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Makita LS1040F Instruction Manual

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Compound Miter Saw
IMPORTANT: Read Before Using.



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  Summary of Contents for Makita LS1040F

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Compound Miter Saw LS1040F LS1040FS 012679 DOUBLE INSULATION IMPORTANT: Read Before Using.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) SPECIFICATIONS Model LS1040F / LS1040FS Blade diameter 255 mm - 260 mm Blade body thickness 1.6 mm - 2.4 mm Hole diameter For all countries other than European countries 25.4 mm and 25 mm For European countries 30 mm Max.
  • Page 3: General Power Tool Safety Warnings

    ENF100-1 For public low-voltage distribution systems of EC Declaration of Conformity between 220 V and 250 V. Makita declares that the following Machine(s): Switching operations of electric apparatus cause voltage Designation of Machine: fluctuations. The operation of this device under...
  • Page 4 Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded 17. If devices are provided for the connection of surfaces such as pipes, radiators, ranges and dust extraction collection facilities, refrigerators. There is an increased risk of ensure these are connected and properly used. electric shock if your body is earthed or grounded.
  • Page 5: Miter Saw Safety Warnings

    ENB034-10 21. Support long workpieces with appropriate additional supports. MITER SAW SAFETY WARNINGS 22. Never cut so small workpiece which cannot be Keep hands out of path of saw blade. Avoid securely held by the vise. Improperly held contact with any coasting blade. It can still workpiece may cause kickback and serious cause severe injury.
  • Page 6: Installation

    43. Take care when slotting. Installing the holders 44. Some dust created from operation contains chemicals known to cause cancer, birth 1. Holder defects or other reproductive harm. Some examples of these chemicals are: lead from lead-based-painted material and, • arsenic chromium from...
  • Page 7: Blade Guard

    When cleaning is complete, reverse procedure above and secure bolt. Do not remove spring holding blade guard. If guard becomes discolored through age or UV light exposure, contact a Makita 001540 service center for a new guard. DO NOT DEFEAT OR This tool is factory adjusted to provide the maximum REMOVE GUARD.
  • Page 8: Adjusting The Miter Angle

    First, unplug the tool. Lower the handle completely. Use 1. Lever the socket wrench to turn the adjusting bolt until the 2. Bevel scale periphery of the blade extends slightly below the top 3. Pointer surface of the turn base at the point where the front face of the guide fence meets the top surface of the turn base.
  • Page 9 NEVER use the tool if it runs when you tool. simply pull the switch trigger without pressing the Installing or removing saw blade lock-off button. Return tool to a Makita service center for proper repairs BEFORE further usage. CAUTION: NEVER tape down or defeat purpose and function •...
  • Page 10: Securing Workpiece

    003828 further collection. 1. Blade case NOTE: 2. Arrow If you connect a Makita vacuum cleaner to this tool, 3. Saw blade • more efficient and cleaner operations can be 4. Arrow performed.
  • Page 11 Position the vise arm according to the thickness and 1. Support shape of the workpiece and secure the vise arm by 2. Turn base tightening the screw. If the screw to secure the vise arm contacts the guide fence, install the screw on the opposite side of vise arm.
  • Page 12: Operation

    Holders and holder assembly Press cutting (optional accessories) 1. Holder assembly 2. Holder 003830 Secure the workpiece with the vise. Switch on the 012656 The holders and the holder assembly can be installed on tool without the blade making any contact and wait either side as a convenient means of supporting until the blade attains full speed before lowering.
  • Page 13 During a bevel cut, it may create a condition See the figure concerning the dimensions for a • whereby the piece cut off will come to rest against suggested wood facing. the side of the blade. If the blade is raised while the blade is still rotating, this piece may be caught by Over 10mm (3/8") Over 460mm (18-1/8")
  • Page 14: Carrying Tool

    Carrying tool Miter angle 1. Stopper pin 1. Hex bolt 001792 002258 Make sure that the tool is unplugged. Secure the blade at Loosen the grip which secures the turn base. Turn 0° bevel angle and the turn base at left miter angle fully. the turn base so that the pointer points to 0°...
  • Page 15: Replacing Carbon Brushes

    4. Turn base Pull out the Lamp Box keeping pushing lightly the upper position of it as illustrated on the left. Pull out the fluorescent tube and then replace it with Makita original new one. Replacing carbon brushes 001769 45° bevel angle 1.
  • Page 16: After Use

    Only use accessory or attachment for its stated purpose. If you need any assistance for more details regarding these accessories, ask your local Makita Service Center. Steel & Carbide-tipped saw blade • Auxiliary plate • Vise assembly (Horizontal vise) •...
  • Page 20 Makita Jan-Baptist Vinkstraat 2, 3070, Belgium Makita Corporation Anjo, Aichi, Japan 884473H229...

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