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Bosch WVG30461GB Instruction Manual And Installation Instructions

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Washer dryer
en Instruction Manual and Installation Instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Washer dryer WVG30461GB WVG3046SGB en Instruction Manual and Installation Instructions...
  • Page 2: Your New Washer Dryer

    Your new washer dryer Note/tip Information about the optimum use of You have chosen a Bosch washer dryer. the appliance/any other useful information. Please take a few minutes to read and become familiar with the advantages of 1. 2. 3. / a) b) c) your washer dryer.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents e n I n s t r u c t i o n M a n u a l a n d I n s t a l l a t i o n I n s t r u c t i o n s Drying table .
  • Page 4: Intended Use

    Intended use Customer service ... 35 Intended use Technical specifications ..35 For private domestic use only. ■ I n t e n d e d u s e The washer dryer is suitable for ■...
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions Warning Safety instructions Risk of scalding! When washing at high Electrical safety ■ temperatures, you may be S a f e t y i n s t r u c t i o n s scalded if you touch the hot Warning washing water (e.g.
  • Page 6: Protection Of The Environment

    Protection of the environment Warning Protection of the Risk of choking! environment Children may become wrapped in packaging/film or packing parts if Packaging/old appliance allowed to play with them, or they P r o t e c t i o n o f t h e e n v i r o n m e n t may pull them over their heads and suffocate.
  • Page 7: The Main Points In Brief

    The main points in brief The main points in brief T h e m a i n p o i n t s i n b r i e f Plug into the mains. Open the washer Select the washing/ Max.
  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Appliance

    Getting to know your appliance Getting to know your appliance Washer dryer G e t t i n g t o k n o w y o u r a p p l i a n c e 9S Open the door Detergent drawer 9T Close the door Operating/display panel...
  • Page 9: Control Panel

    Getting to know your appliance Control panel Change the default settings for the @ Start programme. Select the Start/ selected programme and select Reload A button to start, additional functions: interrupt (e.g. reload laundry) and cancel the programme. ( Select a programme. Can be ~ Page 17 rotated in either direction.
  • Page 10: Display Panel

    Getting to know your appliance Display panel Displays for the programme ( Temperature for washing Ž (cold) – 90° Temperature in °C programme 0 Programme information 1:50* Programme duration after programme selection in h:min (hours:minutes) Finish in time in h (h=hour) 1 –...
  • Page 11 Getting to know your appliance @ Programme information and E lights up On if childproof lock has been activated ~ Page 17 additional function symbols E flashes The childproof lock is actived, and if the pro- gramme selector has been adjusted or the buttons have been pressed Õ...
  • Page 12: Laundry

    Laundry An especially gentle washing Laundry process is required; e.g. Delicates/Silk programme P reparing laundry for washing Suitable for washing by hand; L a u n d r y e.g. W Wool program Sorting laundry according to: Do not machine wash. Ž...
  • Page 13: Preparing Laundry For Drying

    Laundry Ensure that underwired bras are Do not iron laundry immediately after ■ ■ machine-washable. drying. It is recommended to roll the Wash delicates in a net or bag laundry up first to distribute residual ■ (tights, underwired bras, etc). moisture evenly.
  • Page 14: Operating The Appliance

    Operating the appliance Selecting the programme/ Operating the Switching on the appliance appliance Note: Preparing the washer dryer If you have activated the childproof lock, O p e r a t i n g t h e a p p l i a n c e you must deactivate it before you can The washer dryer was tested before set a programme.
  • Page 15: Adjusting The Drying Programme

    Operating the appliance The buttons are sensitive, they only Adjusting the drying ■ need to be touched gently. If the programme button °C Temp., 0 rpm, ñ Finished in is held down, the Note: setting options are automatically If an individual drying programme or scrolled through.
  • Page 16: Dosing And Adding Detergent And Care Product

    Operating the appliance Observe the indicated maximum the manufacturer’s specifications on ■ ■ load. Overfilling adversely affects the packaging, the washing result and promotes the amount of laundry, ■ creasing. soiling. ■ Unfold presorted laundry items and Filling the dispensers place in the drum.
  • Page 17: Starting The Programme

