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Nokia 9000il Owner's Manual: Getting Started; First Start-up

Nokia cell phone owner's manual.
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Chapter 2 - Getting started
When you open the sales package, check that it
contains the following:
• Nokia 9000il Communicator
• This Owner's Manual and the combined Quick
Guide and Accessories Guide
• Extended Li-Ion Battery, see the Accessories
• Adapter, see the Accessories Guide
• Rapid Travel Charger, see the Accessories
• Nokia Connectivity software on diskette (see
Chapter 10 "System: Connecting to a PC" on
page 10-6)
• CD-ROM containing add-on software
developed for the Nokia 9000il
• RS-232 Adapter Cable, see the Accessories
• A sticker with the communicator's serial
number and the lock code (see Chapter 10
"System: Security" on page 10-2)
IMPORTANT! The communicator lock code can
only be found on the yellow sticker in the sales
package. Keep your lock code in a safe place.

First start-up

The first start-up allows you to set your home
location, the time and date, and your personal
Note that whenever you open the communicator
cover after having removed and replaced the
battery, you will see a welcome screen while the
device performs a self-test. The following steps,
however, occur only the first time the communi-
cator is activated, or after it has been reformatted.

2. Getting started

For information about other Nokia 9000il Com-
municator accessories, see the Accessories Guide.
This chapter covers the following topics:
• How to install a valid SIM card, see "SIM
card: Installing the SIM card" on page 2-3.
• How to supply power to the communicator,
see "Connectors" on page 2-4 and "Battery"
on page 2-5.
• How to personalize your communicator, see
"First start-up" on page 2-1.
• How the communicator operates, see
"Communicator interface" on page 2-7 and
"Communicator applications" on page 2-9.
• "Special features" on page 2-12 contains
information about the common features of
all the applications.
• "Shortcuts" on page 2-13 explains the
shortcuts of the document applications.
Note: In this Owner's Manual, the command
names appear in bold and item names,
entries and values shown in the applica-
tion area are in italics.
To change any of the following settings after the
initial start-up, see "First start-up: Changing
start-up settings" on page 2-2.
Install the SIM card and switch on the phone
interface before opening the communicator
interface. In most locations, this will configure
the settings for your voice mail and the SMSC.
SIM card installation is described in "SIM card: In-
stalling the SIM card" on page 2-3. If you do not


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