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Black & Decker LE750 Instruction Manual


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Le750, eh1000 TyPe 6
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Key information you should Know:
• Your edger is designed to eject clippings and other debris forward, away from the operator.
• Inspect and thoroughly clean your edger at the start of each edging season.
• The blade on this tool is not intended to be sharp. Do not sharpen it in any way.
• Make sure edging area (100 ft.) is clear of other persons or pets prior to starting operation.
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Cat. no. le750, eh1000
form no. 90615877
noVemBer 2014
Copyright © 2014 BlaCK+deCKer
Printed in China
safety guidelines - definitions
It is important for you to read and understand this manual.
The information it contains relates to protecting YOUR SAFETY and PREVENTING
PROBLEMS. The symbols below are used to help you recognize this information.
Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result
in death or serious injury.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result
in death or serious injury.
Indicates a potentially haz a rd o us situation which, if not avoided, may result in
minor or mod e r a te injury.
Used without the safety alert symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, may result in property damage.
imPortant safety warnings and instruCtions
warning: When using electric gardening appliances, basic safety precautions should always be
followed to reduce risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury, including the following.
warning Some dust created by this product contains chemicals known to the State of
California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Some examples of these
chemicals are:
• compounds in fertilizers
• compounds in insecticides, herbicides and pesticides
• arsenic and chromium from chemically treated lumber
To reduce your exposure to these chemicals, wear approved safety equipment such as dust
masks that are specially designed to filter out microscopic particles.
warning: This product contains chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California
to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.
Caution: Wear appropriate personal hearing protection during use. Under some
conditions and duration of use, noise from this product may contribute to hearing loss.
read all instruCtions
to reduCe risK of injury:
• Before any use, be sure everyone using this tool reads and understands all safety
instructions and other information contained in this manual.
• Save these instructions and review frequently prior to use and in instructing others.
read all instruCtions
Safety WarningS and inStructionS: douBLe inSuLation
rePlaCement Parts: When servicing use only identical BLACK+DECKER replacement parts.
iMPortant Safety inStructionS: PoLariZed PLugS
To reduce the risk of electric shock, this equipment has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than
the other). This equipment must be used with a suitable polarized 2 wire or 3 wire extension
cord. Polarized connections will fit together only one way. Make sure that the receptacle end
of the extension cord has large and small blade slot widths. If the plug does not fit fully into the
extension cord, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, obtain a suitable extension cord. If the
extension cord does not fit fully into the outlet, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper
outlet. Do not modify the appliance plug or extension cord in any way.
this tool Can Be dangerous. Follow all warnings and Safety Instructions in this
manual. The operator is responsible for following warnings and instructions in this manual
and on unit. Restrict use of this power tool to persons who read, understand and follow
warnings and instructions in this manual and on unit.
• aVoid dangerous enVironment. Don’t use appliances in damp or wet locations. Don’t
use appliances in the rain.
• KeeP Children away. All other persons and pets should be kept at a safe distance from
work area.
• store idle aPPlianCes indoors. Appliances should be stored indoors in dry, secured
area – out of reach of children.
• DON’T FORCE APPLIANCE. It will do the job better and with less likelihood of a risk of injury
at the rate for which it was designed.
• use right aPPlianCe. Do not use the appliance for any job except that for which it is
• dress ProPerly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. They can be caught in moving
parts. Rubber gloves, long pants and substantial, non-skid footwear are recommended when
working outdoors. Do not go barefoot or wear sandals. Wear protective hair covering to
contain long hair.
• use safety glasses and other safety eQuiPment. Use safety goggles or safety
glasses with side shields, complying with applicable safety standards and, when needed, a
face shield. Also use face or dust mask if operation is dusty. This applies to all persons in the
