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HP Photosmart
R830/R840 series
Digital Camera
User Guide


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  • Page 1 HP Photosmart R830/R840 series Digital Camera User Guide...
  • Page 2 © Copyright 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting started Camera top, side, and back .......................4 Camera front and bottom......................5 Camera dock insert........................5 Before taking pictures.........................5 Install the battery........................6 Charge the battery........................6 Turn on the camera......................6 Choose the language......................7 Set the region........................7 Set the date and time......................7 Install and format an optional memory card.................8 Install the software........................8 Using your camera........................9...
  • Page 4 Enhancing photos........................28 Modifying colors........................29 Adding borders.........................29 Cropping images........................30 Transferring and printing images Transferring images with HP Photosmart Software..............31 Transferring images without HP Photosmart Software.............32 Connecting to the computer....................32 Using a memory card reader....................33 Printing directly to a printer.......................33 Using HP Photosmart Express Using the Photosmart Express Menu..................35...
  • Page 5 Contents B Specifications Memory capacity........................53 Image quality..........................54 Video quality..........................54 Index..............................55...
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    Getting started Use this section to get familiar with the camera controls, set up your digital camera for use, and begin taking pictures. Camera top, side, and back Mode button—Accesses the Shooting Mode menu while in Picture Capture (see “Using the shooting modes” on page 15).
  • Page 7: Camera Front And Bottom

    Battery/Memory Card door. Camera dock insert If you purchase an optional HP Photosmart dock, it will come with multiple plastic inserts. When setting up the dock for use with this camera, use the dock insert with the black triangle tag. For instructions, see the documentation that came with your dock.
  • Page 8: Install The Battery

    Chapter 1 Install the battery 1. Open the Battery/Memory Card door by sliding the door latch as indicated on the Battery/ Memory Card door. 2. Insert the battery in the larger slot, pushing the battery in until the latch catches. 3.
  • Page 9: Choose The Language

    Along with the language setting, the region setting determines the default date format and the format of the video signal for displaying camera images on a television when connected through an optional HP Photosmart dock (see “Using the Camera Setup Menu” on page 38).
  • Page 10: Install And Format An Optional Memory Card

    To install the HP Photosmart Software, your computer must meet the system requirements as stated on the camera packaging. If you have trouble installing or using the HP Photosmart Software, see the Hewlett- Packard Technical Support website for more information: Known issues are often fixed with new releases of firmware.
  • Page 11: Using Your Camera

    1. Close all programs and temporarily disable any virus protection software. 2. Insert the HP Photosmart Software CD into the CD drive and follow the on-screen instructions. If the installation screen does not appear, click Start, click Run, type D: \Setup.exe, where D is the letter of your CD drive, then click OK.
  • Page 12: Taking Pictures And Recording Video Clips

    Taking pictures and recording video clips You can take pictures when you are in Picture Capture and you can record video when you are in Video Record. Slide to take pictures or to to record video clips. The Image Display resembles the following: •...
  • Page 13: Recording Video Clips

    Recording video clips You can record a video clip when the camera is set to Video Record. 1. Slide 2. Frame the subject in the Image Display. 3. Press the Shutter button halfway down to measure focus and exposure. The focus brackets in the Image Display turn solid green when focus is locked (see “Auto focus and exposure”...
  • Page 14: Optimizing Focus

    Chapter 2 Optimizing focus When the camera cannot auto focus, the focus brackets turn red. This indicates the picture may be out of focus because the subject is out of the focus range or the scene has low contrast. If you are recording a video or taking a picture with a shooting mode (see “Using the shooting modes”...
  • Page 15: Optimizing Exposure

    Optimizing exposure When you are taking a picture and press the Shutter button halfway down, the camera also measures the light level to set the proper exposure. If the camera determines the scene will require a very long exposure, a shaking hand icon ( ) appears.
  • Page 16 Chapter 2 For MP values and their recommended print sizes, see Image Quality under “Using the Picture Capture and Video Record menus” on page To use digital zoom: 1. While in Picture Capture, press on the Zoom lever to optically zoom to the maximum level, then release the lever.
  • Page 17: Setting Options For Taking Pictures And Recording Video Clips