    Operating the appliance If an individual drying programme is programme progress symbols when the ■ selected, please do not add washing programme has started. detergent and/or care product in the Display panel~ Page 10 appliance. Childproof lock Measuring aid* for liquid detergent *depending on the model You can secure the washer dryer to prevent the set functions from being...
  • Page 18: Changing The Programme

    Operating the appliance For drying programmes: Notes Select Intensive Dry 5 or Gentle If there is a high water level, high ■ Dry ‰. temperature or if the drum is Touch button Š Dry and set drying rotating, the door remains locked time to 15 minutes.
  • Page 19: After Washing/Drying

    Operating the appliance Wrinkle guard process starts after Always remove the laundry. ■ ■ drying process is finished to prevent Always wait until the programme ■ laundry getting wrinkle if you do not ends, as the appliance could still be take laundry out in time.
  • Page 20: Overview Of Programmes

    Overview of programmes Overview of programmes Programme on the programme O v e r v i e w o f p r o g r a m m e s selector Programme/Type of laundry Options/Information Name of the programme maximum load according to EN50229 Brief explanation of the programme and which textiles it is suitable for.
  • Page 21 Overview of programmes Programme/Type of laundry Options/Information Allergy+ ; max. 6.5(5)* kg/4 kg Hardwearing textiles made of cotton or linen. Ž (cold) – 60 °C Notes – – – –, 0 – 1500 rpm Especially suitable for increased hygienic demands or particu- ■...
  • Page 22 Overview of programmes Programme/Type of laundry Options/Information max. 2 kg W Wool ã Ž (cold) – 40 °C Hand and machine-washable fabrics made of wool or wool blend; particularly gentle wash programme to prevent shrinkage of laun- – – – –, 0 – 800 rpm dry, with longer programme breaks (soaking garments in the deter- –...
  • Page 23: Drying Table

    Overview of programmes Drying table Estimated drying time (min) Load type Recommended Drying Cupboard dry » Extra dry · drying programme load (kg) Cottons/coloureds (color fast tex- Intensive dry 5 0.5 - 2.0 40 - 90 60 - 100 tiles made of cotton or linen such as 2.0 - 3.5 90 - 160 100 - 180...
  • Page 24: Starching

    Changing programme default settings Starching Changing programme default settings The laundry should not be Note: treated with fabric softener. You can change the default settings for Liquid starch can be used in all wash C h a n g i n g p r o g r a m m e d e f a u l t s e t t i n g s selected programmes.
  • Page 25: Ñ Finished In

    Changing programme default settings ñ Finished in Notes Programme selection in Intensive ■ 8 Define the Finish in time (end Dry 5 or Gentle Dry ‰ position to of programme). select an individual drying programme. Overview of The respective programme Note: programmes ~ Page 20 duration is displayed by selecting...
  • Page 26: F Eco Perfect

    Selecting additional functions Selecting additional functions You can select your desired additional S e l e c t i n g a d d i t i o n a l f u n c t i o n s functions by touching the respective buttons.
  • Page 27: Setting The Signal

    Setting the signal Setting the signal S e t t i n g t h e s i g n a l Setting signal volume Activate setting mode for signal volume Turn to Off 1 step clockwise Press A and 1 step clockwise Release hold and...
  • Page 28: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance follow the instructions of the descaling Cleaning and agent manufacturer. Suitable descalers can be purchased on our website or maintenance from customer service. ~ Page 35 Warning C l e a n i n g a n d m a i n t e n a n c e Cleaning the detergent Risk of electric shock! dispenser...
  • Page 29: Drain Pump Blocked

    Cleaning and maintenance Drain pump blocked Warning Risk of scalding! When you wash at high temperatures, the water gets very hot. If you come into contact with the hot water, you may be scalded. Place the service flap back on, lock Allow the water to cool down.
  • Page 30: Filter In The Water Inlet Hose Blocked

    Cleaning and maintenance Filter in the water inlet hose blocked Warning Danger of death! Do not immerse the Aqua-Stop safety device in water (it contains an electric valve). First, reduce the water pressure in the supply hose: Turn off the tap. Select any programme (except Spin /Drain 0/[).
  • Page 31: Faults And What To Do About

