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Safety Instructions; Operating The Appliance; After Using The Appliance/Cleaning; Troubleshooting - Bosch MFQ352001 Manual

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This accessory is intended for use with
the Quirl MFQ35... Follow the operating
instructions for the Quirl MFQ35.
Please retain the operating instructions.
If passing on the appliance to a third party,
always include the operating instructions.
Please fold out the illustrated back pages.
Fig. 1
1 Universal cutter jug
2 Blade
3 Attachment
4 Lid
Some models
5 Ice crusher blade

Safety instructions

d Risk of injury from sharp blade/rotating
Never grip the blade in the universal cutter.
Never clean cutting blade with bare hands.
Use a brush. Take hold of cutting blade by
the plastic handle only.
Before attaching or removing the universal
cutter, wait until the appliance has come to
a standstill. Only ever use a completely
assembled universal cutter.
While working, never lift the universal cutter
off the work surface.

Operating the appliance

For cutting meat, hard cheese, onions, herbs,
garlic, fruit, vegetables, nuts, almonds
(see table, Fig. 5).
You can crush ice with the ice crusher blade
(some models). Optimum processing quantity:
2-4 ice cubes
Before cutting meat, remove gristle,
bones and sinews.
The universal cutter is not suitable for cutting
very hard items (coffee beans, radishes,
nutmeg) and frozen food (fruit, etc.).
Fig. 2
S Place universal cutter jug 1 on a smooth
and clean work surface and depress.
S Insert blade 2.
S Add food.
S Place the attachment 3 on the universal
cutter jug 1 and rotate in a clockwise
direction until it clicks" into position.
S Place the base unit on the attachment 3
and lock into position.
S Hold the base unit and universal cutter firmly
and switch on the appliance at setting M.
The best results are achieved by operating
the appliance intermittently (switch on briefly,
pause, switch on briefly, ...).
Never lift off the work surface.
Important information
When the rear aperture is open, the
appliance can be operated in fast and
continuous operation only. Selector switch
1-5 will not function.
Open and close the catch on the rear
aperture only when the switch is in the
0/Off position.
S To store the processed food, place the
cover 4 on the universal cutter jug (Fig. 4).

After using the appliance/cleaning

Never immerse the attachment 3 for the
universal cutter in water and do not clean in
the dishwasher.
S After working, remove the base unit from the
attachment 3 by simultaneously pressing
both release buttons (Fig. 3).
S Rotate attachment 3 in an anti clockwise
direction and remove from the universal
cutter jug 1.
S Take hold of the blade by the plastic handle
and take out.
S Universal cutter and blade are
dishwasher proof.
S Wipe the attachment with a damp cloth only.


Switch cannot be moved to settings 1 to 5.
Remedial action
When the rear aperture is open, selector switch
1-5 will not function. The catch must be
completely closed.
Subject to changes.


Table of Contents