work area. Also use a hard hat, hearing protection, gloves, safety shoes and dust collection
systems when specified or required. Safety glasses or the like are available at extra cost at
your local dealer or BLACK+DECKER Service Center.
• DON’T ABUSE CORD. Never carry appliance by cord or yank it to disconnect from
receptacle. Keep cord from heat, oil, and sharp edges.
• DON’T OVERREACH. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.
• maintain aPPlianCe with Care. Keep cutting edge clean for best performance and to
reduce the risk of injury. Follow instructions for lubricating and changing accessories. Inspect
appliance cord periodically and if damaged, have it repaired by authorized service facility.
Inspect extension cords periodically and replace if damaged. Keep handles dry, clean, and
free from oil and grease.
• disConneCt aPPlianCes. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply when not in
use, before servicing, and when changing accessories such as blades and the like.
• aVoid unintentional starting. Don’t carry plugged-in appliance with finger on
switch. Be sure switch is off when plugging in.
• eXtension Cords. Make sure your extension cord is in good condition. Cord insulation must
be intact with no cracks or deterioration. Plug connectors must be undamaged. When using an
extension cord, be sure to use one heavy enough to carry the current your product will draw.
An undersized extension cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting in loss of power and
overheating, which can shorten the life of the motor. The table shows the correct size to use
depending on cord length and nameplate ampere rating. If in doubt, use the next heavier gauge.
The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the cord.
minimum gauge for Cord sets
total length of Cord in feet
(0-7,6m) (7,6-15,2m) (15,2-30,4m) (30,4-45,7m)
(0-15,2m) (15,2-30,4m) (30,4-60,9m) (60,9-91,4m)
ampere rating
Not more
American Wire Gauge
10 -
12 -
Not Recommended
indicates the Edger is “douBle insulated”
• outdoor use eXtension Cords
warning: To reduce the risk of electric shock,
use only with an extension cord intended for outdoor use, such as an extension cord of type
• ground fault CirCuit interruPter (gfCi) protection should be provided on the
circuits or outlets to be used for the gardening appliance. Receptacles are available having
built in GFCI protection and may be used for this measure of safety.
• stay alert. Watch what you are doing. Use common sense. Do not operate appliance
when you are tired, ill or under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.
• CheCK damaged Parts. Before further use of the appliance, a guard or other part
that is damaged should be carefully checked to determine that it will operate properly and
perform its intended function. Check for alignment of moving parts, binding of moving parts,
breakage of parts, mounting, and any other conditions that may affect its operation. A guard
or other part that is damaged should be properly repaired or replaced by an authorized
service center unless otherwise indicated elsewhere in this manual.
• rePairs and serViCe. Repairs, maintenance and any adjustments not specified in
this manual should be performed by BLACK+DECKER authorized service centers or other
qualified service organizations, always using identical replacement parts.
• use of aCCessories and attaChments. The use of any accessory or attachment
not recommended for use with this appliance could be hazardous. Note: Refer to the
accessory section of this manual for further details.
the label on your tool may include the following symbols.
V ...............................volts
A ............................. amperes
Hz .............................hertz
W ............................ watts
min ............................minutes
or AC . ................ alternating
n o............................ no load speed
or DC . current
. ......................... Class II Construction
........................ earthing terminal
. ......................... safety alert symbol
.../min ..................revolutions or
per minute
additionaL WarningS for edgerS
1. Keep guard in place.
2. Keep blade area clean.
Risk of injury. Keep hands and feet away from blade and cutting area.
When using the edger, stones, pieces of metal and other objects can be thrown out at high
speed by the blade. The tool and guard are designed to reduce the danger. However, the fol-
lowing special precautions should be taken:
1. Wear safety glasses or other eye protection, gloves, long pants and substantial footwear.
2. Make sure that other persons and pets are at least 100 feet away.
3. Always stand to left side of main handle.
4. Before Landscaping or Trenching, check for buried electrical cables.
5. To reduce the risk of rebound (ricochet) injury, work going away from any nearby solid
object such as a wall, steps, large stone, tree, etc. Use great care when working close to
solid objects or into the wind, and, where necessary, do edging or trimming by hand.
saVe these instruCtions



