the liftgate or the hood To enable or disable the power This vehicle has theft-deterrent is open. assist steps, press and hold features; however, they do not make Slow Flash : Alarm system is four seconds.
  • Page 40 Keys, Doors, and Windows If the driver door is opened without To avoid setting off the alarm by The inclination sensor can set off first unlocking with the RKE accident: the alarm if it senses movement of transmitter, the horn will chirp and the vehicle, such as a change in Lock the vehicle after all the lights will flash to indicate...
  • Page 41: Immobilizer

    Keys, Doors, and Windows Inclination and Intrusion Immobilizer When trying to start the vehicle, the security light comes on briefly when Sensors Disable Switch See Radio Frequency the ignition is turned on. Statement 0 467. If the engine does not start and the security light stays on, there is a Immobilizer Operation problem with the system.
  • Page 42: Exterior Mirrors

    Keys, Doors, and Windows See your dealer to get a new key Exterior Mirrors Using hood-mounted air deflectors blank cut exactly as the ignition key and add-on convex mirror that operates the system. attachments could decrease mirror Convex Mirrors performance. Warning Trailer-Tow Mirrors A convex mirror can make things,...
  • Page 43: Power Mirrors

    Keys, Doors, and Windows seat. The convex mirror can be 1. Press (1) or (2) to select the 2. Press one of the four arrows on adjusted manually to the driver driver or passenger side mirror. the control pad while the preferred position for better vision.
  • Page 44: Folding Mirrors

    Keys, Doors, and Windows Folding Mirrors Resetting the Power Folding Auto Mirror Folding Mirrors If equipped, with the ignition off, Reset the power folding mirrors if: press and hold on the RKE transmitter for approximately The mirrors are accidentally obstructed while folding. one second to automatically fold the exterior mirrors.
  • Page 45: Automatic Dimming Mirror

    Keys, Doors, and Windows See Rear Window Defogger under Driving with the Blind Spot 1. When the approaching vehicle Dual Automatic Climate Control is a long distance away, the Mirror System 0 231. image in the main mirror is small and near the inboard Automatic Dimming edge of the mirror.
  • Page 46: Reverse Tilt Mirrors

    Keys, Doors, and Windows zone. Then, glance over your Interior Mirrors Automatic Dimming shoulder to double check Rearview Mirror before moving slowly into the Interior Rearview Mirrors adjacent lane. The mirror will automatically reduce the glare of the headlamps from Adjust the rearview mirror for a clear Reverse Tilt Mirrors behind.
  • Page 47: Windows

    Keys, Doors, and Windows Windows pulsing sound when either rear window is down and the front windows are up. To reduce the Warning sound, open either a front window or the sunroof, if equipped. Never leave a child, a helpless adult, or a pet alone in a vehicle, Manual Windows especially with the windows...
  • Page 48 Keys, Doors, and Windows Window Lockout Press the window switch fully down The window can be closed by or pull it up, and quickly release it to holding the window switch in the up engage. Briefly press or pull the position if conditions prevent it from same switch to stop window express closing.
  • Page 49: Rear Windows

    Keys, Doors, and Windows Rear Windows Sun Visors Roof Power Sliding Rear Window Sunroof Pull the sun visor down to block glare. Detach the sun visor from the center mount to pivot to the side window or, if equipped, extend along the rod.
  • Page 50 Keys, Doors, and Windows To express-close the sunroof, fully If an object is in the path of the cloth, mild soap, and water. Do not sunroof while it is express closing, remove grease from the sunroof press and release . Press the tracks.
  • Page 51: Seats And Restraints

    Seats and Restraints Seats and Safety Belt Care ....65 Lower Anchors and Tethers for Replacing Safety Belt System Children (LATCH System) ..88 Restraints Parts after a Crash .
  • Page 52: Head Restraints

    Seats and Restraints Head Restraints Front Seats The vehicle s front seats have adjustable head restraints in the outboard seating positions. Warning With head restraints that are not installed and adjusted properly, there is a greater chance that Adjust the head restraint so that the The height of the head restraint can occupants will suffer a neck/ top of the restraint is at the same...
  • Page 53: Front Seats

    Seats and Restraints the head restraint rearward, grasp Front Seats To adjust the recline, see Reclining the head restraint and pull forward Seatbacks 0 53. fully until the mechanism releases Power Seat Adjustment To adjust the lumbar support, see and allows the head restraint to Lumbar Adjustment 0 52.
  • Page 54: Reclining Seatbacks

    Seats and Restraints To adjust the power lumbar support: To adjust the seatback: Warning (Continued) Press and hold the control Tilt the top of the control forward to increase or rearward rearward to recline. For proper protection when the to decrease upper and lower vehicle is in motion, have the Tilt the top of the control forward lumbar support at the same time.
  • Page 55: Memory Seats

    Seats and Restraints Memory Seats 2. Adjust the driver seat, outside Automatically Recalling Memory mirrors, and adjustable pedals Positions (Auto Recall) (if equipped) to the desired If programmed on in the vehicle driving positions. personalization menu, the Auto 3. Press and release SET. A beep (Automatic) Memory Recall feature will sound.
  • Page 56: Heated And Ventilated Front

    Seats and Restraints Easy Exit Recall recall may stop. Remove the Warning (Continued) obstruction. Then do one of the If programmed on in the vehicle following: personalization menu, the easy exit reduce the risk of burns, people feature automatically recalls the For manual or automatic recall with such a condition should use positions, press and hold the...
  • Page 57 Seats and Restraints Press the button once for the The heated or ventilated seats will highest setting. With each press of not turn on during a remote start the button, the seat will change to unless they are enabled in the the next lower setting, and then to vehicle personalization menu.
  • Page 58: Rear Seats