    Remove Red Eyes (see Remove Red Eyes under “Using the Design Gallery Menu” on page 27) or the HP Photosmart Software that came with your camera. You can remove the glowing eyes in animal subjects after you have captured the image using Pet-Eye Fix (see “Enhancing photos”...
  • Page 18: Using Panorama Mode

    To stitch your panoramic sequence together, use Stitch Panorama on the camera (see “Stitching panoramas” on page 25). If you installed the HP Photosmart Software (see “Install the Setting options for taking pictures and recording video clips...
  • Page 19: Using The Picture Capture And Video Record Menus

    software” on page 8), you can also stitch panoramas automatically as you transfer them to your computer. 1. While in Picture Capture, press Mode, use to select either Panorama (left to right) or Panorama (right to left), then press 2. Press the Shutter button to take the first picture in the panoramic sequence. 3.
  • Page 20 Chapter 3 Unless otherwise noted, the setting remains in effect until you turn off the camera. The next time you turn on the camera, the settings reset to their defaults. Video Quality ( only)—Sets resolution and compression for video clips. The setting remains in effect until it is changed, even when you turn off the camera.
  • Page 21 (continued) Date & Time Imprint ( only)—Imprints date in lower left corner of image. The setting remains in effect until it is changed, even when you turn off the camera. • Off (Default)—No date or time imprinted on the image. •...
  • Page 22: Using The Self-timer Settings

    Chapter 3 NOTE: Some options are not available in certain shooting modes or with other settings. Using the Self-Timer settings Self-Timer allows you to take one or two pictures or one video clip after a 10- second delay. 1. While in the Picture Capture or Video Record menu, use to highlight...
  • Page 23: Adaptive Lighting

    Adaptive Lighting This setting balances the relationship between bright and dark areas in a picture, preserving gentle contrasts while reducing harsh contrasts. When used with a flash, Adaptive Lighting can brighten areas that a flash wouldn’t reach. Adaptive Lighting is useful in situations like these: •...
  • Page 24: Reviewing Images And Video Clips

    Reviewing images and video clips You can review and manipulate images and video clips in Playback as described here. For information about enhancing images, see “Using the Playback Menu” on page 24 “Using the Design Gallery Menu” on page Using Playback 1.
  • Page 25: Deleting Images

    (continued) Number of copies to print (see “Marking images for printing” on page 35). Deleting images To delete a displayed image during Playback: 1. Press 2. Use to select an option, then press • This Image—Deletes the image or video clip. •...
  • Page 26: Using The Playback Menu

    “Using the Design Gallery Menu” on page 27). Photosmart Express...—Allows you to mark images for printing, sharing, and ordering prints online (see “Using HP Photosmart Express” on page 35). Tag—Allows you to tag images for printing, sharing, or buying prints online (see “Tagging images”...
  • Page 27: Viewing Slideshows

    Transferring tags from your Macintosh The HP Photosmart Software that came with your camera allows you to use keywords in HP Photosmart Studio or iPhoto as camera tags.
  • Page 28 Chapter 4 1. Scroll to one of the images in a panoramic sequence, then press 2. While in the Playback Menu, use to select Stitch Panorama, then press to view a preview of the stitched image. You can use to magnify the stitched panorama preview, and to pan around the image and examine the stitching.
  • Page 29: Using The Design Gallery Menu

    Using the Design Gallery Menu You can use the Design Gallery features to enhance your captured images. 1. While in Playback, use to scroll to an image, then press 2. Use to highlight Design Gallery, then press 3. Use to highlight an option, then press and follow any on-camera instructions.
  • Page 30: Enhancing Photos

