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Makita 4331D Instruction Manual

Makita cordless jig saw instruction manual 4331d 4333d
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Cordless Jig Saw
For your personal safety, READ and UNDERSTAND before using.
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  Summary of Contents for Makita 4331D

  • Page 1 Cordless Jig Saw MODEL 4331D MODEL 4333D I N S T R U C T I O N M A N U A L WARNING: For your personal safety, READ and UNDERSTAND before using. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    (FOR All BATTERY OPERATED TOOLS) WARNING: Read and understand all instructions. Failure to follow all instructions listed below, may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS 4331D Wood Mild steel Aluminum 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs) Battery Charger Input A.
  • Page 3 Work Area 1. Keep your work area clean and well lit. Cluttered benches and dark areas invite acci- dents. 2. Do not operate power tools in explosive atmospheres, such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases, or dust. Power tools create sparks which may ignite the dust or fumes.
  • Page 4: Additional Safety Rules

    18. Maintain tools with care. Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Properly maintained tools with sharp cutting edge are less likely to bind and are easier to control. 19. Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage of parts, and any other condition that may affect the tool’s operation.
  • Page 5 14. Some material contains chemicals which may be toxic. Take caution to prevent SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: MISUSE or failure to follow the safety rules stated in this instruction manual may cause serious personal injury. SYMBOLS The followings show the symbols used for tool. V ...
  • Page 6 7. Make sure cord is located so that it will not be stepped on, tripped over, or other- wise subjected to damage or stress. 8. An extension cord should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Use of improper extension cord could result in a risk of fire and electric shock.
  • Page 7 (1) Do not touch the terminals with any conductive material. (2) Avoid storing battery cartridge in a container with other metal objects such as nails, coins, etc. (3) Do not expose battery cartridge to water or rain. A battery short can cause a large current flow, overheating, possible burns and even a breakdown.
  • Page 8: Functional Description

    FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION 002702 1. Button 2. Battery cartridge 004346 1. Battery cartridge 2. Charging light 3. Battery Charger CAUTION: • Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the battery cartridge is removed before adjusting or checking function on the tool. Installing or removing battery cartridge •...
  • Page 9 NOTE: • The battery charger is for charging Makita battery cartridge. Never use it for other purposes or for other manufacturer’s batteries. • When you charge a new battery cartridge or a battery cartridge which has not been used for a long period of time, it may not accept a full charge.
  • Page 10 002705 1. Cutting action changing lever Position 002708 1. Lock-off button 2. Switch trigger 002711 1. Speed adjusting dial Selecting the cutting action This tool can be operated with an orbital or a straight line (up and down) cutting action. The orbital cutting action thrusts the blade forward on the cutting stroke and greatly increases cutting speed.
  • Page 11 ASSEMBLY 002717 1. Screw 2. Hex wrench Workpiece to be cut Wood Mild steel Stainless steel Aluminum Plastics CAUTION: • If the tool is operated continuously at low speeds for a long time, the motor will get overloaded and heated up. •...
  • Page 12 002718 1. Screw 2. Roller 3. Jig saw blade 002725 6.35mm(1/4”) 002726 1. Blade holder 2. Bolt 002733 1. Base 2. Anti-splintering device With the blade teeth facing forward, insert the blade into the blade holder as far as it will go. Make sure that the back edge of the blade fits into the roller.
  • Page 13 002735 1. Screw 2. Plastic base plate 3. Hex wrench 002737 1. Hex wrench 2. Rip fence (Guide rule) 3. Bolt 002739 1. Threaded knob 2. Circular guide 3. Pin 002740 1. Notches 2. Base 3. Plastic cover Plastic base plate (optional accessory) Use the plastic base plate when cutting decorative veneers, plastics, etc.
  • Page 14: Operation

    002741 1. Vacuum head 2. Base 002742 OPERATION 002744 1. Cutting line 2. Base To attach the vacuum head on the tool, insert the hooks of the vacuum head into the hole in the base. The vacuum head can be installed on either left or right side of the base. Then connect a Makita vacuum cleaner to the vacuum head.
  • Page 15: Bevel Cutting

    002751 002752 1. Cross-shaped slot 2. Hex wrench 3. Bolt 002753 1. Edge of motor housing 2. Graduations 3. Base 002758 Bevel cutting CAUTION: • Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the battery cartridge is removed before tilting the base. With the base tilted, you can make bevel cuts at any angle between 0°...
  • Page 16: Metal Cutting

    002763 1. Starting hole 002764 002769 Cutouts Cutouts can be made with either of two methods A or B. A) Boring a starting hole For internal cutouts without a lead-in cut from an edge, pre-drill a starting hole 12 mm (1/2”) or more in diameter. Insert the blade into this hole to start your cut.
  • Page 17: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE 001145 1. Limit mark 002785 1. Brush holder cap 2. Screwdriver Ni-Cd CAUTION: • Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the battery cartridge is removed before attempting to perform inspection or maintenance. Replacing carbon brushes Remove and check the carbon brushes regularly.
  • Page 18 ACCESSORIES CAUTION: • These accessories or attachments are recommended for use with your Makita tool specified in this manual. The use of any other accessories or attachments might present a risk of injury to persons. Only use accessory or attachment for its stated purpose. If you need any assistance for more details regarding these accessories, ask your local Makita service center.
  • Page 19 Memo...
  • Page 20 Memo...
  • Page 21 First-Class Postage Required Post Office will not deliver without proper postage. Makita U.S.A., Inc. 14930 Northam Street La Mirada, CA 90638-5753 Fold...
  • Page 22 MAIL THIS PORTION Your answers to the following questions are appreciated. 1. This product was purchased from: Home Center Other ( Hardware/Lumber Store Tool Distributor Industrial Supply Construction Supply 2. Use of the product is intended for: Construction Trade Industrial Maintenance Home Maintenance Hobby Other (...
  • Page 23: Factory Service Centers

    1-800-4-MAKITA RETAIN THIS PORTION FOR YOUR RECORDS ARIZONA FLORIDA 3707 E. Broadway Rd., Ste. 6 750 East Sample Road Phoenix, AZ 85040 Pompano Beach, FL 33064 (602) 437-2850 (954) 781-6333 CALIFORNIA GEORGIA 41850 Christy St. 4680 River Green Parkway NW Fremont, CA 94538-5107 Duluth, GA 30096 (510) 657-9881...
  • Page 24 WARNING Some dust created by power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other construction activities contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some examples of these chemicals are: • lead from lead-based paints, •...

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