    Seats and Restraints Rear Seats The feature is active only once each time the vehicle is turned on and off, and will require reactivation by Rear Seats (Double Cab opening and closing the second row Full Bench) doors. There may be an alert even when there is nothing in the rear Rear Seat Reminder (Full seat;...
  • Page 59: Rear Seats (split Bench)

    Seats and Restraints 2. Pull up on the seat cushion to To return the seat to the normal Caution make sure it is locked in place. seating position, slowly pull the seat cushion down. Make sure the safety belts are Folding a rear seat with the safety not twisted or caught in the Make sure the safety belts are not...
  • Page 60: Safety Belts

    Seats and Restraints Safety Belts Why Safety Belts Work Warning (Continued) This section describes how to use passengers to ride in any area of safety belts properly, and some the vehicle that is not equipped things not to do. with seats and safety belts. Warning Always wear a safety belt, and check that all passenger(s) are...
  • Page 61: How To Wear Safety Belts

    Seats and Restraints Questions and Answers About How to Wear Safety Belts Safety Belts Properly Q: Will I be trapped in the vehicle This section is only for people of after a crash if I am wearing a adult size. safety belt? There are special things to know A: You could be...
  • Page 62: Lap-shoulder Belt

    Seats and Restraints Wear the shoulder belt over the vehicle have a lap-shoulder belt The lap-shoulder belt may lock shoulder and across the chest. except for the center front if you pull the belt across you These parts of the body are best passenger position (if equipped), very quickly.
  • Page 63 Seats and Restraints 3. Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks. Pull up on the latch plate to make sure it is secure. If the belt is not long enough, see Safety Belt Extender 0 65. Position the release button on the buckle so that the safety belt could be quickly unbuckled if necessary.
  • Page 64 Seats and Restraints To unlatch the belt, push the button could reduce the effectiveness of Safety Belt Pretensioners on the buckle. The belt should the safety belt in a crash. See How This vehicle has safety belt return to its stowed position. to Wear Safety Belts Properly 0 60.
  • Page 65: Safety Belt Use During

    Seats and Restraints the seat. Sitting on the safety belt Lap Belt can damage the webbing and This section is only for the lap belt. hardware. To learn how to wear a lap-shoulder Rear Safety Belt Comfort belt, see Lap-Shoulder Belt 0 61. Guides The vehicle may have a center Rear safety belt comfort guides may...
  • Page 66: Safety Belt Extender

    Seats and Restraints will wear, so the extender will be Keep safety belts clean and dry. long enough for you. To help avoid See Safety Belt Care 0 65. personal injury, do not let someone Safety Belt Care else use it, and use it only for the seat it is made to fit.
  • Page 67: Replacing Safety Belt System Parts After A Crash

    Seats and Restraints please see the dealer. Parts may See your dealer to have the safety Airbag System need to be replaced to ensure belt assemblies inspected or The vehicle has the following proper functionality of the system. replaced. airbags: New parts and repairs may be Replacing Safety Belt A frontal airbag for the driver.
  • Page 68 Seats and Restraints For frontal airbags, the word Warning (Continued) Warning (Continued) AIRBAG is on the center of the steering wheel for the driver and on belts, not replace them. Also, seriously injured or killed. Do not the instrument panel for the front airbags are not designed to inflate sit unnecessarily close to any outboard passenger.
  • Page 69: Where Are The Airbags

    Seats and Restraints Where Are the Airbags? The front outboard passenger Warning frontal airbag is in the passenger side instrument panel. Children who are up against, or very close to, any airbag when it inflates can be seriously injured or killed. Always secure children properly in the vehicle.
  • Page 70: When Should An Airbag

    Seats and Restraints system's deployment threshold. Warning (Continued) Deployment thresholds are used to predict how severe a crash is likely or even death. The path of an to be in time for the airbags to inflating airbag must be kept inflate and help restrain the clear.
  • Page 71 Seats and Restraints whether the object is fixed or If the GVWR is at or below 4 536 kg sensing system predicts that the moving, rigid or deformable, narrow (10,000 lb), the vehicle has vehicle is about to roll over on its or wide.
  • Page 72: What Makes An Airbag

    Seats and Restraints are designed to inflate in moderate What Makes an Airbag Rollover capable roof-rail airbags to severe side crashes depending are designed to help contain the Inflate? on the location of the impact. Both head and chest of occupants in the roof-rail airbags will inflate when In a deployment event, the sensing outboard seating positions in the...
  • Page 73 Seats and Restraints even realize an airbag inflated. Warning (Continued) Warning Roof-rail airbags may still be at least partially inflated for some time after it is safe to do so. If you have A crash severe enough to inflate they inflate. Some components of breathing problems but cannot the airbags may have also the airbag module may be hot for...
  • Page 74: Airbag On-off Switch

    Seats and Restraints airbag system will not be there turn on or off the front outboard My vehicle has a rear seat too to help protect you in another passenger frontal airbag. See small to accommodate a crash. A new system will include Instrument Panel 0 6.
  • Page 75 Seats and Restraints Medical Condition. A passenger you know that the front outboard Warning (Continued) has a medical condition which, passenger frontal airbag is off. See according to his or her physician: Airbag On-Off Light 0 130. The front passenger frontal airbag unless outboard passenger airbag will Causes the passenger airbag to the person sitting there is in a risk...
  • Page 76: Passenger Sensing System

