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Brother ADS-2000e Product Safety Manual

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Product Safety Guide
ADS-2000e ADS-2500We
Please read this booklet before attempting to operate the machine, or before attempting any
maintenance. Failure to follow these instructions may result in an increased risk of fire, electrical
shock, personal injury or damage to property suffocation. Brother shall not be liable for personal
injury or property damage caused where the product owner has failed to follow instructions set
out in this guide.

How to use this guide:

1 Read the whole guide before using your machine and keep it for later reference.
2 Carefully follow the instructions set out in this guide and always ensure that you follow all
warnings and instructions marked on the product.
3 If you have concerns about how to use your machine having read this guide, please refer to
your local Brother dealer or Brother Customer Service.
4 To ensure you understand all of the instructions, study the Symbols and Conventions used
in the documentation below.
Symbols and conventions
used in the documentation
The following symbols and conventions are
used throughout the documentation:
WARNING indicates a potentially hazardous
situation which, if not avoided, could result in
death or serious injuries.
CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous
situation which, if not avoided, may result in
minor or moderate injuries.
IMPORTANT indicates a potentially hazardous
situation which, if not avoided, may result in
damage to property or loss of product
NOTE indicates advice about how you should
respond to a situation that may arise with your
machine and/or advice about how the operation
of the machine works with other features.
Prohibition icons indicate actions that
must not be performed.
This icon indicates that flammable
sprays may not be used.
This icon indicates that organic
solvents such as alcohol and liquids
may not be used.
Electrical Hazard icons alert you to
possible electrical shocks.
Fire Hazard icons alert you to the
possibility of fire.
Bold typeface identifies
specific buttons on the
machine's control panel, or on
the computer screen.
Italicized typeface emphasizes
an important point or refers you
to a related topic.
Text in the Courier New font
identifies messages on the
LCD of the machine.
Courier New
Follow all warnings and instructions marked
on the machine.
The illustrations in this guide show the
USA/CAN Version 0


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Brother ADS-2000e

  • Page 1: How To Use This Guide

    Failure to follow these instructions may result in an increased risk of fire, electrical shock, personal injury or damage to property suffocation. Brother shall not be liable for personal injury or property damage caused where the product owner has failed to follow instructions set out in this guide.
  • Page 2: Compilation And Publication Notice

    Product Safety Guide Compilation and Publication Notice Under the supervision of Brother Industries, Ltd., this manual has been compiled and published, covering the latest product descriptions and specifications. The contents of this manual and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 3 Product Safety Guide DO NOT place the machine near chemicals or in a place where chemicals could be spilled on it. Should chemicals come into contact with the machine, there may be a risk of fire or electric shock. In particular, organic solvents or liquids such as benzene, paint thinner, polish remover, or deodorizer may melt or dissolve the plastic cover and/or cables, resulting in a risk of fire or electric shock.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT • DO NOT place your machine next to sources of interference, such as speakers or the base units of non-Brother cordless telephones. Doing so may interfere with the operation of the machine's electronic components. • DO NOT connect your machine to an AC power outlet controlled by wall switches or automatic timers.
  • Page 5: To Use The Machine Safely

    DO NOT continue using the machine if it has been dropped or the cabinet has been damaged. Instead, unplug the machine from the power outlet and contact Brother Authorized Service Personnel.
  • Page 6 • DO NOT use the machine or handle the cord if the cord has become worn or frayed. If unplugging the machine, DO NOT touch the damaged/frayed part. • Brother strongly recommends that you DO NOT use any type of extension cord. This product was packaged in a plastic bag. To avoid suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from babies and children.
  • Page 7 Product Safety Guide CAUTION DO NOT put pressure or weight on the machine or use it for any purpose beyond its intended purpose. Wait until pages have exited the machine before taking them out, or you could cause injury to your fingers by trapping them in a roller. DO NOT put your hands on the edge of the machine.
  • Page 8 Product Safety Guide DO NOT carry the machine by holding the top cover. Doing this may cause the machine to slip out of your hands. Only carry the machine by placing your hands under the entire machine. Use caution when operating the machine to prevent clothing (particularly sleeves, neckties, etc.), hair, or accessories from being drawn into the machine, otherwise injury may result.
  • Page 9: Important Safety Instructions

    DO NOT attempt to service the machine yourself because opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage points and other risks and may void your warranty. Refer all servicing to a Brother Authorized Service Center. For the location of your nearest Brother Authorized Service Center, please call:...
  • Page 10: Federal Communications Commission (Fcc) Declaration Of Conformity (Usa Only)

    IMPORTANT • Brother cannot accept any financial or other responsibilities that may be the result of your use of this information, including direct, special or consequential damages. There are no warranties extended or granted by this document.
  • Page 11: Wireless Connection (Mexico Only) (Ads-2500We Only)

    This transmitter must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. IMPORTANT • Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Brother Industries, Ltd. could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. • A specific shielded interface cable should be used to ensure compliance with the limits for a Class B digital device.
  • Page 12 The purpose of the International ENERGY STAR Program is to promote the development and popularization of energy-efficient office equipment. ® As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Brother Industries, Ltd. has determined that this product meets ® the ENERGY STAR specifications for energy efficiency.
  • Page 13: Rf Exposure Notice (Usa/Canada Only) (Ads-2500We Only)

    Product Safety Guide RF Exposure Notice (USA/Canada only) (ADS-2500We only) This equipment complies with FCC/IC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment and meets the FCC radio frequency (RF) Exposure Guidelines in Supplement C to OET65 and RSS-102 of the IC radio frequency (RF) Exposure rules. This equipment should be installed and operated keeping the radiator at least 20 cm or more away from person's body (excluding extremities: hands, wrists, feet and ankles).
  • Page 14 Product Safety Guide Trademarks BROTHER is either a trademark or a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista, Windows Server, Outlook and Internet Explorer are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Page 15: Open Source Licensing Remarks

    Product Safety Guide Open Source Licensing Remarks This product includes open-source software. Please visit the Brother Solutions Center at to see the open source licensing remarks. Legal limitations for copying Observe all copyright laws when using this product. Color reproductions of certain documents are illegal and may result in either criminal or civil liability.
  • Page 16 Depending on the condition of the document, the document may become worn thin,  distorted, dirty, or cracked during scanning. In this case, some or all of the scan data may be lost. Confirm that the document has no wrinkles, bends, or holes. ...
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