    Chapter 5 Apply Artistic Effects allows you to create a copy of a selected image and apply creative effects to the copy. To apply artistic effects: 1. While in the Design Gallery Menu, use to select Apply Artistic Effects, then press 2.
  • Page 31: Modifying Colors

    • R830 series: Repeat these steps, if necessary, to correct additional blemishes. • R840 series: You can correct a single blemish at a time. To correct additional blemishes, repeat the entire procedure. • Brightness/Contrast—Allows you to adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast. 3.
  • Page 32: Cropping Images

    Chapter 5 • Circle—Adds a circular matte border with beveled edges. • Rectangle—Adds a rectangular matte border with sharp corners. • Rounded Rectangle—Uses a rectangle with soft corners for the matte border. • Square—Adds a square matte border with beveled edges. 3.
  • Page 33: Transferring And Printing Images

    You can transfer pictures and video clips with or without the HP Photosmart Software that came with your camera. However, the HP Photosmart Software has several features for transferring and managing your images and also guides you through the transfer process.
  • Page 34: Transferring Images Without Hp Photosmart Software

    “My camera stalls when establishing a connection to the computer.” on page After you have transferred the images, you can then use the HP Photosmart Software to edit, print, or send the images from your computer. Transferring images without HP Photosmart Software If you do not install the HP Photosmart Software: •...
  • Page 35: Using A Memory Card Reader

    NOTE: You cannot print video clips using the method described in this section. You can, however, print a frame from a video clip using the HP Photosmart Software. For more information, see Help in the HP Photosmart Software. 1. Check that the printer is turned on, there is paper in the printer, and there are no printer error messages.
  • Page 36 5. After the printer has printed all the images you selected, disconnect the camera from the printer. NOTE: If you connect the camera to a non-HP printer and encounter problems with printing, contact your printer manufacturer. HP does not provide customer support for non-HP printers.
  • Page 37: Using Hp Photosmart Express

    36) the next time you connect the camera to your computer or printer. You must have the HP Photosmart Software installed on your computer to use some features in the Photosmart Express Menu. For information about installing this software, see “Install the software”...
  • Page 38: Buying Prints Online

    Buying prints online You can mark images you want to order as prints. The next time you connect the camera to a computer with the HP Photosmart Software installed, you can order prints of the marked images online. 1. While in the...
  • Page 39: Setting Up Online Destinations In The Camera

    Step 2. 4. When you are done marking images to share, press repeatedly until you return to Playback. 5. To send the images to the destinations, see “Transferring images with HP Photosmart Software” on page Sharing images...
  • Page 40: Using The Camera Setup Menu

    Using the Camera Setup Menu Camera Setup Menu allows you to set preferences for the camera’s behavior. Camera Setup Menu is available from the Picture Capture, Video Record, and Playback menus. 1. While in the Picture Capture, Video Record, or Playback menu, use to highlight Camera Setup..., then press...
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    “Install the battery” on page 6) and that you are using a rechargeable HP Photosmart R07 Lithium Ion battery for HP Photosmart R-series cameras. • Ensure that a battery is installed in the camera, that the power adapter is connected to the camera and is plugged into a working electrical outlet, and that power adapter is not damaged or defective.
  • Page 42 Use only the power adapter that came with your camera. • If charging the battery in the HP quick recharger or the spare battery charging bay of an optional HP Photosmart dock does not work, replace the battery. It takes the camera a long time to turn on.
  • Page 43 This causes a longer exposure time, so use a tripod or hold the camera steady. For information about flash working distance for this camera, go to support, select your language and region, enter your camera model number in the...
  • Page 44 Chapter 9 My image is grainy. • Add indirect lighting, use the flash (see “Setting the flash” on page 15), or wait for natural lighting conditions to improve. • Use a lower ISO Speed setting (see ISO Speed under “Using the Picture Capture and Video Record menus”...
  • Page 45 The Power light is on but the Image Display is off, or the camera seems stuck and won’t operate. • Slide to a different position or press any camera button to reactivate the Image Display. • Reset the camera (see “Resetting the camera”...
  • Page 46 Macintosh. Open the HP Photosmart Camera settings in System Preferences to make changes, or to view the camera software help. The HP Photosmart Software takes a long time before it is ready to transfer images from my camera.
  • Page 47: Camera Error Messages