    Seats and Restraints have a passenger sensing system. The passenger sensing system See Airbag On-Off Switch 0 73 for turns off the front outboard more information. passenger frontal airbag under certain conditions. No other airbag The passenger airbag status is affected by the passenger indicator will light on the overhead sensing system.
  • Page 77 Seats and Restraints There is a critical problem with Warning Warning (Continued) the airbag system or the passenger sensing system. A child in a rear-facing child the front outboard passenger When the passenger sensing restraint can be seriously injured seat, always move the seat as far system has turned off the front or killed if the passenger frontal back as it will go.
  • Page 78 Seats and Restraints build. Everyone in the vehicle who 1. Turn the vehicle off. lock is set, the belt can be has outgrown child restraints should tightened but not pulled out of 2. Remove the child restraint from wear a safety belt the retractor.
  • Page 79 Seats and Restraints a rear-facing child restraint in the 2. Remove any additional material Warning front seat, even if the on indicator is from the seat, such as not lit. blankets, cushions, seat If the front outboard passenger covers, seat heaters, or seat If the Off Indicator Is Lit for an airbag is turned off for an massagers.
  • Page 80: Servicing The Airbag-equipped

    Seats and Restraints A thick layer of additional material, Warning (Continued) Warning (Continued) such as a blanket or cushion, or aftermarket equipment such as seatback may interfere with the are close to an airbag when it seat covers, seat heaters, and seat proper operation of the passenger inflates.
  • Page 81: Airbag System Check

    Seats and Restraints Your dealer and the service manual If the vehicle has rollover roof-rail Airbag System Check have information about the location airbags, see Different Size Tires The airbag system does not need of the airbag sensors, sensing and and Wheels 0 402 for additional regularly scheduled maintenance or diagnostic module, and airbag...
  • Page 82: Replacing Airbag System Parts

    Seats and Restraints Replacing Airbag System Child Restraints Sit all the way back on the seat. Do the knees bend at the seat Parts after a Crash edge? If yes, continue. If no, Older Children return to the booster seat. Warning Buckle the lap-shoulder belt.
  • Page 83 Seats and Restraints Q: What is the proper way to Warning Warning wear safety belts? A: An older child should wear a Never allow more than one child Never allow a child to wear the lap-shoulder belt and get the to wear the same safety belt.
  • Page 84: Infants And Young Children

    Seats and Restraints the vehicle's safety belt system nor Warning its airbag system is designed for them. Children can be seriously injured Children who are not restrained or strangled if a shoulder belt is properly can strike other people, wrapped around their neck. The or can be thrown out of the vehicle.
  • Page 85 Seats and Restraints For each type of child restraint, there are many different models available. When purchasing a child restraint, be sure it is designed to be used in a motor vehicle. If it is, the restraint will have a label saying that it meets federal motor vehicle safety standards.
  • Page 86: Child Restraint Systems

    Seats and Restraints Child Restraint Systems Warning A young child's hip bones are still so small that the vehicle's regular safety belt may not remain low on the hip bones, as it should. Instead, it may settle up around the child's abdomen. In a crash, the belt would apply force on a body area that is unprotected by any bony structure.
  • Page 87 Seats and Restraints Securing an Add-On Child When securing an add-on child restraint, refer to the instructions Restraint in the Vehicle that come with the restraint which may be on the restraint itself or in a Warning booklet, or both, and to this manual. The child restraint instructions are A child can be seriously injured or important, so if they are not...
  • Page 88: Where To Put The Restraint

    Seats and Restraints Securing the Child Within the outboard passenger airbag, see Warning (Continued) Airbag On-Off Switch 0 73 Child Restraint and Securing Child Restraints (With outboard passenger frontal airbag the Safety Belt in the Center Front Warning inflates and the passenger seat is Seat) 0 98 or Securing Child in a forward position.
  • Page 89: Lower Anchors And Tethers For

    Seats and Restraints Lower Anchors and Adjacent seating positions should Warning not be used if the child restraint Tethers for Children prevents access to or interferes with A child in a child restraint in the (LATCH System) the routing of the safety belt. center front seat can be badly The LATCH system secures a child If the vehicle does not have a rear...
  • Page 90 Seats and Restraints this can be done as long as the See Securing Child Restraints (With secure the child restraint. See booster seat can be positioned the Safety Belt in the Center Front Securing Child Restraints (With the properly and there is no interference Seat) 0 98 or Securing Child Safety Belt in the Center Front Seat) with the proper positioning of the...
  • Page 91 Seats and Restraints Top Tether Anchor Some child restraints that have a : Seating positions with two lower top tether are designed for use with anchors. or without the top tether being attached. Others require the top tether always to be attached. In Canada, the law requires that forward-facing child restraints have a top tether, and that the tether be...
  • Page 92 Seats and Restraints The top tether anchors are the loops Securing a Child Restraint Warning (Continued) near the top of the seatback for Designed for the LATCH each rear seating position. These System Attaching more than one child loops will be used to route the top restraint to a single anchor could tether through, as well as to secure Warning...
  • Page 93 Seats and Restraints seating position does not have Warning (Continued) Caution (Continued) lower anchors, secure the child restraint with the top tether and If the shoulder belt is locked and Do not fold the rear seatback the safety belts. Refer to your tightened around a child s neck, when the seat is occupied.
  • Page 94 Seats and Restraints 2.1. For a top tether in the 2.2.2. Then attach the rear driver side position: top tether (4) to the top tether 2.1.1. Raise the anchor (loop) at headrest. the rear passenger 2.1.2. Route the top side seating tether (4) between position.
  • Page 95: Replacing Latch System Parts

    Seats and Restraints 3. Tighten the top tether per the Headrest Removal and To reinstall the headrest: child restraint manufacturer's Reinstallation 1. Insert the headrest posts into instructions. the holes in the top of the Removing Rear Headrests When the top tether is properly seatback with the longer For outboard rear seating positions, tightened, the anchor (loop)
  • Page 96: Rear Seat)

