Nokia 2160 Owner's Manual

Nokia 2160 Owner's Manual

Nokia cell phone user guide
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Description Of Keys

    DESCRIPTION OF KEYS Use the phone keys as follows: CALL INDICATOR LIGHT SIDE BUTTON Upper button increases and lower button decreases volume. Deletes characters and clears the display. “Dials” the number on D i g i t a l D i g i t a l P L U S P L U S display.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Important Safety Information...1 Traffic Safety...1 Operating Environment ...1 Emergency Calls ...2 Using this Owner’s Manual ...3 2. The Display and Connectors...5 3. The Battery ...7 Installing a battery...7 Removing a battery ...7 Battery Charge ...8 4. Basics ...11 Switching On or Off ...11 Signal Strength...11 Access Codes...11...
  • Page 4 8. Temporary Lists and Call Timers ...25 To view Dialed Numbers ...25 To view Last Received Calls ...25 To view Missed Calls...25 Notepad ...26 Call Timers ...26 9. Touch Tones...27 Sending Individual Touch Tones ...27 Sending Strings of Touch Tones...27 Touch Tone Settings in the Phone ...29 10.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Information

    1. Important Safety Information Traffic Safety Do not use a hand-held telephone while driving a vehicle. If using a hand-held telephone park the vehicle before conversing. Always secure the phone in its holder; do not place the phone on the passenger seat or where it can break loose in a collision or sudden stop.
  • Page 6: Emergency Calls

    Only qualified personnel should install or service the phone in a vehicle. Faulty installation or service may be dangerous and may invalidate the warranty. Electronic fuel injection systems, electronic anti-skid braking systems, electronic cruise control systems and other electronic systems can malfunction due to the lack of protection from radio signals.
  • Page 7: Using This Owner's Manual

    If certain features are in use (Keyguard, Locking, Call Restricting, etc.), you may first need to turn those features off before you can make an emergency call. Consult this document and your local cellular service provider. Emergency calling If the phone is not on, switch it on press and hold to clear display...
  • Page 8 FCC/INDUSTRY CANADA NOTICE Your phone may cause TV or radio interference (e.g. when using telephone in close proximity of receiving equipment). The FCC/Industry Canada can require you to stop using your telephone if such interference cannot be eliminated. If you need assistance, contact your local dealer.
  • Page 9: The Display And Connectors

    2. The Display and Connectors The Disp lay A or B: Network the phone uses A - A system only B - B system only AB - Both systems No indicator: Home area only A call is in progress (In Use indicator). The phone is using a digital channel.
  • Page 10 Connectors Ê For Fast Cigarette Lighter Charger, Fast Travel Charger, and Standard Travel Charger Ë Power connector for Desktop Charger CHH-2/CHH-2L Ì System and data connector for accessories, desktop chargers, and HF car kit Í For external antenna...
  • Page 11: The Battery

    3. The Battery Your phone is powered by a rechargeable battery. Use only batteries approved by the phone manufacturer and recharge your battery only with the chargers approved by the manufacturer. A new battery’s full performance is achieved only after two or three complete charge and discharge cycles! Note: This chapter gives only the basics for battery usage.
  • Page 12: Battery Charge

    Charging a battery with Fast Travel Charger (ACH-4U) Ê Connect the lead from the charger to the bottom of the phone. Ë Connect the charger to a standard 120V AC outlet. When the battery is charging, the battery indicator on the right side of the display scrolls.
  • Page 13 Note: In some vehicles, the ignition must be on in order to charge the phone with the cigarette lighter adapter. If the message NOT CHARGING is displayed, charging is suspended. Check that the battery is not overheated (over 104°F/40°C), too cold, or connected to a non-approved charging device.
  • Page 14 Leaving the battery in hot or cold places, such as in a closed car in summer or winter conditions, reduces the capacity and lifetime of the battery. Always try to keep the battery between 59 F and 77 F (15 C and 25 C). A phone with a hot or cold battery may temporarily not work, even if the battery is fully charged.
  • Page 15: Basics

    4. Basics Switching On or Off Press and hold a second. When switching on, if your phone has an extendible antenna, extend the antenna fully. As with any other radio transmitting device, avoid unnecessary contact with the antenna when the phone is switched on. Push in the antenna when you are not using the phone.
  • Page 16 Note: Avoid using access codes similar to emergency numbers such as 911 to prevent accidental dialing of the emergency number. Security Code (5 digits) Enter the 5-digit code then left Security Code: prompt. The Security Code comes with your phone and is required with some phone features.
  • Page 17: Making And Receiving Calls

