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Kenmore C88002 Operating Instructions Manual

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Perm Press/Casual
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Timed Cycles

Before Operating Your Dryer

Read your dryer Owner's Guide. It has important
safety and warranty information. It also has many
suggestions for best drying results.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric
shock or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS in your dryer Owner's Guide
before operating this appliance.

Operating Steps

Read "Drying Procedures" in your Owner's Guide. It
explains these operating steps in detail.
1. Prepare items for drying.
2. Check that lint filter is clean and in place.
3. Load the dryer. If desired, add a dryer fabric softener
sheet. Close the door.
4. Select the appropriate cycle and settings for each
• Turn the Cycle Selector knob to select the cycle.
The estimated drying time will be displayed.
• A suitable drying temperature, dryness level and
options will automatically be indicated for each
cycle. See the "Dryer Setting Chart" for more
• To change the temperature and dryness level, press
Temperature or Dryness until the desired selections
are made.
• To select or delete an option, press Options; then,
while the indicator is blinking, press Select. The
indicator will light when the option has been se-
lected. it will no longer be lighted when the option
has been deleted.
• If a temperature, dryness level or option is not
available for a cycle, it will not light.
• Adjustments to the cycle will be remembered each
time that cycle is selected in the future.
• To return to factory settings, press Start/Pause and
Select at the same time and hold until the signal
5. Press Start/Pause to begin the cycle.
• To pause the cycle press Start/Pause. To resume
the cycle, press Start/Pause again.
• To stop or change the cycle, press Cancel.
6. A signal will sound at the end of the cycle and
periodically during Extended Tumble when the
Signal option is selected. When the cycle ends,
remove items immediately and hang or fold.
7. Clean the lint screen after every load.
More Heat
Shrink Guard Ultra
Less Dry
Extended Tumble Ultra
Damp Dry
Air Fluff/
Signal Volumn
No Heat
Model C88002
Cool Down
Extended Tumble

Cycle Selection

Turn the Cycle Selector knob to the desired cycle. For
best results, follow the fabric care label instructions on
items to be dried. If the selection is changed after the
cycle starts, the indicator lights will blink, the signal
will beep and "ERR" will be displayed. To change the
selection after the cycle has begun, press Cancel
before making another choice. Just turning the knob
to another selection will not change the cycle. The
signal will beep and the status lights will flash, but the
original cycle will continue.
Auto Dry
Auto Dry cycles take the guesswork out of drying time.
Loads dried using the Towels, Heavy Duty, Normal, Perm
Press, and Delicates cycles will dry automatically at
the selected temperature to the desired dryness level.
The dryer uses sensing bars to sense the moisture
level of the load as it tumbles through heated air. Auto
Dry cycles save time and energy and protect fabrics.
The estimated drying time will be displayed for about
5 minutes. Then the outside of the display will light up
in a circular track to indicate the drying time is
automatically being determined by the sensors. When
the load has reached the selected dryness level, it will
continue to tumble, unheated, during a Cool Down period.
This helps reduce wrinkling and makes items easier to
handle during unloading. The estimated Cool Down
time will be displayed.
PN 137049100 (0803)



  Summary of Contents for Kenmore C88002

  • Page 1: Before Operating Your Dryer

    DRYER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Model C88002 ® Towels Maximum Jeans High More Heat Medium Normal Shrink Guard Ultra Normal Drying Less Dry Extended Tumble Ultra Cool Down Perm Press/Casual Damp Dry Air Fluff/ Signal Volumn Extended Tumble No Heat Ultra Delicates...
  • Page 2: Cycle Settings

    Cycle Selection (Con’t) Cycle Settings Drying time varies depending on size and dampness of Appropriate drying Temperature, Dryness Level and Note: Using Air Fluff/No Heat in any Auto Dry load and fabric type. If the load is too small or almost Options will automatically be displayed for each cycle.
  • Page 3: Dryer Features

    Dryer Features Status Lights Start/Pause The following indicators may be lighted during the cycle: Press Start/Pause to start, pause or restart a cycle. Control Lock • Drying “PAU” will be displayed alternately with the estimated To avoid having someone accidentally start or stop the •...
  • Page 4 CONSIGNES D’UTILISATION DE SECHEUSE Model C88002 ® Towels Maximum Jeans High More Heat Medium Normal Shrink Guard Ultra Normal Drying Extended Tumble Ultra Less Dry Cool Down Perm Press/Casual Damp Dry Air Fluff/ Signal Volumn Extended Tumble No Heat Ultra Delicates...
  • Page 5 Sélection de cycle (suite) La durée estimée de la période de refroidissement Pour éviter les risques d’incendie, Nota : L’utilisation de l’option Air froid/sans chaleur s’affiche. La durée de séchage varie en fonction de la n’utilisez pas la chaleur pour sécher des articles avec un cycle Séchage automatique entraîne une taille et de l’humidité...
  • Page 6: Caractéristiques De La Sécheuse

    Caractéristiques de la sécheuse Démarrer/pause Lumières d’état Verrouillage des commandes Appuyez sur Démarrer/pause pour démarrer, faire une Les indicateurs suivants peuvent s’allumer durant le Pour éviter que quelqu’un démarre ou arrête pause ou redémarrer un cycle. « PAU » (pause) cycle : •...