    Seats and Restraints If the vehicle has the LATCH system Do not secure a child seat in a under Lower Anchors and and it was being used during a position without a top tether anchor Tethers for Children (LATCH crash, new LATCH system parts System) 0 88.
  • Page 97 Seats and Restraints Position the release button on 7. For forward-facing child the buckle, away from the child restraints, attach and tighten restraint system, so that the the top tether to the top tether safety belt could be quickly anchor (loop). Refer to the child unbuckled if necessary.
  • Page 98 Seats and Restraints Reinstallation under Lower Anchors 3. Push the latch plate into the and Tethers for Children (LATCH buckle until it clicks. System) 0 88 for additional Position the release button on information on installing the the buckle, away from the child headrest properly.
  • Page 99: Front Seat)

    Seats and Restraints 6. If the child restraint has a top removed. See your dealer for Securing Child Restraints tether, follow the child restraint assistance with removal, and store (With the Safety Belt in manufacturer's instructions the removed headrest in a secure the Front regarding the use of the top place.
  • Page 100 Seats and Restraints Do not secure a child seat in a Warning Warning (Continued) position without a top tether anchor if a national or local law requires A child in a rear-facing child under some unusual that the top tether be anchored, or if restraint can be seriously injured circumstance, even though it is the instructions that come with the...
  • Page 101 Seats and Restraints airbag status indicator should light and stay lit when you start the vehicle. See Passenger Airbag Status Indicator 0 132. 2. Put the child restraint on the seat. 3. Pick up the latch plate, and run the lap and shoulder portions of the vehicle's safety belt through or around the restraint.
  • Page 102 Seats and Restraints 7. If the vehicle does not have a If a child restraint has been installed rear seat and the child restraint and the on indicator is lit, see If the manufacturer recommends On Indicator Is Lit for a Child using a top tether anchor, Restraint under Passenger Sensing attach the top tether to the top...
  • Page 103 Seats and Restraints Never put a rear-facing child seat in Warning (Continued) Warning (Continued) the front. This is because the risk to the rear-facing child is so great, deploy under some unusual To help avoid injury to yourself or if the airbag deploys. circumstance, even though it is others, have the vehicle serviced turned off.
  • Page 104 Seats and Restraints In Canada, the law requires that 3. Pick up the latch plate, and run forward-facing child restraints have the lap and shoulder portions a top tether, and that the tether be of the vehicle's safety belt attached. through or around the restraint.
  • Page 105 Seats and Restraints 7. If the vehicle does not have a rear seat and the child restraint manufacturer recommends using a top tether anchor, attach the top tether to the top tether anchor. Refer to the instructions that came with the child restraint and to Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH System) 0 88.
  • Page 106 Seats and Restraints If you turned the airbag off with the When using the lap-shoulder belt to Warning (Continued) switch (if equipped), turn on the secure the child restraint in this front outboard passenger airbag position, follow the instructions that rear-facing child restraint would when you remove the child restraint came with the child restraint and the...
  • Page 107 Seats and Restraints 4. Push the latch plate into the 5. Pull the shoulder belt all the 6. To tighten the belt, push down buckle until it clicks. way out of the retractor to set on the child restraint, pull the the lock.
  • Page 108 Seats and Restraints 7. If your child restraint has a top tether, follow the child restraint manufacturer's instructions regarding the use of the top tether. See Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH System) 0 88 for more information on using the top tether anchors.
  • Page 109: Storage Compartments

    Storage Storage Storage Glove Box Compartments Storage Compartments Warning Storage Compartments ..108 Instrument Panel Storage ..108 Do not store heavy or sharp Glove Box ....108 objects in storage compartments.
  • Page 110: Sunglasses Storage

    Storage Rear Sunglasses Storage Center Console Storage If equipped, pull the rear seat If equipped, sunglasses storage is Press the latch and lift to open. armrest down to access the on the overhead console. Press the Depending on the options there may cupholders.
  • Page 111: Floor Console Storage

    Storage Floor Console Storage Additional Storage Caution Features The truck bed walls will collapse if the tie-downs are overloaded. Cargo Tie-Downs If equipped with front seat floor console storage, unlock with the ignition key, press the button, and lift to open. The vehicle may be equipped with To install: cargo tie-downs.
  • Page 112: Storage

    Storage 3. Fasten the tie-down firmly by hand only. Do not use tools. To remove: 1. Remove the tie-down loop completely by turning counterclockwise while holding the backing plate against the truck bed wall. 2. Pull the backing plate away from the truck bed wall until a click is heard.
  • Page 113: Instruments And Controls

    Instruments and Controls Instruments and Transmission Temperature Engine Oil Pressure Light ..139 Gauge ..... . 128 Low Fuel Warning Light .
  • Page 114: Steering Wheel Adjustment

    Instruments and Controls Airbag System Messages ..150 Controls Do not adjust the steering wheel Safety Belt Messages ..150 while driving. Security Messages ... 150 Steering Wheel Steering Wheel Controls Steering System...
  • Page 115: Heated Steering Wheel

    Instruments and Controls 1. Favorite: When on a radio Horn : Press to reject an incoming source, press to select the next call or end a current call. Press to To sound the horn, press on the or previous favorite. When on a mute or unmute the infotainment media source, press to select steering wheel.
  • Page 116: Compass

    Instruments and Controls Clear ice and snow from the wiper Windshield Washer its heading and other information blades before using them. If frozen from the Global Positioning to the windshield, carefully loosen or System (GPS) antenna, Warning ® thaw them. Damaged wiper blades StabiliTrak , and vehicle speed should be replaced.
  • Page 117 Instruments and Controls 2. Select the desired function. 1. Touch the SETTINGS screen Press BACK to go to the last button from the Home Page, menu and save the changes. 3. Turn the MENU knob to then touch Time and Date. increase or decrease the value.
  • Page 118: Power Outlets

    Instruments and Controls Power Outlets The power outlets on the center Certain power accessory plugs may stack and in front of the cupholders not be compatible with the Power Outlets 12 Volt Direct are powered at all times. The power accessory power outlet and could Current outlets inside the storage area and...
  • Page 119: Wireless Charging

