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Nokia bluetooth headset user manual
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Warning: Do not hold the
device near your ear when
the loudspeaker is in use,
because the volume may be extremely
To make a call, use your mobile device
in the normal way when the
speakerphone is connected to it.
Speak towards the speakerphone
microphone. For optimal performance,
check that there are no objects in
front of the microphone and that the
microphone is in front of you. During a
call, the green indicator light is
If your device supports last number
redial with the speakerphone, press
the answer/end key twice when no
call is in progress.
If your device supports voice dialling
with the speakerphone, press the
answer/end key when no call is in
progress, and proceed as described in
the user guide of your device.
To answer the call, press the answer/
end key. To reject the call, press the
answer/end key twice. When you
receive a call, you hear a ringing tone
through the speakerphone.
To end a call, press the answer/end
key. The speakerphone beeps.
To switch an active call from the
speakerphone to your device, press
and hold the answer/end key. To
switch the call back to the
speakerphone, press the answer/end
Clear settings or reset
To clear the pairing settings from the
speakerphone, press and hold the
answer/end key and the volume up key
at the same time for about 10
seconds. When the settings are

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