Summary of Contents for Black & Decker LE750

  • Page 1 Inspect extension cords periodically and replace if damaged. Keep handles dry, clean, and INSTRUCTION MANUAL free from oil and grease. • disConneCt aPPlianCes. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply when not in CATALOg NUMBeRS use, before servicing, and when changing accessories such as blades and the like. Le750, eh1000 TyPe 6 • aVoid unintentional starting. Don’t carry plugged-in appliance with finger on switch. Be sure switch is off when plugging in. • eXtension Cords. Make sure your extension cord is in good condition. Cord insulation must Thank you for choosing BLACk+DeCkeR! be intact with no cracks or deterioration. Plug connectors must be undamaged. When using an extension cord, be sure to use one heavy enough to carry the current your product will draw. PLeASe ReAD BefORe ReTURNINg ThIS PRODUCT fOR ANy ReASON.
  • Page 2 1. Set cut depth at 1 in. and set edge guide to the down position, refer to Assembly following in the shiPPing Carton. Instructions. see figure 1. 2. Before starting the edger, line up the tool so the edge guide rests against the edge of the A. LE750 Landscape/Edger paved surface (Figure 10). Both rear wheels should be on the paved surface when edging. B. Edger blade with nut, conical washer and spacer system (assembled to unit) tip: when there is heavy overgrowth of grass over the paved surface it may drag on C. Handle tube bolts and knobs (assembled to handle tubes) the guard. an initial cut may be required with the edger on the grass side. this will D. Auxiliary handle, with bolt and knob.
  • Page 3: Troubleshooting

    MODe D’eMPLOI sécurité appropriées, et, au besoin, un écran facial. Porter également un masque respiratoire si le travail de coupe produit de la poussière. La présente mesure vaut pour toute personne dans la zone de travail. Il faut également porter un casque, des protège-tympans, des gants et NUMeRO De CATALOgUe des chaussures de sécurité ainsi qu’utiliser des systèmes de dépoussiérage lorsque spécifié Le750, eh1000 TyPe 6 ou exigé. Les lunettes de sécurité et autre matériel semblable sont vendus séparément chez les détaillants et dans les centres de service Black & Decker. • ne Pas maniPuler le Cordon de faÇon aBusiVe. Ne pas transporter l’outil par le cordon ni tirer sur ce dernier pour le débrancher de la prise. Éloigner le cordon des sources de Merci d’avoir choisi BLACk+DeCkeR! Consulter le site Web chaleur, des flaques d’huile et des arêtes tranchantes. à LIRe AvANT De ReTOURNeR Ce PRODUIT POUR qUeLqUe • NE PAS DÉPASSER SA PORTÉE. Toujours demeurer dans une position stable et garder...
  • Page 4 Montage 3. Installer la cale interne sur l’arbre; les « plats » du trou de la cale doivent s’insérer sur ceux de l’arbre. AVANT D’ASSEMBLER LE COUPE-BORDURE, S’ASSURER QUE L’EMBALLAGE 4. Tout en retenant la cale en place, placer la lame sur l’arbre de la façon illustrée (fig. 10). renferme toutes les PiÈCes suiVantes. 5. Retenir la lame contre la cale et installer la cale extérieure, toujours en alignant les « plats » Voir la figure 1. de la cale sur ceux de l’arbre. A. Un coupe-bordure pour l’aménagement paysager, modèle LE750. 6. Installer l’écrou à tête hexagonale et la rondelle conique, puis les serrer à l’aide d’une clé B. Une lame edger avec un écrou, une rondelle conique et un jeu de cales (assemblés à l’outil). (couple de 140 lb-po). C. Un Boulons et boutons pour tube de poignée (assemblés aux tubes du châssis). note : Remplacer l’écrou à tête hexagonale et la rondelle conique seulement par des D. Une poignée auxiliaire avec un boulon et un bouton. pièces de rechange identiques, voir la rubrique relative à l’entretien. ASSEMBLAGE DE LA POIGNÉE 7. Fermer la porte; le bouton doit se trouver en position verrouillée.
  • Page 5: Garantie Limitée De Deux Ans