    Retained equipment that uses a maximum Accessory Power (RAP) off and In the U.S., see limit of 150 watts. then back on. See Retained learn. For vehicles with a center console, Accessory Power (RAP) 0 262.
  • Page 120 Instruments and Controls 1. Remove all objects from the Warning Warning (Continued) charging pad. The system may not charge if there are any Wireless charging can affect the such as coins, keys, rings, objects on the charging pad. operation of an implanted or paper clips, between the phone 2.
  • Page 121: Warning Lights, Gauges, And Indicators

    Instruments and Controls Warning Lights, Gauges, and Indicators Warning lights and gauges can signal that something is wrong before it becomes serious enough to cause an expensive repair or replacement. Paying attention to the warning lights and gauges could prevent injury. Some warning lights come on briefly when the engine is started to indicate they are working.
  • Page 122: Instrument Cluster

    Instruments and Controls Instrument Cluster Base Cluster English Standard Theme, Metric Similar...
  • Page 123 Instruments and Controls Uplevel Cluster English Standard Theme, Metric Similar...
  • Page 124 Instruments and Controls Denali Cluster English Standard, Metric Similar...
  • Page 125 Instruments and Controls Cluster Menu Info App. This is where the If there is an active call, mute the selected Driver Information phone or switch to handset There is an interactive display area Center (DIC) displays can be operation. in the center of the instrument viewed.
  • Page 126: Speedometer

    Instruments and Controls Display Themes (Denali) : There Speedometer Fuel Gauge are three instrument cluster display The speedometer shows the configurations to choose from: vehicle's speed in either kilometers Standard, Technology, and Media. per hour (km/h) or miles per Info Pages : Press while Info hour (mph).
  • Page 127: Engine Oil Pressure

    Instruments and Controls Here are four things that some Engine Oil Pressure owners ask about. None of these Gauge show a problem with the fuel gauge: At the service station, the fuel pump shuts off before the gauge reads full. It takes a little more or less fuel to fill up than the gauge indicated.
  • Page 128: Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge

    Instruments and Controls PRESSURE LOW STOP ENGINE Engine Coolant under Engine Oil Messages 0 147 Temperature Gauge and Engine Oil 0 348. Caution Lack of proper engine oil maintenance can damage the engine. Driving with the engine oil low can also damage the engine. The repairs would not be covered by the vehicle warranty.
  • Page 129: Transmission Temperature

    Instruments and Controls Transmission Caution Temperature Gauge Do not drive the vehicle while the transmission fluid is overheating, or the transmission can be damaged. This could lead to costly repairs that would not be covered by the warranty. Voltmeter Gauge English, Standard Theme Shown This gauge appears when the vehicle is in Tow/Haul Mode and...
  • Page 130: Safety Belt Reminders

    Instruments and Controls When the engine is running, this accessories, such as the radio and times if the driver remains or gauge shows the condition of the air conditioner and unplug all becomes unbuckled while the charging system. The gauge can chargers and accessories.
  • Page 131: Airbag Readiness Light

    Instruments and Controls passenger remains or becomes If there is a problem with the airbag unbuckled while the vehicle is system, a Driver Information Center moving. (DIC) message may also come on. See Airbag System If the passenger safety belt is Messages 0 150.
  • Page 132 Instruments and Controls for on and off, will light for several Warning Warning (Continued) seconds as a system check. Then, after several more seconds, the If the front outboard passenger example, the front outboard status indicator ON or OFF, or either frontal airbag is turned off for a passenger frontal airbag could the on or off symbol, will light to let...
  • Page 133: Passenger Airbag Status

    Instruments and Controls Passenger Airbag Status several more seconds, the status Warning (Continued) indicator will light either ON or OFF, Indicator or either the on or off symbol, to let with the airbag system. To help If the vehicle has the passenger you know the status of the front avoid injury to yourself or others, outboard passenger frontal airbag.
  • Page 134: Malfunction Indicator Lamp (check Engine Light)

    Instruments and Controls system. Have it checked by your Caution dealer. Driving while this light is on could drain the battery. Modifications to the engine, When this light comes on, or is transmission, exhaust, intake, flashing, the Driver Information or fuel system, or the use of Center (DIC) also displays a replacement tires that do not Malfunctions are often indicated by...
  • Page 135: Brake System Warning

    Instruments and Controls If towing a trailer, reduce the least one full tank of the proper The vehicle may not pass amount of cargo being hauled as fuel to turn the light off. See inspection if: soon as possible. Fuel 0 300. The light is on when the engine If the light continues to flash, find a If the light remains on, see your...
  • Page 136: Antilock Brake System (abs)

    Instruments and Controls circuit can still work to stop the If the light comes on while driving, Antilock Brake System vehicle. For normal braking pull off the road and stop carefully. (ABS) Warning Light performance, both circuits need to The pedal might be harder to push, be working.
  • Page 137: Four-wheel-drive Light

    Instruments and Controls If both the ABS and the brake Tow/Haul Mode Light Lane Departure Warning system warning light are on, the (LDW) Light (2500/3500 vehicle's antilock brakes are not Series) functioning and there is a problem with the regular brakes. See your dealer for service.
  • Page 138: Stabilitrak Off Light

    Instruments and Controls This light is green if LKA is available See Forward Collision Alert (FCA) See Traction Control/Electronic to assist. System 0 293. Stability Control 0 284. LKA may assist by gently turning ® Traction Off Light StabiliTrak OFF Light the steering wheel if the vehicle approaches a detected lane marking without using the turn signal in that...
  • Page 139: Traction Control System (tcs)