    Faults and what to do about them Wait until the drum has stopped turning. Faults and what to do Caution! about them Water damage Any escaping water may cause water Emergency release, e.g. if a damage. F a u l t s a n d w h a t t o d o a b o u t t h e m power failure occurs Do not open the washer dryer door if water can be seen through the glass.
  • Page 32: Faults And What To Do About Them

    Faults and what to do about them Information Cause/Remedy E:18 Drain pump blocked; clean the drain pump. Clean the drainage hose on the siphon. E:32 Alternating display with End when programme is finished: unbalance problem, spinning phase is aborted. Alternating display with End when programme is finished: no water detected in E:95 drying phase, may get bad drying result.
  • Page 33 Faults and what to do about them Faults Cause/Remedy Compartment M is not Remove the insert. Clean the detergent drawer and reinsert it. rinsed out completely. Odour formation in the Run the Drum Clean Û 90°C programme without laundry and detergent. ■...
  • Page 34 Faults and what to do about them Faults Cause/Remedy The drying result is not Excessively high ambient temperature (above 30 °C) or inadequate venti- ■ satisfactory (laundry is lation in the room in which the washer dryer is situated. not dry enough). The laundry has not been spun well enough before drying.
  • Page 35: Customer Service

    Customer service Customer service Technical specifications If you cannot correct the fault yourself, C u s t o m e r s e r v i c e see section, Faults and what to do Dimensions: about them ~ Page 32 T e c h n i c a l s p e c i f i c a t i o n s 850 x 600 x 590 mm Please contact our customer service.
  • Page 36: Consumption Values

    Consumption values Consumption values C o n s u m p t i o n v a l u e s Programme Option Load Energy Water Programme (kg) consumption *** Consumption *** duration *** (kWh) (liter) (hours) Cottons i 20 °C* 0,30 Cottons i 40 °C* 1,06...
  • Page 37: Positioning And Connecting

    Positioning and connecting 0 Bag: Positioning and Installation and operating ■ connecting instructions Customer services location ■ Included with the appliance directory* P o s i t i o n i n g a n d c o n n e c t i n g Warranty* ■...
  • Page 38: Safety Instructions

    Positioning and connecting Safety instructions Installation surface The washer dryer must be stable Warning Note: so that it does not move around. Risk of injury! The installation surface must be firm The washer dryer is very heavy. ■ ■ and level. Be careful when lifting/transporting Soft floors/floor coverings are not the washer dryer.
  • Page 39: Removing The Transport Locks

    Positioning and connecting Removing the transport locks Caution! Damage to the appliance The machine is secured for ■ transportation using transport locks. If the transport locks are not removed, the drum, for example, Insert the covers. Lock the covers may become damaged when the firmly in place by applying pressure machine is operated.
  • Page 40: Water Inlet

    Positioning and connecting If the hose holders are used, the If the water pressure is higher than this, Note: possible hose lengths are reduced! a pressure-reducing valve must be installed. Available from dealer/customer service: Connection Extension for Aqua-Stop or cold ■...
  • Page 41: Alignment

    Positioning and connecting if you come into contact with hot water (e.g. when draining hot water into a washbasin). Do not reach into the hot water. Caution! Water damage If the drain hose slips out of the Drainage into a plastic pipe with ■...
  • Page 42: Electrical Connection

    Positioning and connecting Electrical connection Before washing/drying for the first time Electrical safety The washer dryer was inspected Warning thoroughly before leaving the factory. To remove any residual test water, run the Risk of electric shock! programme the first Danger of death if live parts are Drum Clean Û...
  • Page 43: Transportation

    Positioning and connecting Transportation Preparatory work Turn off the tap. Release the water pressure in the supply hose. Filter in the water inlet hose blocked ~ Page 30 Drain any residual washing water. Drain pump blocked ~ Page 29 Disconnect the washer dryer from the power supply.
  • Page 44 0344 892 8979 (Calls charged at local or mobile rate.) 01450 2655 (0.03 € per minute at peak. Off peak 0.0088 € per minute.) You can find the contact information for all countries in the attached after-sales service directory. Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München, GERMANY *9001053505*...

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