    NOTE: Codes beginning with R840 apply to HP Photosmart R840 series cameras. Codes beginning with R830 apply to HP Photosmart R830 series cameras. • Lens Error (general)—R840–021, R830–021 • Unsupported card—R840–200, R830–200 •...
  • Page 48: 10 Product Support

    Windows Vista support (English only) Getting assistance To get the best from your HP product, consult the following standard HP support offerings: 1. Consult the product documentation. • Review “Troubleshooting” on page 39 in this document.
  • Page 49 HP Care Pack offers at 6. If you already purchased an HP Care Pack Service, please check the support conditions on your contract. Getting assistance...
  • Page 50: A Managing Batteries

    Managing batteries Your camera uses a rechargeable HP Photosmart R07 Lithium Ion battery (L1812A/L1812B). Top points about batteries Always insert the battery in the camera correctly (see “Install the battery” on page 6). If the battery is inserted improperly, the compartment door may close but the camera will not operate.
  • Page 51: Power Indicators

    Number of shots per battery charge A fully charged HP Photosmart R07 Lithium Ion battery should take approximately 230 pictures using an R830 series camera and 210 pictures using an R840 series camera. These numbers are estimates based on standards established by the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA).
  • Page 52: Safety Precautions For Recharging Batteries

    These devices may be warm while charging a Lithium Ion battery. This is normal. However, you should follow the safety precautions below. • Do not charge any other battery than the HP Photosmart R07 Lithium Ion battery in the camera, dock, or quick recharger. •...
  • Page 53 • Unplug the power adapter or quick recharger from the electrical outlet before cleaning the power adapter or quick recharger. • After extensive use, the Lithium Ion battery may begin to swell. If it becomes difficult to insert the battery into or remove the battery from the camera, dock, or quick recharger, discontinue use of the battery and replace it with a new one.
  • Page 54: Specifications

    Yes, 6-second typical recharge time (9-second maximum recharge time at power-on) Flash working range To locate the flash working range for this camera, go to support, select your language and region, enter your camera model number in the Search: Product field, click Product Information, then click Specifications.
  • Page 55: Memory Capacity

    JPEG (EXIF) for pictures • Motion JPEG for video clips Interfaces Dock connector (HP 1253–7135) and USB cable connector (USB 2.0 Full Speed/USB mini-B) connected to either: • Power adapter (via USB connector on the side of the camera) •...
  • Page 56: Image Quality

    Video Quality settings (see Video Quality under “Using the Picture Capture and Video Record menus” on page 17), go to, select your language and region, enter your camera model number in the Search: Product field, click Product Information, then click Specifications.
  • Page 57: Index

    Camera Setup 38 Camera Setup Menu 38 Design Gallery 27 Camera Sounds 38 Photosmart Express 35 Close-up mode 16 HP Photosmart Express 35 Picture Capture 17 color depth 52 HP Photosmart Software 8 Playback 24 colors 29 Video Record 17...
  • Page 58 number of Self-Timer weight 53 pictures 54 light 5 White Balance 19, 21 pictures remaining 10 setting 18, 20 sending individual images 36, zoom 13, 52 set date and time 7 on/off 6 Zoom lever 4 setting up destinations 36, 37 online share pictures 35 destinations 36, 37...
  • Page 59 Manager of Corporate Product Regulations Hewlett-Packard Company 3000 Hanover Street Palo Alto, Ca 94304 (650) 857-1501 HP Photosmart R830/R840 series Digital Camera Declaration of Conformity (European Economic Area) According to ISO/IEC 17050-1 and EN 17050-1 Supplier's name: Hewlett-Packard Company Digital Photography and Entertainment Division...

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