    Instruments and Controls Traction Control System See Traction Control/Electronic Caution (Continued) Stability Control 0 284. ® (TCS)/StabiliTrak Light engine and it may not be covered Engine Coolant by the vehicle warranty. See Temperature Warning Engine Overheating 0 360. Light The engine coolant temperature warning light comes on when the engine has overheated.
  • Page 140: Engine Oil Pressure Light

    Instruments and Controls When the Light Is On Steady Engine Oil Pressure Light If the light comes on and stays on, it means that oil is not flowing through This indicates that one or more of the engine properly. The vehicle the tires are significantly Caution could be low on oil and might have...
  • Page 141: Security Light

    Instruments and Controls Security Light This light comes on when the The light goes out when the fog high-beam headlamps are in use. lamps are turned off. See Fog Lamps 0 171 for more information. See Headlamp High/Low-Beam Changer 0 168. Lamps On Reminder ®...
  • Page 142: Door Ajar Light

    Instruments and Controls The light turns off when the cruise Information Displays : Press to move between control is turned off. See Cruise the interactive display zones in the Control 0 287. cluster. Driver Information : Press to open a menu or select Center (DIC) Door Ajar Light a menu item.
  • Page 143 Instruments and Controls or miles per gallon (mpg). This economy over recent driving history 6. Press while an item is number is calculated based on the and the amount of fuel remaining in highlighted to select or number of L/100 km (mpg) recorded the fuel tank.
  • Page 144 Instruments and Controls engine oil life system, press and from highest to lowest. If a feature is Press and hold while this display turned off, it will be removed from hold for several seconds while is active to reset the timer and fuel the list.
  • Page 145: Vehicle Messages

    Instruments and Controls Trailer Brake : On vehicles with the Transmission Fluid Temperature Vehicle Messages Integrated Trailer Brake Control Gauge : Shows the temperature of Messages displayed on the DIC (ITBC) system, the trailer brake the automatic transmission fluid in indicate the status of the vehicle or display appears in the DIC.
  • Page 146: Battery Voltage And Charging

    Instruments and Controls Battery Voltage and SERVICE BATTERY Brake System Messages CHARGING SYSTEM Charging Messages BRAKE FLUID LOW On some vehicles, this message BATTERY LOW START This message is displayed when the displays if there is a problem with VEHICLE brake fluid level is low.
  • Page 147: Compass Messages

    Instruments and Controls As soon as it is safe to do so, obstructions, and close the door If this message continues to appear, carefully pull your vehicle over to again. Check to see if the message have the system repaired by your the side of the road and turn the still appears on the DIC.
  • Page 148: Engine Oil Messages

    Instruments and Controls Engine Oil Messages and allow the vehicle to idle until it accelerate. If this message is on, cools down. See Engine Coolant but there is no reduction in CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON Temperature Gauge 0 127. performance, proceed to your destination.
  • Page 149: Key And Lock Messages

    Instruments and Controls diagnostic system can determine if Object Detection System This message could be due to the the fuel cap has been left off or camera being blocked. Cleaning the Messages improperly installed. A loose or outside of the windshield behind the missing fuel cap allows fuel to rearview mirror may correct the FORWARD COLLISION...
  • Page 150: Ride Control System

    Instruments and Controls Assist (LKA), Lane Departure SERVICE TRACTION TRACTION CONTROL ON Warning (LDW), and Forward CONTROL This message displays when the Collision Alert (FCA) features. Take traction control is active. See This message displays when there the vehicle to your dealer. Traction Control/Electronic Stability is a problem with the Traction Control 0 284.
  • Page 151: Airbag System Messages

    Instruments and Controls The stability system takes longer Safety Belt Messages SHIFTER UNLOCKED. BRAKE than usual to complete its TO SHIFT SHIFTER LOCKED. BUCKLE diagnostic checks due to driving This message displays when the SEATBELT conditions. Safety Belt Assurance System times An engine or vehicle-related This message displays if the vehicle out and allows the vehicle to be...
  • Page 152: Steering System

    Instruments and Controls Steering System SERVICE POWER STEERING TIRE LEARNING ACTIVE (2500/3500 Series) Messages If equipped with the Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS), this This message displays when there STEERING ASSIST IS message displays when the system is a problem with the power steering REDUCED DRIVE WITH CARE is relearning the tire positions on assist system.
  • Page 153: Transmission Messages

    Instruments and Controls shown on the Tire and Loading FOR 4WD LOW SHIFT TO GRADE BRAKING OFF Information label. See Tires 0 383, NEUTRAL This message displays when grade Vehicle Load Limits 0 250, and Tire braking has been disabled with the If a four-wheel drive shift into 4 is Pressure 0 391.
  • Page 154: Vehicle Reminder

    Instruments and Controls you begin driving, the TRANSMISSION HOT IDLE Vehicle Reminder four-wheel-drive system needs ENGINE Messages service. See your dealer. This message displays and a chime CHECK TRAILER WIRING SHIFT DENIED may sound if the transmission fluid in the vehicle gets hot. Driving with On vehicles with the Integrated This message displays when the the transmission fluid temperature...
  • Page 155: Vehicle Speed Messages

    Instruments and Controls As soon as it is safe to do so, This message clears itself after Washer Fluid Messages carefully pull the vehicle over to the several seconds. This message also WASHER FLUID LOW ADD side of the road and turn the ignition clears if you acknowledge it.
  • Page 156: Vehicle Personalization