    5. Making and Receiving Calls Answering a Call Press any key (except or volume keys) then speak If Keyguard is on, only answers calls. Pressing stops the ringing sound, but doesn’t answer the call. Õ Making a Call Extend antenna fully Õ...
  • Page 18: Last Number Redial

    you press 9 , the phone initiates an emergency call only if Menu 3 4, Emergency Key 9, is set On! Õ Last Number Redial Clear display with Õ U Õ U Redialing any of the last 10 numbers within a second Õ...
  • Page 19: Emergency Key 9

    Emergency Key 9 Press 9 then Press and hold 9 for more than 3 seconds The phone dials the preprogrammed emergency number (e.g. 911) with either of these dialing methods. You can also dial an emergency number as usual by keying in the whole emergency number then Note: Pressing and holding Emergency Key 9 to dial an emergency call does not function when Keyguard is in...
  • Page 20: Calling Line Identification

    Calling Line Identification If you have subscribed to and activated this network service, the phone displays the caller’s phone number if the system is able to identify it. The phone displays the caller’s name if you have stored that caller’s name and number, and the person calls you from the number you have stored.
  • Page 21: Call Waiting

    When placing an emergency call, the emergency number will be displayed only after you have keyed in all its digits. After the emergency call, Keyguard becomes active again. Press Answering a call with Keyguard active During the call the keypad remains unlocked which lets you operate the phone as usual.
  • Page 22: Voice And Text Messages

    6. Voice and Text Messages Please check with your operator for the availability of message features. Voice Messages When you receive a voice message, the phone beeps, lights the voice message indicator ( ), and displays NEW VOICE MESSAGE . The phone shows the number of messages if there are more than one.
  • Page 23 Also, to use text messaging, you must have the phone number of your message service center available. The phone can store up to 30 text messages, with a maximum of about 1,900 characters for all messages combined. Contact your network operator for details about the text messaging service and the maximum number of characters allowed in a message.
  • Page 24 EMERGENCY indicates that the message received was marked “emergency” by the sender. LOCKED indicates that you have locked the message. It will not be overwritten even if there is no more space in memory and there is an attempt to deliver a new message to your phone.
  • Page 25: The Personal Directory

    7. The Personal Directory You can store up to 100 numbers and associated names in your “Personal Directory”. Stored numbers may be up to 16 digits long. Stored names may be up to 16 characters long. The phone provides you with 8 extended number locations (any you choose) that allow the stored number to contain up to 30 digits in addition to the name.
  • Page 26: Entering Names

    When ABC is not displayed, you can use the key to enter these special characters: +, links memory locations p, creates a pause w, causes the phone to wait for input Õ A Entering Names Õ Press and release the key labeled with the letter you want until that letter appears...
  • Page 27 Õ To add a name to a stored Recall stored phone phone number number Õ A then key in name Õ right then left Õ At STORE IN LOCATION? enter recalled location number Õ left left REPLACE? Õ To change the number Recall stored number Õ...
  • Page 28: Recalling Stored Numbers

    Recalling Stored With display empty, press Numbers Press repeatedly to scroll through stored numbers. Press to see corresponding names. Recalling Stored With display empty, press Names Press repeatedly to scroll through stored names. Press to dial the displayed name’s number. Õ...
  • Page 29: Temporary Lists And Call Timers

    8. Temporary Lists and Call Timers The phone automatically stores the last 10 dialed numbers, numbers of the last 10 answered calls, and numbers of the last 10 missed calls. It also gives you 10 temporary storage spaces, in a “Notepad”. Note: The phone displays the phone numbers of received and missed calls only if the cellular system is able to identify the caller.
  • Page 30: Notepad

    Notepad The Notepad is “temporary storage” for up to 10 numbers. Õ Store number as To store numbers and names in Notepad normal, but at STORE IN LOCATION , press Õ left See “The Personal Directory” chapter for details on storing numbers.
  • Page 31: Touch Tones

    9. Touch Tones Your phone is a “Touch Tone” phone, meaning that it creates certain sounds when you press the keys. These sounds can be used for many automated, over- the-phone services such as checking your bank balance, using your voice mailbox options, and even checking airplane arrival and departure times.
  • Page 32 For example, you could store your bank account number in the personal directory. Õ Key in the phone To store Touch Tone strings with a phone number Õ press number Õ key in the Touch Tone string Õ store the number in the normal way creates a “p”...
  • Page 33: Touch Tone Settings In The Phone