    • Le fusible du circuit est grillé. • Remplacer le fusible du MANUAL De INSTRUCCIONeS circuit. (Si le produit fait griller de façon répétée le fusible du circuit, arrêter CATáLOgO N° immédiatement d’utiliser le Le750, eh1000 Tipo 6 produit et le faire réparer dans un centre de réparation BLACK+DECKER ou un centre de réparation gracias por elegir BLACk+DeCkeR! autorisé.) LeA eL MANUAL ANTeS De DevOLveR eSTe PRODUCTO POR • Le disjoncteur est déclenché. • Remettre le disjoncteur à CUALqUIeR MOTIvO: zéro . (Si le produit fait...
  • Page 6 VerifiQue haBer reCiBido el y otra grande. Si la clavija no se ajusta completamente a la extensión, inviértala. Si aún así siguiente material en la Caja. no ajusta, consiga una extensión adecuada. Si la extensión no se acopla perfectamente a la oBserVe la figura 1. toma de corriente, comuníquese con un electricista calificado para que le instale la toma de A. Orilladora LE750 corriente adecuada. Por ningún motivo modifique la clavija del aparato o de la extensión en B. Cuchilla coupe-bordure con sistema de tuerca y roldana cónica y separador ninguna manera. • esta herramienta Puede ser Peligrosa. Siga todas las advertencias e (ensamblado a la unidad). C. Tubo conectando tornillos y perillas (ensamblado a los tubos) instrucciones de seguridad de este manual. El operador es responsable de seguir las D. Mango auxiliar, con tornillo y perilla advertencias e instrucciones de este manual y de la unidad. Restrinja el uso de esta herramienta a personas que lean, comprendan y sigan las advertencias e instrucciones ensamBlaje del mango contenidas en este manual y en la unidad.
  • Page 7: Garantía Limitada De Dos Años

    se instala y se usa de acuerdo con las instrucciones, puede provocar interferencia perjudicial 3. Coloque el separador interior en la flecha– los “planos” del orificio del separador deben en las comunicaciones de radio. Sin embargo, no hay garantía de que la interferencia no empatarse con los “planos” de la flecha. ocurra en una instalación en particular. Si este equipo provoca interferencia perjudicial en la 4. Sujete el separador en su sitio, coloque la cuchilla en la flecha, como se ilustra. (Fig. 10) recepción de radio o televisión, lo que se puede determinar al apagar y encender el equipo, 5. Sujete la cuchilla contra el separador e instale el separador externo, de nuevo alineando el usuario debe tratar de corregir la interferencia mediante una o más de las siguientes medi- los planos del separador con los de la flecha. das: 6. Instale la tuerca y la roldana cónica y apriete con una llave (140 libras-pulgadas) Cambiar la orientación o la ubicación de la antena de recepción. • nota: Reemplace la tuerca hexagonal y la roldana cónica únicamente con repuestos Aumentar la separación entre el equipo y el receptor. • idénticos, consulte la información de servicio. Conectar el equipo a un tomacorriente sobre un circuito diferente de aquel al que está • 7. Cierre la puerta; la perilla debe estar en posición de cierre. conectado el receptor. interruPtor Consultar al vendedor o pedir la ayuda de un técnico en radio y televisión con experiencia. • Para ENCENDER la herramienta oprima el gatillo interruptor. El gatillo está diseñado para Los cambios o las modificaciones que se le realicen a esta unidad sin aprobación expresa que sea muy fácil sujetarlo en posición de encendido. Para APAGAR la herramienta, suelte del tercero responsable del cumplimiento pueden anular la autorización del usuario para el gatillo. operar el equipo. Este aparato digital de la clase B se conforma con ICES-003 canadiense. inStruccioneS de oPeracion iNfOrmacióN DE maNTENimiENTO Todos los Centros de servicio de BLACK+DECKER cuentan con personal altamente capacitado dispuesto nota: Su orilladora es un aparato mayor y no debe operarse simultáneamente con otros a brindar a todos los clientes un servicio eficiente y confiable en la reparación de herramientas eléctricas.

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