    Instruments and Controls Vehicle Uplevel Radio Audio System Vehicle Controls Bluetooth Personalization 1. Press the desired feature to Apple CarPlay display a list of available Use the audio system controls to Android Auto options. access the personalization menus for customizing vehicle features. USB Auto Launch 2.
  • Page 157 Instruments and Controls Rear Seat Reminder Radio Select the desired number or select Auto and the infotainment system This allows for a chime and a Press to display the Radio menu will automatically adjust the number message Look in Rear Seat when and the following may display: of favorites shown.
  • Page 158 Instruments and Controls Maximum Startup Volume Climate and Air Quality including Forward Collision, Lane Departure Warning, and Parking This feature sets the maximum Select and the following may Assist alerts. startup volume. If the vehicle is display: started and the volume is greater Select Beeps or Safety Alert Seat.
  • Page 159 Instruments and Controls Select On orOff. Exit Lighting Auto Mirror Folding When on, the outside rearview This allows the selection of how Easy Exit Options mirrors will automatically fold or long the exterior lamps stay on This feature moves the seat unfold when the Remote Keyless when leaving the vehicle when it is rearward automatically allowing the...
  • Page 160 Instruments and Controls Remote Lock, Unlock, Start Remote Door Unlock Passive Door Unlock Select and the following may This allows selection of which doors This allows the selection of what display: doors will unlock when using the will unlock when pressing on the button on the driver door to unlock RKE transmitter.
  • Page 161 Instruments and Controls Discoverable Ringtones Apple CarPlay Device Management Press to change the ring tone for This feature allows Apple devices to the specific phone. The phone does be connected to the infotainment Ringtones not need to be connected to change system through a USB port.
  • Page 162 Instruments and Controls USB Auto Launch Audio Feedback Speed Rear Camera This allows Android and Apple Select and the following may Prompt Length CarPlay devices to automatically display: This feature adjusts the voice connect when plugged into the prompt length. Guidance Lines USB port.
  • Page 163: Universal Remote System

    Instruments and Controls Clear All Private Data Universal Remote instructions refer to a garage door opener, but can be used for other This allows selection to clear all System devices. private information from the vehicle. Do not use the Universal Remote See Radio Frequency Select Delete or Cancel.
  • Page 164: Universal Remote System

    Instruments and Controls Make sure the hand-held transmitter system buttons to be used to be required. For a second has a new battery for quick and operate the garage door. Do time, press and hold the accurate transmission of the not release either button until newly programmed button radio-frequency signal.
  • Page 165: Operation

    Instruments and Controls The name and color of the Radio Signals for Canada and Universal Remote System button may vary by Some Gate Operators Operation manufacturer. For questions or programming help, Using the Universal Remote 5. Press and release the Learn or call 1-800-355-3515 or see System Smart button.
  • Page 166 Instruments and Controls Reprogramming a Single Universal Remote System Button To reprogram any of the system buttons: 1. Press and hold any one of the buttons. Do not release the button. 2. The indicator light will begin to flash after 20 seconds. Without releasing the button, proceed with Step 1 under Programming the Universal...
  • Page 167: Lighting

    Lighting Lighting Battery Load Management . . . 174 Exterior Lighting Battery Power Protection ..175 Exterior Lamp Controls Exterior Lighting Exterior Lamp Controls ..166 Exterior Lamps Off Reminder ....168 Headlamp High/Low-Beam Changer .
  • Page 168 Lighting roof marker lamps (if equipped), stay on for an additional 10 minutes. Turning On and Enabling front/rear sidemarker lamps, and To keep the lamps on for more than IntelliBeam license plate lamps. 10 minutes, the ignition must be in To enable the IntelliBeam system, the ACC/ACCESSORY or ON/RUN When the vehicle is turned off and...
  • Page 169: Exterior Lamps Off

    Lighting The system detects a preceding The other vehicle's lamps are Exterior Lamps Off vehicle's taillamps. covered with dirt, snow, and/or Reminder road spray. The outside light is bright A reminder chime sounds when the enough that high-beam The other vehicle's lamps cannot headlamps or parking lamps are headlamps are not required.
  • Page 170: Flash-to-pass

    Lighting Flash-to-Pass The DRL system comes on when Automatic Headlamp the following conditions are met: System This feature lets you use the The ignition is on. high-beam headlamps to signal a When the exterior lamp control is driver in front of you that you want The exterior lamp control is set to AUTO and it is dark enough to pass.
  • Page 171: Hazard Warning Flashers

    Lighting leaves the garage, there is a slight not operating, these lamps turn off. Turn and Lane-Change delay before the automatic Move the exterior lamp control to Signals headlamp system changes to the to disable this feature. DRL. During that delay, the instrument cluster may not be as Hazard Warning Flashers bright as usual.
  • Page 172: Fog Lamps

    Lighting The lever returns to its starting Fog Lamps Some localities have laws that position whenever it is released. require the headlamps to be on with the fog lamps. If after signaling a turn or a lane change the arrows flash rapidly or Auxiliary do not come on, a signal bulb could Roof-Mounted Lamp...
  • Page 173: Interior Lighting

    Lighting this button. Pressing the top of the Interior Lighting Cargo Lamp button will turn off the roof-mounted lamp and indicator. Instrument Panel The emergency roof lamp circuit is Illumination Control fused at 30 amps, so the total current draw of the attached lamps should be less than this value.
  • Page 174: Dome Lamps

    Lighting mirrors turn on if the shift lever is in ON : Turns all dome lamps on. the R (Reverse), N (Neutral), Reading Lamps or P (Park) position. Dome Lamps Press next to each reading lamp to turn it on or off. There are reading lamps in the overhead console and the headliner, There are dome lamps in the...
  • Page 175: Battery Load Management

    Lighting Lighting Features automatically turn off. The interior moving up or down. This is normal. lamps do not come on if the dome If there is a problem, an alert will be lamp control is in the Off position. displayed. Entry Lighting The exterior lamps turn off The battery can be discharged at...
  • Page 176: Battery Power Protection

    Lighting Normally, these actions occur in steps or levels, without being noticeable. In rare cases at the highest levels of corrective action, this action may be noticeable to the driver. If so, a DIC message might be displayed and it is recommended that the driver reduce the electrical loads as much as possible.
  • Page 177: Infotainment