    Entering only a “+” at the end of a stored number causes the phone to prompt you for a memory location after the call is connected. The phone expects a memory location after the “+” character. Enter a location number and press left ( OK) to send the contents of that memory location as Touch Tones.
  • Page 34: The Menu

    10. The Menu The phone’s menus and submenus allow you to tailor the phone to suit your tastes. Menu guidelines Left ( Menu ) enters the menus step through menus, submenus, and options gives help text on menus and submenus and goes to the next screen of help text if there are several Right...
  • Page 35: Summary Of Menu Functions

    Summary Of Menu Functions MEMORY FUNCTIONS Dialed Calls 01 1 Menu 01 Received Calls 01 2 Missed Calls 01 3 Clear All Call Lists 01 4 Memory Erase Options 01 5 Memory Status 01 6 Call Timers 01 7 MESSAGES Listen to Voice Messages 2 1 Menu 2 Read Messages 2 2...
  • Page 36: Menu 01, Memory Functions

    NETWORK SERVICES Dual Mode Selection 6 1 Menu 6 Voice Privacy 6 2 (see note below) Call Forwarding 6 3 Forward All Calls 6 3 1 Forward If Busy 6 3 2 Forward If Not Answered 6 3 3 Forward If Out of Reach 6 3 4 Call Waiting 6 4 Selective Call Acceptance 6 5 Allowed Numbers List 6 5 1...
  • Page 37: Menu 3, Call Settings

    Menu 3, Call Settings Menu 3 1, Ringing Volume You hear each ringing level as you scroll through the volume levels. When the phone is connected to a handsfree desktop charger, handsfree car kit, or headset, the ringing volume can be set separately for those accessories with this menu.
  • Page 38 Õ Menu 3 7, Calling Card Left Õ To store a calling card to the card you want then left ( OK ) Õ key in security code at Security code: then left Õ key in access number at Access Number: Õ...
  • Page 39: Menu 4, Phone Settings

    Menu 4, Phone Settings Menu 4 1, Lights With lights on, the keypad lights come on when you press a key or have an incoming call, and go off 15 seconds later. When the phone is connected to a car kit, desktop charger, or cigarette lighter charger, the lights are on permanently when this setting is ON ;...
  • Page 40 to move the cursor right or left. Store Press stores the new or edited note for later use. The note is displayed each time you switch the phone on. Erase removes the note from the display and from the memory. Next time you switch the phone on, the stored note displays.
  • Page 41: Menu 5, Security Options

    Emergency Key 9 Automatic Redial Automatic Answer Pager Mode Lights Keypad Tones Level 2 Manual DTMF Tones Continuous Auto DTMF Length Long Menu List Complete Automatic Phone Lock Lock Code 1234 Dual Mode Selection Ana. & Dig. Voice Privacy Ringing Options Ring Menu 4 8, Menu List This function lets you choose either a shortened or...
  • Page 42 When the phone is locked, calls may be possible to the emergency number programmed into your phone (e.g. 911 or other official emergency number) including calls with the Emergency Key 9. Also, you may call the number stored in location 100. To answer a call with Press Auto Lock on:...
  • Page 43: Menu 6, Network Services

    Menu 5 3 2, International Calls Allowed means you can make international calls (i.e., calls beginning with the international prefix preprogrammed in your phone). Blocked means you can’t make international calls with the phone. Menu 5 3 3, Incoming Calls Allowed means you can receive all calls.
  • Page 44 Menu 6 2, Voice Privacy You may set this to On or Off . Voice Privacy On encrypts the voice channel only in networks with digital service. If you have this feature on and voice privacy becomes inactive for any reason the phone displays VOICE PRIVACY INACTIVE and beeps.
  • Page 45 Õ Menu 6 5, Selective Call Left Õ to Allowed Acceptance Numbers List or Blocked Numbers List This appears on the menu only Õ to Activate, if activated with Menu 6 7 Deactivate, or Edit Õ left With this, you can program the network to screen incoming calls.
  • Page 46 If you do not make a selection, the phone uses the default network setting, which is always active when you switch on your phone. Check with your network operator to find out the network default. Menu 6 7, Network Feature Setting Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Selective Call Acceptance, and Send Own Number are services available through your network operator or dealer.
  • Page 47: Menu 7, System Select