    Infotainment System Infotainment USB Port (Base Radio) ..193 Introduction USB Port (Base Radio with System Touchscreen) ....196 Infotainment Auxiliary Jack .
  • Page 178: Theft-deterrent Feature

    Infotainment System functions when driving. These Theft-Deterrent Feature functions may gray out when they ® TheftLock is designed to are unavailable. Many infotainment discourage theft of the vehicle's features are also available through radio by learning a portion of the the instrument cluster and steering Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Page 179: Touchscreen)

    Infotainment System Overview (Base Radio with Touchscreen) Press to go to the Home Page. See Home Page (Base Radio) 0 181 or Home Page (Base Radio with Touchscreen) 0 183. Radio: Press and release to go to the previous station or channel.
  • Page 180: Overview (base Radio)

    Infotainment System Radio: Press and release to go to the next station or channel. Press and hold to fast seek the next strongest station or channel. USB/Bluetooth Music/ Pictures: Press and hold to go to the next content. Press and hold to fast forward.
  • Page 181 Infotainment System 5. CD Slot (If Equipped) BACK Press to return to the previous screen in a menu. Press to go to the Home Page from any point in the system. See Home Page following. (If Equipped) or TONE (If Radio with TONE Equipped) Press...
  • Page 182: Home Page (base Radio)

    Infotainment System current track will start from Audio (if equipped). See AM-FM Radio (Base Radio with the beginning. Press Press to turn the audio on. Touchscreen) 0 186 or AM-FM seek the next track. Radio (Base Radio) 0 184, Satellite Press and hold to turn it off.
  • Page 183 Infotainment System Setting Radio Preferences 4. Enter the four-digit code to Radio Setup unlock the system. Select Press the RADIO button and the Select the SETTINGS screen icon BACK to go back to the following may display: to display the Settings menu and previous menu.
  • Page 184: Home Page

    Infotainment System Audible Touch Feedback (If displays stating all vehicle Home Page (Base Radio Equipped) : Select Audible Touch customization settings will be with Touchscreen) Feedback to turn feedback off or on. restored to the factory settings. Select Cancel or Confirm. Touchscreen Buttons Auto Volume (If Equipped) : This feature adjusts the volume based on...
  • Page 185: Software Updates

    Radio) (Infotainment Controls - Base Website Information Radio) 0 212 or Bluetooth Playing the Radio In the U.S., see (Overview) 0 210 or Bluetooth (Infotainment Controls - Base Radio While on the audio main page, In Canada, see with Touchscreen) 0 220.
  • Page 186 Infotainment System Press the MENU knob and the DSP: If equipped with a Bose between Off, Low, Medium-Low, ® following radio settings may display: Surround sound system, it will Medium, Medium-High, and High. have three DSP modes Press BACK to go to the Tone Settings: including: previous menu.
  • Page 187: Am-fm Radio (base Radio With Touchscreen)

    Infotainment System Finding a Station To manage favorites, see Manage The level of volume compensation Favorites under Home Page (Base can be selected, or the feature can Seeking a Station Radio) 0 181 or Home Page (Base be turned off. Radio with Touchscreen) 0 183.
  • Page 188 Infotainment System Custom Tone Settings Selecting a Station Touch to scroll through the list. Touch the station to Touch MENU. Seek Tuning select it. Touch Tone Settings. If the radio station is not known: Update Station List Touch Custom. Press to automatically From the AM or FM menu, touch Bass, Midrange, or Treble:...
  • Page 189: Satellite Radio

    Infotainment System 3. Touch and hold down any of 1-888-601-6296 (U.S.); or see SiriusXM Satellite Radio the preset buttons to save the or call Service (If Equipped) current radio station to that 1-877-438-9677 (Canada). SiriusXM is a satellite radio service button of the selected When SiriusXM is active, the based in the 48 contiguous United...
  • Page 190 Infotainment System Selecting a Category 2. Touch the preset button to 1. Touch Tone Settings. The tone listen to the channel saved to settings screen is displayed. From Menu, touch Categories, then that button. See Tone Settings under touch the desired category or from Base Radio with Touchscreen Using the SiriusXM Menu Categories, touch...
  • Page 191: Radio Reception

    Infotainment System Explicit Content Filter cause static interference in the radio. Unplug the phone or turn it off When on, only a filtered list of The range for most AM stations is if this happens. channels will be received. When off, greater than for FM, especially at all regular SXM programming night.
  • Page 192: Audio Players

    Infotainment System Items on the roof of the vehicle can Audio Players There can be increased skipping, interfere with the performance of the difficulty in finding tracks, and/or radio system and OnStar (if difficulty in loading and ejecting. CD Player equipped).
  • Page 193 Infotainment System is damaged or improperly Tone Settings : Select to adjust : While on the CD main page: loaded, there is an error and Bass, Midrange, Treble, Balance, Press to seek to the next track. the disc ejects. Fade, and EQ (Equalizer). See Tone Settings under AM-FM Radio Press and hold to fast forward Playing an Audio CD...
  • Page 194: Usb Port (base Radio)

    Infotainment System Error Messages If the CD is not playing correctly for Root Directory any other reason, try a known The root directory is treated as a If Disc Error displays and/or the disc good CD. folder. All files contained directly comes out, it could be for one of the If any error continues, contact your under the root directory are...
  • Page 195 Infotainment System ® ® The vehicle may have USB ports in Playing from an iPod /iPad ® the front of the center console, iPhone For information on how to use the armrest, or one in the upper glove This feature supports the following screen icons, see Playing an box.
  • Page 196 Infotainment System To connect and control a device: Menu Browse Device Media 1. Connect one end of the Press MENU to display the device Use the following to browse: standard USB cable to the Menu and the following may display: Playlists: device's dock connector.
  • Page 197: Usb Port