    Menu 7, System Select In each cellular service area there are usually two cellular operators operating public systems of type “A” or “B”. One of the public systems (A or B) is your home system (depending on your operator) but your phone can work with both types of systems.
  • Page 48: Menu 8, Nam Selection

    Roaming Indicators When the phone begins roaming, it beeps, displays ROAMING , and lights the roaming indicator ( description of the two states of the roaming indicator, see “The Display and Connectors” chapter. Some cellular systems can recognize a roaming phone automatically.
  • Page 49: Menu 9, Number Editor

    Menu 9, Number The number you want to edit must be on the Editor display Õ Left Õ removes the digit left of cursor Õ cursor right or left This function lets you edit the existing digits of a phone number.
  • Page 50: Menu 11, Activate Keyguard

    Menu 11, Activate Press left then 11 Keyguard Keyguard remains on until you deactivate by pressing ( Menu ) then . When the function is activated left and there is no call in progress, no key tones are heard and no key presses are be accepted, except for calls to 911 (or other official preprogrammed emergency number) and When placing an emergency call, the emergency...
  • Page 51: Data And Fax Calls

    11. Data and Fax Calls The phone can send or receive data when it is connected to a compatible data terminal (such as a fax machine or PC) through a data adapter. See the documentation for the data adapter and terminal. Only analog data can be sent and received.
  • Page 52 To receive a fax call Ê Check that the data terminal is properly installed. Ë Press to answer the call. OR, if you know this is an incoming fax, you can answer the call from the fax machine’s keypad. Ì After the transmission, end the call from the fax machine’s keypad.
  • Page 53: Accessories

    12. Accessories In addition to the battery and chargers described in this manual, an extensive accessory range is available. You can select the accessories that meet your specific communication needs. For availability, please check with your local dealer. Use only batteries, antennas, chargers, and accessories approved by the phone manufacturer.
  • Page 54: Approximate Battery Operation Times

    Note: Battery operation times vary according to signal conditions, network parameters set by the operator, and how you use the batteries. Using the phone near the network’s base station consumes less power. Keeping the antenna fully extended whenever possible maintains the connection to the network with less power.
  • Page 55: Standard Travel Charger (Ach-3U)

    The charger can also be used together with the optional Compact Desktop Charging Stand (CHH-2) and Light Desk Stand (CHH-2L). Fast Cigarette Lighter Charger (LCH-2) You can charge the phone battery from your vehicle battery by using the Fast Cigarette Lighter Charger (LCH-2).
  • Page 56 The charger starts to charge the spare battery as soon as it has finished charging the phone battery. Connect either the Fast Travel Charger (ACH-4U) or the Fast Cigarette Lighter Charger (LCH-2) to the stand, and then plug the Fast Travel Charger or Fast Cigarette Lighter Charger into a wall outlet or vehicle respectively.
  • Page 57: Compact Desktop Charger Kit (Chh-2K)

    13. Care and Maintenance Your phone is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The suggestions below will help you to fulfill the warranty obligations and to enjoy this product for many years. Keep the phone and all its parts and accessories out of small childrens’...
  • Page 58: Compact Handsfree Car Kit (Cark-10)

    The right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this guide without prior notice is reserved. Issue No. 1. © 1996 Nokia Mobile Phones. All rights reserved. These commodities are authorized by the U.S. Government for export only to Canada, Mexico, or the United States.
  • Page 59: Booster Kit (Bshk-4)

    NOKIA One-Year Limited Warranty Nokia Mobile Phones, Inc. (“NMPI”) warrants that this cellular phone (“Product") is free from defects in material and workmanship, according to the following terms and conditions: The limited warranty for the Product extends for ONE (1) year beginning on the date of purchase of the Product.
  • Page 60: Belt Clip (Bch-2)

    The Product serial number plate or the accessory date code has been removed, defaced, or altered. The defect or damage was caused by the defective function of the cellular system, or by inadequate signal reception by the external antenna. If a problem develops during the limited warranty period, the Consumer should take the following step-by-step procedure: The Consumer shall return the Product to the place of...
  • Page 61 Questions concerning this limited warranty may be directed to the Customer Service Department at Nokia, 6200 Courtney Campbell Causeway, Suite 900, Tampa, FL 33630. Telephone (813) 288-3800 or 1-800-666-5553, Facsimile: (813) 287-6612.
  • Page 62: Technical Data

    The right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this guide without prior notice is reserved. Issue No. 1. © 1996 Nokia Mobile Phones. All rights reserved. These commodities are authorized by the U.S. Government for export only to Canada, Mexico, or the United States.

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